Oh baby of the year 2011- GIRLS


Most popular: Ava & Sophie (15),  Ruby (13),

Amelia & Charlotte (11), Isabella (10) and

Ella & Olivia (9)


Aiyana, Alyana, Anberlin, Ariadne, Arlie, Atlanta & Azalea

Baileeblyss, Bella-Rose, Brya.

Cadence, Caitlin-Lily, Chanley, Cherie, Clover, Coco & Corra.

Dana, Daphne, Delphi, Dylan.

Eirana, Ellora, Elodie, Emily-Rain, Eulie & Evannah

Filia, Francesca (Franca).

Gianna, Giovanna, Gracen.

Hana, Harliyah-Brie.

Ianessa, India & Iva.

Jamileh, Jazahna-Lee, Jiraiya & Juliette.

Kaia-Rose, Kartier, Kaylan, Keela, Keiani.

La’chaey, Lani, Lila-Rose, Lily-Kahurangi, Lucy-Jean, Luyanda & Lyra.

Maebh, Maiya, Margeaux, Masada, Meihana, Mille, Mina.

Ngaire, Nguyen,Niveyah, Nneka.


Paloma, Paxton.

Raiha, Reanna, Rilee-Anais.

Saffie, Sariyah, Silvia, Syraya.

Taliyah, Tamsen, Teal, Tehillah, Temperance, Thiwa, Trelise, Tyler-Grace.

Valentina, Vanessa, Vittoria.

Waimana, Wednesday.



Zara, Zion, Zirah.

14 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Wow, Baileeblyss is different!

    This reminds me, I still have quite a few baby contest names to post, but worry people will get bored with them unless I space them out.

  2. 5

    Sophia said,

    I don’t actually have a blog, I’m just fascinated by names, always have been. Maybe I should start a blog!

  3. 8

    Sophia said,

    Right. Yeah I sometimes “report” names on here to Anna, if they’re super cute or crazy. But I don’t like regularly post names anywhere.

  4. 11

    Well you should, but I still “clog up” other people’s blogs as well! Blogging yourself just seems to make you even more interested in other people’s blogs!

  5. 12

    Sophia said,

    While we’re on the topic of clogging feeds/”reporting” names, I just want to say that today I met (ok, I didn’t actually meet them, but they’re the children of a friend’s friend) a set of boy/girl twins named Sinbad and Pandora, and I thought they were such fantastic names I just had to tell someone. You’re so right, I really do need my own blog! Haha

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