Fastest rising names around the world

New Zealand/Aotearoa

Maeve, Stella, Margot, Florence, Olive & Quinn.

Oakley, Nikau, Louis, Quinn, River, Luka & Bodhi.


Millie, Heidi, Luna, Bonnie & Charlie.

Arthur, Theo, Beau, Bodhi, Harvey, Luca & Louis.

United Kingdom

Maeve, Lyra, Arabella, Bonnie, Elodie, Ayla, Margot & Delilah.

Milo, Otis, Roman, Myles, Hudson, Sonny & Oakley.

Unites states of America

Gianna, Delilah, Kinsley, Nova, Isla & Sophie.

Luca, Miles, Theodore, Axel, Asher & Maverick.

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