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Top names across NZ, AUS, UK and USA 2018 = Noah & Olivia

Since I have time on my hands (Easter weekend) and because I’m a crazy lady and love baby name Statistics I have calculated the 100 top names from NZ, AUS, UK & Wales and USA combined. I also have listed names given to less than 500 and 100 babies respectively :).

*Note all data used was the top 100 of each country above for boys and girls only. In New Zealand and Australia the only data avaliable is the top 100.


  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. Oliver
  4. William
  5. James
  6. Lucas
  7. Benjamin
  8. Jacob
  9. Alexander
  10. Logan

11-49 Elijah, Ethan, Mason, Henry, Jack, Daniel, Michael, Sebastian, Samuel, Joseph, Isaac, Jackson, Leo, Thomas, Matthew, Joshua, David, Carter, Dylan, Aiden, Jayden, Theodore, Gabriel, Jaxon, Luke, Owen, Levi, Grayson, Wyatt, John, Hunter, Ryan, Julian, Mateo, Caleb, Lincoln, Anthony & Hudson.

50-100 Christopher, Ezra, Andrew, Asher, Nathan, Eli, Connor, Adam, Isaiah, Josiah, Christian, Landon, Adrian, Jonathon, Nolan, Dominic, Jeremiah, Harry, Roman, Easton, Cooper, Elias, Colton, Cameron, Carson, Jordan, Xavier, Austin, Robert, Angel, Maverick, Nicholas, Jaxson, Greyson, Ian, Santiago, Charlie, Oscar, Brayden, Evan, Ezekiel, Jose, Jace, Jameson, Leonardo, Bryson, Parker, Axel, Kayden, Everett & Arthur.

Names given to less than 500 boys (In order from highest to lowest)

Ashton, Darcy, Angus, Beau, Nate, Muhammad, Bodhi, Fletcher Harley, Ari & Nicholas, Spencer, Ryder, Vincent, Nathaniel & Theo.

Names given to less than 100 boys (In descending order)

Braxton, Quinn, Nixon & Beauden, Luka, Phoenix & Kingston.





3. Ava

4. Isabella

5. Amelia

6. Charlotte

7. Mia

8. Sophie

9. Harper

10. Evelyn

11-49 Emily, Ella, Abigail, Grace, Elizabeth, Mila, Sofia, Aria, Scarlett, Chloe, Lily, Layla, Avery, Penelope, Isla, Madison, Hannah, Eleanor, Willow, Zoe, Ivy, Violet, Lucy, Ruby, Sophia, Riley, Zoey, Aurora, Nora, Bella, Emilia, Ellie, Eva, Addison, Maya, Stella, Lillian, Audrey & Aubrey.

50-100 Savannah, Natalie, Anna, Leah, Claire, Brooklyn, Skylar, Paisley, Everly, Caroline, Nova, Genesis, Sarah, Aaliyah, Kennedy, Elena, Samantha, Kinsley, Naomi, Allison, Gabriella, Piper, Madelyn, Cora, Quinn, Delilah, Serenity, Autumn, Adeline, Hailey, Gianna, Valentina, Eliana, Nevaeh, Sadie, Lydia, Evie, Alexa, Madeline, Josephine, Emery, Julia, Arianna, Vivian, Kaylee, Brielle, Poppy, Sienna, Matilda, Florence & Isabelle.

Names given to less than 500 babies (highest to lowest)

Mackenzie, Frankie, Maddison, Billie, Alexis, Eden, Eloise, Lara, Indiana, Harlow, Madeleine, Victoria, Peyton, Charlie, Olive, Chelsea and Isabel.

Names given to less than 100 babies (big to small)

Maia, Indie, Kiara, Paige, Nina, Athena & Kaia.







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Australian top 100 baby names 2017, Oliver and Charlotte reign across the ditch too!

New Zealand and Australia top 100 baby names are very similar.

In fact, in the top ten of the boys, six names are shared including Oliver in #1, both also feature Jack, William, Noah, James and Lucas. Thomas, Ethan, Jackson (and variants) and Lachlan round out the Australian ten whilst New Zealand holds Hunter, George, Mason and Arlo.

Charlotte is number #1 in both Australia and New Zealand, Olivia, Mia, Ava, Amelia, Isla and Emily all sit within the top 10 across islands. It’s not until you reach #29 in the NZ line up that you find Indie, not in the AUS list and #39 Audrey in the Australian lineup.

There are 19 boys names and 20 girls that differ between the neighbouring countries although it equates to slightly less in the New Zealand list as the Australian statistics count all variants under the one name i/e Darcey, Darcie and Darci are recorded as one whereas in New Zealand they are three separate monikers.

Boys feature Australian top 100 but not NZ: Nate and longer form Nathaniel, Kai, Hamish, Nicholas, Chase, Muhammad, Sonny, Darcy, Dominic, Christian, Fletcher, Ali, Lewis, Maxwell, Marcus, Hayden, Vincent & Parker. Many of these names have featured in the NZ list in years gone by.

NZ only: Theo, Ezra, Braxton, Asher, Arthur, Bauden, Bodhi, Grayson, David, Leon, Kingston, Reuben, Phoenix, Wyatt, Roman, Nixon, Jesse & Cohen (quite a biblical heavy group!)

Girls feature only Australian top 100 but not NZ: Audrey, Savannah, Imogen, Alexis, Chelsea, Claire, Indiana (NZ has Indie), Billie, Eloise, Elsie, Eliza, Daisy, Ariana, Bonnie, Alyssa, Hayley, Eve, Aisha, Lara & Alexandra.

Nz only: Indie, Millie, Riley, Zoey, (all very ee), Maia, Freya, Pippa, Luna, Leah, Keira, Amaia, Nina, Amber, Arabella, Skylar, Clara (NZ are very keen on the soft uh sounding for girls names) and Faith.

From my years of looking at names, I  think that Australia is generally a little behind New Zealand in picking up the latest naming trends which often lead from the USA. It will be interesting to see whether Arlo will rise to the same popularity (now inside NZ top 10) and whether Luna will enter the girl’s list.


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New Zealand top 100 baby names 2015


top ten 

Olivia is crowned as New Zealander’s favourite girls name she wrangled her crown back after Charlotte’s two year reign, she was last top in 2012.  Charlotte steps into her shadow. Harper jumps from 8th to narrowly missing runner up by one baby!

1.Olivia (+1)

2. Charlotte (-1)

3.Harper (+5)

4. Sophie (+1)

5. Emily (-1)

6. Ella (+1)

7. Isla (-4)

8. Mia (+6)

9. Amelia (-3)

10. Isabella (+1)


top 100

Biggest risers

Victoria re-enters #57 (last placed at #73 in 2013)

Quinn NEW #59

Riley re-enters #61 (last placed #91 in 2013)

Matilda up 36 places to #41

Zoey NEW #66

Frankie NEW #74

Penelope re-enters at #79 (last featured in 1978!)

Annabelle, Skyla (enters at #82, last seen 2012) and Ellie up 18 spots


Falling fast

Bella (-44) Amber (-37) and  Alexis + Pippa (-36).

Followed by

Aaliyah (-31), Imogen + Brooklyn (-27) and Molly (-25)

tagging along

Eden (-22) and Aurora (-19)



Victoria #57, Quinn #59 (NEW), Riley #61, Charlie #69 + Zoey #66 (NEW)

Frankie #74 (NEW), Penelope #79, Skyla #82, Jade #83, Elsie #88 (NEW)

Emilia #89 (NEW), Eleanor #90 (NEW), Daisy #93, Lydia #99 + Lola #100



Hayley, Naomi, Maria, Caitlin + Katie

 Isabel, Kayla, Isobel, Natalie + Alexandra

Brooke, Kate, Savannah, Brooklyn + Pippa.



Three names feature in both the boys and girls top 100

Charlie, Quinn + Riley.



Top ten

Oliver retains #1 for 3rd year running. Jack remains in runner up spot. William moves up three places to #3.

1.Oliver (=)

2. Jack (=)

3. William (+3)

4. James (-1)

5. Benjamin (+4)

6. Mason (-2)

7. Hunter (+5)

8. Charlie (+7)

9. Liam (-4)

10. Jacob (=)


Top 100

Biggest risers

Beau up 33 places to #40

Ezra up 27 taking # 61

Theo #66 (+23)

Finn jumps 21 to #37

Hugo + Asher up 18 spots

Lincoln + 16

Carter moves 13, Angus 12 and Phoenix 11.


Falling down

Jordan plunges 38

Louis down 22, Levi 21 and Matthew 20.

Also Ryder 18,

David & Edward 15,

Xavier & Alex 14

and Cameron 12.



Kayden re-enters at #88 (last placed in 2012 @ 77)

Kingston back #92 (2013 was #86)

Isaiah takes #93 same as when he was last placed  in 2013

Gabriel #94 (last seen late 90’s in 2013)

Nikau NEW at 97

Jesse last seen in 2013 returns #98

Harvey NEW and lucky last!


Ka kite

Jasper, Marcus, Nathaniel & Vincent

Cohen, Aidan + Lewis.


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Will Oliver reign in 2015

With the Top 100 baby names for New Zealand in 2015 set to be released any day its interesting to wonder who will take out the top spots.

I suspect that Oliver will retain #1 and that Charlotte will remain his Queen especially with the birth of the royal Princess but its hard to say with Olivia hot on her heels.

I predict small movements within the top 10 of either gender but no big movers and shakers. Especially with the boys I suspect Oliver, Jack and James will stay in their trifecta of classic cool.

According to the 100 year rule new entries from 2014 old fashioned gems such as Theo and sister Thea, Arthur, Lewis, Harriet and Evie (also Evelyn) will continue to rise.

Set to continue to head up will be Millie, Evelyn, Alice, Matilda, Theodore, Alexander and Jasper.

New entry possibilities include; Elsie, Greta, Polly, Willa  and brothers Alfred, Frederic (k), Hugh and Jude.

Will it be the fall of Madison, Summer, Brooklyn, Savannah and Kayla or perhaps Jayden, Tyler, Jordan and Ashton.

Say goodbye to Caitlin and farewell Jake?

What do you think? what are you predictions for New Zealand or your home country? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Baby names Christchurch New Zealand

The Press Christchurch Top Names Jan-June




& Olivia






& George


More Unusual choices

































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New Zealand top 100 baby names 2012

There are here!



A new top girl Olivia for the first time!

New to the top 10 are Amelia (+2) & Sophia (+6) and Ava (+2)


1. Olivia

2. Sophie

3. Emily

4. Charlotte

5. Ruby

6. Isabella

7. Ella

8. Amelia

9. Sophia

10. Ava



Jack reigns as King once more!  2005, 06, 07, 08, 09 & now 2012!

New to the top 10 are Mason (+10), Jacob (+4) and Ethan (+7)

Joshua leaves the top ten falling 14 places.


1. Jack

2. Oliver

3. William

4. Liam

5. Mason

6. Samuel

7. Jacob

8. Lucas

9. Ethan

10. Noah






Biggest climber is Harper entering at #33.

The I’s have arrived, Ivy enters at #54 and sister Indie enters at #61.

Aria races a massive 33 spots up to sit behind Alice.

Nina climbs by 28, Layla, 24, Scarlett 22 & Annabelle 20.



Kayla plummets 46 places to squeeze in at #100.

Anna is falling fast 38 and Kate isn’t far behind on 32 (so much for the Royal one!)

People also seem to have lost their Faith (-31)

Mikayla loses 26 and Amber one less.

Sofia & Brooke fall 21.

Lily loses 7 and leaves the top 100 and sister Lilly also falls down 17.



Ella, Chloe, Sienna, Sarah, Taylor, Brooklyn.



Harper #33

Ivy #54

Indie #61

Ashley #72

Piper #77

Matilda #80

Evie #85

Lola #86

Skyla #87

Daisy #89

Riley #91

Maya #98



Ariana, Isobel, Sasha, Angel, Tayla, Victoria, Natalie,

Elise, Rebecca, Savannah,Manaia, Katie & Caitlin.





Braxton( enters as my prediction :)) at #28!

Ryder up 23 spots.

Quinn and Edward a steady rise of 15,

Leo up 13,

 while Carter, Austin & Phoenix are all up 10.



Cameron & Aiden both lose the most places 23 a piece.

Brother Aidan also falls 19. Could this be the slow fall of the American favourite for us kiwis?

Joshua (-14),

Adam & Luca (-13),

Riley, Ashton & Luke (-12),

Lachlan, Alex & Isaac (-10)


Jordan & Kingston.



Braxton #28

Hugo #71

Joel #76

Kayden #77

Beau #82

Jasper #84

Dominic #86

Hayden #88

Aaron #91

Israel #92

Asher #95

Leon #98

Nate #100



Roman, Declan, Chase, Cruz, Nicholas, Jamie,

Maxwell, Seth, Ben, Christian, Andrew, Cody & Jesse.


Hope you have as much fun reading these as I did analysing :).

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The H craze, Harper now Haven who will be next…..

A friend on facebook just posted of the birth of Haven Garner who is sister to Honor Marie, newest daughter of Jessica Alba.

So I did a little digging and found a whole collection of celebrity girls beginning with H- the most popular being Harper– Posh didn’t pick such a unique name after all!

Which is the best H named celebrity daughter? which is the worst?


Honor Marie & Haven Garner- Jessica Alba

Harper Seven- Victoria Beckham

Harper Grace- David Burtka & Neil Patrick Harris

Harper Renn- Tiffani Thiessen

Harper Rosie- Martie Maguire

Harper Vivienne Ann- Lisa Marie Presley

Harper Willow- Dave Grohl

Harlow Olivia Calliope- Patricia Arquette

Harlow Winter Kate- Nicole Ritchie

Hailie Jade- Eminen

Hilary Madison- Samantha Harris

Hartley Grace- Mark McGrath

Hania Riley- Vin Diesel

Helena Grace- Kelly Rutherford

Hudson- James Barbour

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily- Paula Yates

Hannah Margaret- Tom Selleck

Hazel Patricia- Julia Roberts



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Arabella Constance Hope

Christchurch Press Weekend Births for June


Luca Ryan- Joel

Elijah James- Holly

Toby Scott Steven- Emily & Olivia

Curtis Leceister- Sophie

Trevor Duncan- Isabel & Frederick

Afton David

Elliot Edward Reginald- Neave

Conrad James

Fionn Malcolm

Lars Hayden & Maximus Levi

Archer Blair Paul

Gus Richard- Jack & Lexie

Caleb Costello

Max Francis & Lucas Patrick- Kahlia, Courtney & Lily

Kai Mason- Sailor (g)

Connor Garg- Fraser, Marshall & Finn



Madisyn Lola

Sylvie Shirin

Genevieve Margaret- Clark

Arabella Constance Hope

Ruby Grace Mere

Eve Maggie- Isabella & Trent

Alexandra May- Luther

Sasha Rose Aroha- Dan & Charlie

Laurika Theresa- Ann

Kora Jade & Mila Rose

Pippa Rose- Innes

Myka Molly

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Oh baby of the year 2011- GIRLS


Most popular: Ava & Sophie (15),  Ruby (13),

Amelia & Charlotte (11), Isabella (10) and

Ella & Olivia (9)


Aiyana, Alyana, Anberlin, Ariadne, Arlie, Atlanta & Azalea

Baileeblyss, Bella-Rose, Brya.

Cadence, Caitlin-Lily, Chanley, Cherie, Clover, Coco & Corra.

Dana, Daphne, Delphi, Dylan.

Eirana, Ellora, Elodie, Emily-Rain, Eulie & Evannah

Filia, Francesca (Franca).

Gianna, Giovanna, Gracen.

Hana, Harliyah-Brie.

Ianessa, India & Iva.

Jamileh, Jazahna-Lee, Jiraiya & Juliette.

Kaia-Rose, Kartier, Kaylan, Keela, Keiani.

La’chaey, Lani, Lila-Rose, Lily-Kahurangi, Lucy-Jean, Luyanda & Lyra.

Maebh, Maiya, Margeaux, Masada, Meihana, Mille, Mina.

Ngaire, Nguyen,Niveyah, Nneka.


Paloma, Paxton.

Raiha, Reanna, Rilee-Anais.

Saffie, Sariyah, Silvia, Syraya.

Taliyah, Tamsen, Teal, Tehillah, Temperance, Thiwa, Trelise, Tyler-Grace.

Valentina, Vanessa, Vittoria.

Waimana, Wednesday.



Zara, Zion, Zirah.

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Beatrix Pipi Lulubelle


Toby James

Luca Samuel- Nico & Joshua

Hamish Arthur- Emma, Jorja & Olivia

Conrad Reece- Chloe & Mikayla

Leo Henry Joseph- Flynn

Marcus Timothy- Darwin

Cormac Andrew Earl- Brylee & Jonty

Edward William- Tabitha

Felix Paul- Zara

Edwin Peter- Maxwell

Maks- Tomasz

Casey Stuart- Bronte (b)


Brietta Grace- Nathan

 Pippa Catherine

Saffron Elizabeth

Trixie Mila Atarangi

May Amelia- Connie

Rosemary Helen- Grace

Ruby Madeline- Jasmine

Pippa Kate

Anneliese June- Francesca

Elsie Frances

Honor Victoria- Georgie

Ari Idalia- Kade

Alice Tula- Mia & Edie

Addison Caeara Jade- Portia-May & Lucas

Francesca Rose- Amelia

Beatrix Pipi Lulubelle

Saskia Belle

Ingrid Pippa- Amelia, Ruby & Evie

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