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Kia ora  I’m Anna and I’m a name addict. My love of names started  I was about 12 reading the birth announcements in the local paper this then moved on to sites online at high school making my name lists. I have an extensive collection of baby name books and love adding to my collection. I am living in New Zealand. I have two beautifully named daughters :).

If you would like help from me to find the perfect name for your little one, simply drop me an email at chisnall64@gmail.com



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    Monique said,

    Hi Anna.

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    ailsa gray said,

    Dear Anna,

    My name is Ailsa, I am a single mum of six teenagers, and I have also been nuts about names since I was as old as I can remember and collected paper dolls which all had names, then started researching my family tree, and scan birth announcements etc. I have a massive collection of baby name books, and my most treasured is by Charlotte M Yonge, A History of Christian Names, published in the 1860s! (If I had to save one thing in a house fire, that would probably be it. Sorry, kids)

    I am new to this internet stuff, and have only just subscribed to Nameberry, although I have been corresponding with Pam Satran (co author of Beyond Jason and Jennifer etc) by snail mail for many years, and we are on Christmas card terms! I even got a mention in one of her books!

    I want to find out more about name sites and blogs on the web, and to get in touch with other name-mad people, even those (like me) who are well past the pregnancy stage.

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      babynamelover said,

      Welcome Ailsa 🙂 nice to meet you 🙂
      What are your children’s names? wow 1860 that is an old book!!
      You will love looking at all the sites on the internet, there is so many!
      I have a lot on my page down the right hand side if you are looking for some to try out 🙂
      I am still young only 20 but I love meeting and talking to people who are passionate about baby names

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    Ailsa Gray said,

    Well, my children’s names are not going to inspire anyone today. I married a Glaswegian and was living in Scotland, so despite my own Welsh heritage, I wanted them to have a Scottish feel. (now I wish I had given them a very Welsh middle name, perhaps – I did consider Myfanwy and Angharad at one point, but felt that the Glaswegians would mangle it and the poor child would spent its days having to spell its name and correct the pronounciation for people). I also loved the name Ruaridh (Scottish Gaelic – anglicised as Rory by most people these days unless you live in the Highlands and Islands) but my husband would not hear of it and said it reminded him of a ginger-haired Scotsman in a kilt (and what exactly is wrong with that, I wondered?)

    Anyway, I never did get my Ruaridh (or even Rory) though I attempted three times to persuade him.

    My teenagers are:

    Stuart Calum – 19
    Laura Katharine Francesca – 18
    Robert Duncan – 17
    Douglas Niall – 16
    Heather Elisabeth Rose – 15
    and Catherine Julia Felicity – who is 13 tomorrow.

    (Catherine was born just after my Dad died, and I wanted to honour him in some way, so I used the name of his beloved granny – Catherine Julia. She was also born in July, so Julia was apt, and Felicity just because I was so happy she was another girl to even out the family!)

    My own name is Scottish Gaelic – some say it is a Gaelic version of Elizabeth – and my mother just loved the name, although we have no Scottish ancestry on my side. She must have had a premonition I was going to marry a Scotsman! I like my own name, but have spent my life correcting other people – either in pronouncation or in spelling, which can be tedious. I dont know what is so difficult about it, but people just seem to look at it and see Alisha or Alisa, or else they call me Elsa or Isla. My godmother, who only recently died aged 96, sent me birthday card every year to someone called Aisla, which is also how she pronounced it!

    I now work part time in a small traditional toyshop, and have also got another part time job in the new Swansea library. In both these jobs, there is plenty of scope for observing NAMES and naming habits, which of course I do!

    What are your current favourite names, and what are the naming trends like in New Zealand?

    ps I have seven cats too

    TIGER lily woods, Eartha KITTY, Jet, Pearl, Amber, Foxy and Roxy.

    Fun times, as my 17 year old keeps saying.

    TIGER Lily Woods

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      babynamelover said,

      I meet a Ruarc recently 🙂 his parents had come to New Zealand. Wow you kids are close together that must have kept you busy! My sister is ten today she shares her birthday with your daughter. I think Ailsa is really pretty! its a shame people always say it wrong!!
      Oh cool if I hadn’t trained as an early childhood teacher I think I would have been a librarian!

      Trend in NZ is traditional popular names such as Sophie/Sophia, Emily, Amelia, with a few old fashioned such as Maggie, Luella, Molly, Rose & Silvia, and trendy names such as Jett (girl), Kynzie, Peyton, Tayla. (well in my area anyway I get the saturday paper which has the births, I am in Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand) boys are similar Noah, Ben, Nathan, william, Jack with old fashioned Fergus, Fletcher, Solomon, Ivo, Harvey & Ewan and trendy Mason, Hunter, Cody, Keegan, Jonte & Corbin.

      I like your cats names 🙂 especially Eartha.

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    Ailsa Gray said,

    Oops my computer did something strange there. (Though as my mother would say, Only a Bad Workman Blames His Tools)

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    Ailsa Gray said,

    Thanks for the update on NZ names! Just writing quickly to say that I have changed my email address to ailsagray@hotmail.com. I will still be checking my old email address for some time, though.

    I like it when families have interesting names. There was a family in the toyshop last week – 3 little girls called Liberty, Verity and Hope. their mother was Felicity. Their gran was Patience and her sister Ruth.

    Loved that theme,

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    Sophia said,

    Hi Anna, I am seventeen and I have always loved names too. I’ve been reading the birth announcements in my local paper for years and years, and every Saturday I call my grandma, who has the Saturday birth announcements, she gives me the initials of each child and I have to guess what each baby is called. I have been making lists of names for as long as I can remember and I have new favourite names practically every week. Just wanted to let you know I share your passion 🙂
    xo Sophia

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      babynamelover said,

      Hi Sophia 🙂 Welcome 🙂 That is cool that your Grandma does that for you sounds like fun 🙂 Where abouts do you live in the world 🙂
      Nice to “meet” you :). It is cool to find people who are crazy about names 🙂

  7. 12

    Sophia said,

    Hi Anna,
    I’m from a town about 120 kms from Melbourne, Australia.
    Yes, nice to “meet” you too. Some of my friends like making names
    lists etc but are not as crazy about them as I am 😉
    So, I’ll probs be lurking your site a bit 😉

    • 13

      babynamelover said,

      You are welcome to lurk and please post 🙂 I remember when I was at high school a friend and me used to make lists in computer class, she has a girl now called Ashlyn Iris Mary.

  8. 14

    Sophia said,

    What are some of the most unusual names you have ever come across? Like, not urban-myth-unusual, just names that of people you’ve actually met or heard of through a friend.

    • 15

      babynamelover said,

      Girl Cooper, Toby & Jett I have all met, ummm Storm as one of girl twins. I knew Brother and Sisters Cruz & Egypt. I will have to keep thinking.
      Do you have any?

      • 16

        Sophia said,

        I know three siblings called Chevrolet (Chevy, boy), Elcamino (Momo, girl) and Rocket 88 Berry Lullaby (Rocket, girl). They have got to be the most unusual names I know. I also know kids called Peregrine (boy), Neverlyn (boy), Pryncess, Elvis, Sunday (boy), Nimowei (as I already mentioned before), Astro (boy), Saffron, D’cota, Elke (pronounced Ell-kee, girl) and I know there are more but the bell just went and I have to go to class. I’ll write later 😉

      • 17

        babynamelover said,

        Rocket 88 Berry Lullaby- are you kidding me? Peregrine is kind of cool! Neverlyn reminds me of Neverland! Pryncess is dreadful! Sunday like Nicole’s Sunday Rose (Roast) but on a boy strange… Astro is kind of cool! Elke is beautiful 🙂 okay thanks for stopping by 🙂

  9. 18

    Sophia said,

    I remembered some more unusual names that I know of. Martineau (girl), Bexta (boy), Yannan (girl), Dotahn (boy), Sanjana (girl), Kaimana (boy, Ochre Blue (boy) and Alchemy (girl) (siblings), Ambrosia, Bei (girl), Kellyco, Cedar, Cinnamon… and that’s all I got right now. Tell me if you think of any more. I’m always curious to hear new and interesting names.

    • 19

      babynamelover said,

      Martineau is that french? I don’t even know how I would go about saying that! Bexta is sort of like Baxter. Yannan is interesting 🙂 Dotahn is weird does he get nicknamed Dot? Sanjana wonder where that originates from. Kaimana is cool I couldn’t fit the meaning in my Māori dictionary though. Ochre is cool like the whale? or is it a colour? Alchemy is interesting I saw a couple on Anachie’s in the Bonds Baby Search. Ambrosia is all pudding! I prefer Ambrose. Bei = Bay? that is kind of cool.
      Cedar is that boy or girl? Cinnamon is pretty daring 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂 I came across some interesting ones in my Magazine will post them in a blog.

      • 20

        Sophia said,

        Yes Martineau is French, it’s pronounced Mar-tin-oh. Dotahn just goes by his whole name, no nickname. Ochre is pronounced like Oak-uh. His sister Alchemy has the nickname Shemma which personally I don’t really like, I think her full name is interesting and kind of mysterious. Yes Bei is pronounced Bay and Cedar is a girl.

      • 21

        babynamelover said,

        Sort of like Martina but ending with an o! Oak-uh that is interesting reminds me of Oakley! Oh Cedar is a girl!

  10. 22

    Charlotte said,

    Hi Anna,

    Just wanted to say I love your site – it’s a great source of inspiration. My name is Charlotte, and I am fourteen 🙂 Loved baby names for ever, my friends and I make lists (seems that everyone does that nowadays!!).
    Anyway, same as Sophia, I just wanted to let you know that I “share your passion”. Keep writing 🙂

    xx Charlotte

    • 23

      babynamelover said,

      Hi Charlotte 🙂 nice to meet you 🙂 where abouts do you live in the world? What names do you have on your lists 🙂 Names are awesome 🙂
      Anna 🙂

      • 24

        Charlotte said,

        Hey, I just realised I didn’t reply…sorry!
        I live on the Gold Coast in Australia. Names on my list include: Isadora, Alba (which I like but would never use), Lucille, Opal, Jemima, Willa, Viola and Caroline for girls, Kiefer, Brecken, Dexter, Otto, Tobias, Amory and Rhett for boys.
        Oh, and before I forget – my mum works making name towels for babies and kids here, I thought I’d divulge some of the stuff we get:
        Clash, Lily-Jai (Jye), Kiahn, Arliya, Sharli, Gemaika (Jamaica?), Tayte, Trae, Alyssha, Serenity, Ayrton, Kacey for a boy, Chaya (girl), Jorja…the list goes on! Gemaika would have to be the worst though, IMO.

        Yes, names ARE awesome 🙂

      • 25

        babynamelover said,

        HI Charlotte 🙂
        I like Isadora, Alba is in “The time travellers wife.” Jemima, Willa & Caroline are pretty too. I went to school with a girl called Opal.
        Dexter, Otto, Tobias & Rhett are nice 🙂
        Oh my gosh Clash! Gemaika is defnitely unusual! Kiahn is that a boy or girl? WHat a cool job for finding names that must be 🙂

      • 26

        Haha, that’s where I got Alba, the Time Traveller’s Wife is my favourite book 🙂
        Oh, and Kiahn is a boy. Better than it being a girl, right? 🙂
        And yeah, Clash kinda scared me too. I feel sorry for the poor kid! And Gemaika will have to endure a life of “How do you spell that? As in, Jamaica?” 🙂

      • 27

        babynamelover said,

        Alba makes me think of Jessica Alba is only thing. and albino’s but its very pretty, also in NZ fridge company called Elba.

  11. 28

    Rachael said,

    Hi Anna, I too, have a passion for baby names – however, my interest extends to unique names. This usually involves studying existing names and modifying them to make them unique – Which is how I came up with the name for my daughter, Serynnia 🙂 (you’ve listed her name on your page under the bonds babysearch) I’d like to submit another of my favourites – Devana – not a made up name – but a slavic variant of “Diana”. Also, Senka, another slavic name. In case you were not already aware of it, http://www.behindthename.com is a fantastic resource for baby names 🙂

    • 29

      babynamelover said,

      Hi Rachael 🙂 Nice to “meet” you. How do you Serynnia? Devana is pretty as is Senka hope I am saying them right. I love behindthename I think it is an amazing site! Do you know of any other sites? 😉

  12. 30

    Sophia said,

    PS. When I was on holiday (just got back today) I met a family who had five children: six-year-old girl triplets called KASHTYN, KAMRYN and KARSYN. They had a four-year-old sister called TIERNEY and a baby brother called MASON.
    I asked what their middle names are and they are Kashtyn Dakota, Kamryn Aubrey, Karsyn Reese, Tierney Brooklyn and Mason Darby Cooper. I just thought they were so “trendy” and horrible that I had to tell you haha.
    I also learned the middle names of our friends’ children. They are Elke Willow, Oscar Vittorio and Nimowei Blixer. And when we were at a campground we heard a little boy call out “Elke!!” to his sister. It was the first other Elke that our Elke had ever encountered. So there you go!

    • 31

      babynamelover said,

      Omg those poor children Kashtyn is a new one haven’t heard that before, is Tierney for girls or boys? The middles are slightly better! Thanks for sharing 🙂
      Elke Willow is stunning! Elke is so pretty!

      • 32

        Sophia said,

        Tierney is a girl, and they pronounced her name Tee-AH-nee. I’ve never heard it said out loud before so I don’t know if that’s “right” or “wrong”. I’ve never heard Kashtyn before either. I’d expect it to be for a boy, but you never know these days!
        Recently heard of a girl called Magenta (as in just then), and today as I was browsing through the “Birthday Club” in my local paper I found a little girl called Chloe, only it was spelt Klowee. Ew.

      • 33

        babynamelover said,

        Klowee yuck!! Magenta is pretty, up another level from Scarlett or Ruby 😛
        Its pretty I hadn’t heard of it until recently, I would expect people to simplify spelling to Tiahni.

  13. 34

    Sophia said,

    I have just been on a site about weird/unique names and some of the names people have/have given their children are just atrocious! There are ladies called Fo’Reaelle, JaDora, Unity Love, Chapel, Fawn,Timpani, Legend, Mystique, Lucky (pronounced Lukey), Matelica Stone Rose, Kitten, Tullamarine; a boy called E. (as in his whole first name is just an E then a full stop), and women who have daughters/future daughters called Illicit, Phourever, Innocence, Rainbow, Serenity Peace, Entrafemour, Illusen, Unique, I’munique, Kortana Kokayne, Rogue, Zeffie, Aubergine, Yah-Unity, Clouda, Dutchess, Fexiflossah, Memory, Crycket; and sons/future sons called Trinity, Apple, Cheetah, Excalibourgh, Redrum, Prey, Trunks, Diamond, Koopah Kori, Grima, Coyote, Cross DeWayne, Jager (like the drink), Breaker, Rotator Cuff, Random, Furious, Kaygreg, Ryshire-Phaze, Jalexis and Templar.
    Also, someone on this site has a step-daughter (Jorja Graceful) who has NINE half-brothers/sisters, called Summer Dream and Breeze Violet (twins), Willow Lavender, Tiger-Lily Meadow, Raven Storm, Rain Heath, Reed Ash, Bracken Eagle-Eye and Briar Wolf (twins). Apparently Jorja Graceful has a niece called Blossom Lilac and nephews called Yarrow Lionheart and Dandelion Ray.
    Sorry about this incredibly long post, but I just wanted to tell you these “gems”.

    • 35

      babynamelover said,

      I hate aostrophes in names and capital letters in the middle! Kitten- you have to be kidding. Illicit is dreadful. Rainbow is pretty hippy as is Serenity Peace! I’munique- oh my gosh. Flexiflossah- like dental floss gosh gosh gosh. Prey, Trunks, Coyote, Breaker, Rotator Cuff, Random, Furious should all be banned from the country where they are registered!
      Rain Heath is kind of cool, as is Reed Ash 🙂 I have a gulity pleasure for hippy names!! Yarrow is kind of cool too Dandelion is adventrous!
      Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  14. 36

    Sophia said,

    Charlotte, I was putting some kids’ names on the computer at work for a competition, and one of them was called Ayrton, like the kid who ordered a towel from your mum.
    There was also a child (I dunno if it was a girl or a boy) called Geck, which I thought was pretty horrible haha.

  15. 38

    Sophia said,

    Also, my stepdad’s friend is a speech pathologist and works with underprivileged kids. She said some of the names she comes across are atrocious because the parents have usually not had a proper education and therefore don’t even have a basic understanding of language and don’t understand what they’re doing to their children. She worked with a little girl called La-a (Ladasha), which I’ve heard of as an urban myth but never in real life; a boy called Shithead (Shuh-thade), which I’ve also heard of as an urban myth, and also a girl called Female (Fuh-marley). Shithead’s parents literally did not get that their son’s name spelt SHIT HEAD. So sad.

    • 39

      babynamelover said,

      Oh my gosh those poor children, I guess its in the same in the older days when people didn’t get a lot of education they spelt names how they thought they sounded when they said them out loud.

  16. 40

    Sophia said,

    Anna, I was looking through this huge spiral-bound book my grandma has which is my extended family tree, dating back to the 1600s, in Cornwall. Anyway, here were a few interesting names I found. All of them are from the late 1600s to the early 1900s…
    Israel (boy), Zenobia (girl, and the siblings had names like John, Jane, William and Elizabeth, so I thought that was pretty interesting), Tiberia (girl, last name Curgenien), Clarinda (girl), Nanny (girl), Norwood (boy), Abraham Craze (boy, first and last name), Baden (boy), Lancelot (girl), Elvie (girl), Loveday (girl. This one’s my favourite, as in it’s the most unusual and interesting, considering it was the 1700s), Patience (girl), Eva Evalene (girl) Wilmot (girl, and it was bestowed upon a surprising number of girls in my family), Raleigh (boy) and Parthenia (girl). Also, two family names were Friggins and Bickerleg, which I thought were pretty funny.
    Some really nice combos I found were (and just let me warn you, they’re pretty repetitive) Hazel Audrey, Matilda Pearl, Honour Jane, Daisy Pearl, Hazel Frances, sisters Lily Beatrice, Nellie Jane and Violet May; sisters Ada Winifred and Ruby Amelia; siblings Eva, Eddie, Edward (Eddie died as a baby so Edward was presumably named after his deceased brother), Ella, Hattie May and Pearl May; Florence Edith, Vida, Ruby Pearl; and sisters Hazel Pearl and Ruby Beatrice (that’s my great-grandmother and her older sister. Their three other siblings were called Horace Stanford, Reta Stanford and Delcie Stanford. I think Delcie is kind of cute).
    I’ll let you know if I find anything else interesting, if you want, as I’m only about a quarter of the way through the book.

    • 41

      babynamelover said,

      Wow 1600’s thats very impressive!! Israel is cool as is Zenobia 🙂 Tiberia is interesting- after the place? Clarinda I have never heard of.
      Norwood is a place in Christchurch I think very strong sounding! Lancelot on a girl is crazy! Loveday- is this normally feminine?
      Elvie is pretty, I have been liking Elva lately. Wilmot on a girl is very interesting reminds me of a last name. Friggins and Bickerleg sound like hobbits from lord of the rings! Hazel Audrey is beautiful! Hazel Frances sticks out too.Lily Beatrice is sweet! ooh and I like Ada Winifred & Ruby Amelia too. Delcie is interesting reminds me of Dulcie. Reta is Rita? Yes please I would be very interested to hear more 🙂

      • 42

        Sophia said,

        I’m not too certain on the origins of any of these names, but yeah it’s pretty interesting reading through it all! By the way, Lancelot was a boy, I must have typed girl by accident haha.
        I’ve been looking through this book more and I’ve actually found four Lovedays all up! All of them women. I just Googled it, and it is a legit name so it’s not just a coincidence. Yes, Reta is pronounced the same as Rita. Okay, here are a few more (sorry if I repeat some): Ngaire (girl), Zaidee (girl, born in the 1930s), Raeburn (girl), Albina (girl), Damaris (girl), Peig (girl), Oliveen (girl), Lorne (boy), Morwenna (girl), Charity (girl), Ewart (boy), Clement (boy), Villiam Vervan (boy), brother Knowle and Warring, Rayna (girl), Loring (boy), Enoch (boy), Margared (girl), Phillippia (girl) and siblings Abel, Achsah and Bethsheba.
        Some crazy full names I found were Archibald Alixander, Oscar Omar Dykes, John Bigelow, Silas Jenking, Rudolph I. Kaheaku, Laura Belle Raine, Clarice Amy Fish, Carmen Ndia Bland, Vida Curnow, Minnie Moorshead, Wallace Glick, Betzey Dobb Hollow, Beverley Brimalcombe, Minnie Mortimer, Ettie Flannery, Belle Austin, Shyrrel Alexananda, Blaine Greenwood, Mercy Ann Williamson, Malcolm Dredgelake, Joyce James, Kirk George Devoid, Ida Alcorn, Ethelwyne Alice Hall, Marjorie Pocklington, Lelia Mae Emmett, Ramona Kalajzic, Colin K. Applekamp, Frank Woolhouse, Ome Shoemaker, Paula Blankenship, Hubert Holland, Nancy Matches, Vi Fox, Myrtle J. Seebeck, Fern Presnack, June Goldsworthy, Ailsa Bellamy, Maud Penaluna, Hazel Hildred Butts, Lucille Pansy Cooper and Dinah Penbeean. Some family surnames (sorry this is so long!) are Scrimgeour (like in Harry Potter), Conibear, Safeguard, Rosewall, Quick, Trevaskis, Quinert, Burr, Dalitz, Caligiuri, Rennie, Teaque, Cundy, Brodribb and Disney.

      • 43

        babynamelover said,

        Ngaire- is a lady off Outrageous Fortune. Oliveen is interesting. Morwenna is pretty. Knowle is cool. Bethsheba is different, a spin on Bathsheba.
        Minnie Moorshead is funny! Ome Shoemaker is crazy! Maud Penaluna is cute 😛
        Safeguard! Disney would be endless jokes these days!
        Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • 44

        Sophia said,

        Oh really? Ngaire is from Outrageous Fortune? How is it pronounced? I have nooo idea!

      • 45

        babynamelover said,

        Nigh-ree. Like night without the t then ree. 🙂

      • 46

        Sophia said,

        I actually do remember that character now I think about it. I assumed her name was spelt Nyree, because I’ve actually met a woman with that name before, pronounced the same as Ngaire. So where does that name originate from do you know?

      • 47

        babynamelover said,

        Its Maori the meaning is native NZ tree off an online site but my maori dictionary is somewhere! plus my macron is not working how annoying lol.

  17. 48

    Sophia said,

    Today in the local paper: two girls, Zuzu, aged 3, and Chevette, aged 2 (not sisters). Zuzu’s very cute I think, but hopefully it’s a nickname because I don’t know how well that’s going to go throughout her life. Chevette is just awful.

  18. 50

    Hannah said,

    Anna, I love your site! I’m pregnant with my first and although I haven’t settled on a name yet, have found your little blog more helpful in clearing the name chaos than any of the other many baby name sites in my bookmarks. Thank you! 🙂

    • 51

      babynamelover said,

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, I’m glad you enjoy visiting 🙂 look forward to hearing what name you decide on 🙂
      Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy, how exciting first baby 🙂

  19. 52

    Verity said,

    Hi Anna,

    What a great site! I never knew so many kindred spirits were also obsessed with names! I found you by “ego surfing” on my kids – Farrah, Callum and Freddie – and was very chuffed you included them. We didn’t find out their genders before they were born – Callum would have been Piper, Freddie would have been Anneliese (Annie), and Farrah would have Madoc. I will be checking your site regularly, not that I’ll be having any more kids! (I did get to call our cat Piper though…) I must confess to liking playing “The Sims”, mainly just to name people! Well done. You rock!

    • 53

      babynamelover said,

      Hi 🙂 thanks so much for your comment 🙂 you have 3 lovely named kids! I love meeting other name enthusiasts 🙂

  20. 54

    LucyMarie said,

    Well I am very late to this party, but so happy to have found it. As I said in my inital post I live in the US and am a military wife. I was only blessed with one child (now 19) Chance Michael. I had him when I was 25 (yep, aged myself!), but had the name from the time I was 12. We have run into a couple of other Chances but all of them were using their middle names (this happened in Seattle). We have a theme going with our dogs–first dog was Ace Hard, second is Deuce Dela, third is Thrice Silver (our last name is Wear, so say the names out loud (giggle)). We also have themes going for the cats–Minneapolis, St Paul (our twins/littermates), Chattanooga Choo Choo (named by Chance when he was six), and Vesuvius Pompeii. Lastly I should mention that Chance got a dog and we were torn on her name. We got her at the same time we got Thrice, but she cannot be four cause she is also a three. So we went with the word tertiary and changed it up a little bit. We named her Tertia Jace (Chance is obessed with Magic the Gathering and that is his favorite character-Jace) and we call her T J. My favorite girl name is Anneliese,but I never got to use it. I am enjoying the different perspectives instead of just the US. Thanks and blessings! Look fo see me posting a bunch 🙂

  21. 55

    Finlandname said,

    Hello Anna. Im name lover from Finland and I dont have no one who is also so intereting about baby names. It would fun talk with you via email 🙂

  22. 56

    Hi Anna, I am obsessed with baby names right now as my second baby girl is due in 4 weeks and hubby and I STILL can’t agree on a name, eeeek! I am also from NZ which is why I stumbled upon your blog (even though I currently live in Finland.) Hoping to find some inspiration soon! 🙂

    • 57

      babynamelover said,

      HI and welcome 🙂 let me know if you would like me to put you a list together 🙂 always happy to help!

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