Maeve vs Sienna/ Oakley vs John. NZ top baby names 2020

Isla takes the lead for the first time in 2020 while Oliver retains his lead for the eight year running.


Top Ten

Lily (+11) to #8 and Ella (+2) to #10.

Mila (-5) to #13 and Ruby (-15) to #18.


Biggest rises

Maeve (NEW) + 36

Stella (+28)

Margot (NEW) +24

Florence, Olive & Quinn (+21)

Harlow (+20)

Harriet (+19)

Aurora (+18)

Billie (+17)


Biggest falls

Sienna (-36)

Aaliyah (-30)

Imogen (-26)

Abigail (-24)

Hannah (-21)

Nina (-20)

Piper, Jasmine and Maisie (-19)

Emma (-18)

Phoebe (-16)


SAME placing

Olivia #4 and Esther #95



Maeve, Margot, Rosie, Delilah & Iris

Molly 2017

Paige, Eliza, Isabel, Maya & Athena 2018



Sarah, Marley, Victoria, Peyton, Anna,

Lola, Jessica, Nina, Cora, Imogen and Aaliyah.




Top ten

James (-5) to #13

Hunter (+2) to #10


Biggest risers

Oakley (+29)

Nikau (+24)

Louis & Quinn (+23)

River & Luka (+22)

Bodhi (+21)

Flynn (+20)

Jordan (+18)

Jasper & David (+16)


Biggest falls

John (-39)

Jaxon & Matthew (-31)

Ashton (-19)

Jackson & Wyatt (-18)

Isaac (-15)

Logan & Joseph (-14)



Oliver #1

Lucas #5

George #6

Theodore #15

Harrison #33

Riley #53

Blake #55

Micah #91



Oakley, River, Manaia & Ari


Quinn, Kingston & Patrick 2018

Spencer 2017



Leon, Elliot, Gabriel, Reuben,

Phoenix, Isaiah, Wyatt & Tyler.

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New Zealand top 100 baby names 2021

Top 10

Oliver retains #1 for the ninth year running! Noah and Jack swap #2 and #3. Leo stays at #4. George and Charlie both move up one. #7 Lucas down two. Theodore leaps up seven to take #8 and place for the first time in top 10 along with Luca taking out #10 and jumping 13 places. William holds #9.

Fastest rising

Niko (+34) and Nikau (+30)

Ari up 23, Joseph 22, Lincoln 21 and Sebastian 20

Freddie climbs 19, River 18, Asher 17 and Grayson 16.

Fastest dropping

Jayden plummets 30 places.

Closely followed by Luke 27.

Ryan falls 22, Austin, Benjamin and Jacob 21.

Harry (-19), Cooper (-18), Jordan (-17) and Ryder (-16).

Holds Steady

Oliver #1, Leo #4, William #9, Elijah #11.

Finn #25, Hugo #26, Samuel #50 and Oakley #71.


Beauden & Gabriel 2018

Isaiah, Leon & Tyler 2019


Nico #66

Freddie #81

Otis #88

Miles #91

Tobias #98


Xavier, Flynn, Angus, Dylan & David

Kingston, Patrick, Manaia, Ashton & Matthew.


Top 10

Charlotte wrestles the crown back off Isla to take #1 for the sixth time, the first being 2006. Amelia and Olivia keep #3 and #4 respectively. Ava, Willow and Lily remain within the top 10. Isabella and Mila up four from outside the top 10 to take #8 and #9. Ella keeps the last spot.

Fastest rising

Daisy rockets 39 places from #88 to take #49 just within the top 50!

Sienna hot on her heels up 36 to take the same place she held in 2019 #35.

Kaia +18, Nevaeh +17, Billie +16, Freya +15 and Eloise +14.

Eliza, Elsie, Luna and Maeve gain 12.

Fastest dropping

Stella loses 35 to #67

Scarlett also down 30 to outside the top 50.

Zara 24, Charlie 23, Holly 22

Bella & Heidi fall 17

Eden, Molly, Poppy, Rosie and Sadie (-14)

Holds steady

Amelia #3, Olivia #4, Ella #10, Mia #11.

Emily #15, Lucy #16, Zoe #21.

Amaia #63, Eleanor #69 and Phoebe #79.


Nevaeh, Pippa #2015

Kaia 2018

Anna, Marley, Nina 2019


Eloise #86

Cleo #91

Amara #95

Kora #96

Bonnie #100


Charlie, Holly, Heidi, Molly,

Isabel, Rose, Athena, Delilah,

Esther, Annabelle and Iris.

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Names outside the top 100- United Kingdom



Felicity, Francesca, Martha, Marnie, Ottilie, Eloise, Lydia, Nina, Cora and Hazel.

Rosa, Beatrix, Esther, Polly, Etta, Astrid, Tabitha, Elise, Lila and Josephine.

Pearl, Tallulah, Flora, Audrey, Daphne, Jemima, Madeleine, Helena, Fern and Theodora.

Adeline, Evangeline, Sylvie, Iona, Octavia, Romy, Henrietta, Juniper, Winifred and Genevieve.


Celeste, Cassandra, Claudia, Frida, Romilly, Una, Cecily, Ingrid, Annalise and Enid.

Artemis, Greta, Sidra, Xanthe, Olympia, Valencia, Luella, Willa, Eilidh and Rosalind.


Birdie, Clover, Cassia, Nuala, Cherry, Isadora, Honor, Simona, Ariadne and Sunny.

Cosima, Zora, Colette, Goldie, Peaches, Maple, Uma, Ramona, Snow and Lavender.

Tamsin, Wilhelmina, Araminta, Thora, Sorcha, Winona, Rosamund, Augusta, Ottoline and Isolde.



Tobias, Rupert, Jonah, Nathaniel, Callum, Joel, Lorenzo, Raphael, Asher and Remy.

Matteo, Sidney, Abel, Otto, Barnaby, Bertie, Rudy, Casper, Rafferty and Micah.

Hector, Walter, Rufus, Percy, Bear, Atlas, Solomon, Bruno, Orson and Atticus.

Edwin, Abraham, Wilbur, Dante, Lucian and Keanu.


Asa, Fox, Amos, Caspian, Nolan, Emmett, Lowen, August, Forrest & Orlando.

Heath, Wesley, Winston, Roscoe, Roan, Fergus, Lorcan, Cosmo, Gideon & Saul.


Marvin, Quentin, Wilder, Ambrose, Arturo, Everett, Azai, Cormac, Cedric and Tiger.

Winter, Leif, Ludo, Beckett, Jethro, Oswald, Taliesin, Tiberius, Jedidiah and Fintan.

Ignatius, Thor, Flint, Albus, Linus, Bartholomew, Rune, Morley, Arrow and Moss.

Rain, Reef, Brook, Huckleberry, Aldous, Ellery, Everest, Finlo, Franz and Griffith.

Hermes, Aloysisus, Amadeus, Sylvan, Bede, Elroy and Othello.

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Fastest rising names around the world

New Zealand/Aotearoa

Maeve, Stella, Margot, Florence, Olive & Quinn.

Oakley, Nikau, Louis, Quinn, River, Luka & Bodhi.


Millie, Heidi, Luna, Bonnie & Charlie.

Arthur, Theo, Beau, Bodhi, Harvey, Luca & Louis.

United Kingdom

Maeve, Lyra, Arabella, Bonnie, Elodie, Ayla, Margot & Delilah.

Milo, Otis, Roman, Myles, Hudson, Sonny & Oakley.

Unites states of America

Gianna, Delilah, Kinsley, Nova, Isla & Sophie.

Luca, Miles, Theodore, Axel, Asher & Maverick.

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USA top 100- 2020 BOYS



New to the top 10

#9 Henry (+3)

#10 Alexander (+1)

Gone Mason & Ethan



Luca (+20)

Miles (+16)

Theodore (+13)

Axel (+12)

Asher (+11)

Maverick (+9)



Connor (-10)

Nicholas (-9)

Hudson (-8)

Matthew & Colton (-7)

Adam & Andrew (-6)

Jaxon, Jeremiah, Jonathan, Joshua (-6)



Liam, Noah, Oliver #1,2,3

James, Benjamin, Lucas #6,7,8

Logan, Jackson #16-17

Wyatt #29

Nathan #55

Leonardo #86



Brooks (Steadily climbing since 2001)

Silas (Rising since 1990)




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Stay ahead of the curve- girls

These are the biggest rising girls names in New Zealand for 2020 and new entries along with usable alternatives.

MAEVE: Fiadh, Caoimhe,Nola, Orla, Saoirse, Tallula.

MARGOT: Adeline, Clementine, Colette, Elodie, Esme, Monet & Sylvie.

OLIVE: Cassia, Cinnamon, Ginger, Juniper, Pepper, Quincy.

QUINN/HARLOW/BILLIE: Avery, Easton, Flannery, Marlowe, Navy, Teddie.

AURORA: Elara, Gaia, Leda, Lumi, Lyra, Ursa.

ROSIE: Annie, Edie, Frannie, Goldie, Marnie Winnie.

DELILAH: Adalia, Atarah, Hephzibah, Keturah, Tirzah, Zilpah.

IRIS: Aster, Clover, Evangeline, Magnolia, Marigold, Romy.

STELLA/FLORENCE/HARRIET: Augusta, Frida, Isadora, Ramona, Vera, Winifred.

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Old English- Boys place names

Aldous- from the old house

Atwood- the wood

Bradwell – from the broad spring

Brooks – dwelling by the spring

Calder – stream

Chester – dweller in fortified farm

Denley – meadow near the valley

Elmore- moor with elm trees

Farley – meadow of the sheep

Flint – home stream

Ford – river crossing

Greeley – gray meadow

Hawley- hedged meadows

Hollis – near the holly bushes

Holt – woods, forrest

Huxley – Hughs meadown

Landon – Grassy plain

Lawton – hill town

Leverton – from the rush farm

Linton – flax settlement

Maitland – from the meadowland

Marlow – hill near the lake

Morley – meadow on the moor

Oakes – the oak

Onslow- enthusiasts hill

Orric – oak tree

Penley- enclosed meadow

Raleigh – deers meadow

Royden –  hill where rye grows

Ruford – from red ford

Sherwood –  bright forrest

Tilden – fertile valley

Wesley- west meadow

Weston- west farmstead

Winfield- field

Winslow- wins hill

Woodrow – hedgerow by the forrest.


Books consulted; 20,001 Names for Baby by Carol M.D Wallace & What shall we name Baby, Winthrop Ames



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Alfie, Archie, Freddie, Frankie, Teddy & Albie- E ending names for boys.

So in the UK & Wales they are keen on nicknames for boys.

There top 100 features 13 compared to NZ and AUS four (Charlie, Archie, Harry & Eli) and the USA has only one Eli #58.

UK & Wales

#3 Harry

#10 Charlie

#15 Alfie

#16 Archie

#18 Freddie

#39 Teddy

#45 Reggie

#50 Tommy

#52 Albie

#62 Frankie

#66 Ronnie

#73 Bobby

#96 Ollie


Timeline in UK & Wales

   1994  Jamie, Harry, Charlie, Billy & Danny.

1997 Alfie

2000 Archie

2004 Freddie

2010 Bobby

2011 Tommy, Ollie & Frankie

2013 Teddy & Ronnie

2015 Reggie

2016 Albie


Others to consider 

Arnie, Artie, Augie, Barney, Bernie,

Bertie, Eddie, Ernie, Ferdie, Herbie,

Hermie, Howie, Immy, Iggy, Jonty,

Laurie, Lemmie, Lenny, Manny, Monte,

Morty, Obie, Odie, Ozzie,

 Raffy, Rolly, Rudy, Solly, Sully,

Thady, Wally, Wilfie, Woody.




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Ireland- top baby names 2019

So the data is in, below the top 10 names for boys and girls in Ireland.

Boys                                                                      Girls

  1. Jack                                                              Emily
  2. James                                                           Grace
  3. Noah                                                            Fiadh
  4. Conor                                                           Sophie
  5. Daniel                                                          Hannah
  6. Adam                                                           Amelia
  7. Liam                                                             Ava
  8. Tadhg                                                            Ellie
  9. Luke                                                              Ella
  10. Charlie                                                          Mia


Boys top 100

Sports a lot of Nicknames; (almost a quarter of all names!)

Ben, Leo, Max, Jake, Tom, Alex, Sam, Theo, Eli,

Bobby, Alfie, Charlie, Harry, Ollie, Tommy, Billy,

Archie, Danny, Freddie, Frankie, Joey, Jamie,

Josh & Zach.

Traditional names (a quarter)

Christopher, Mark, Martin, Kevin, Robert, David, Aaron, Michael,

Alexander, Jacob, Samuel, Theodore, Benjamin, William, Joseph,

Joshua, James, Daniel, Adam, Anthony, Andrew, Matthew, Edward,

John & Arthur.

Irish names

Tadhg, Darragh, Oisin, Cillian, Cian, Senan, Donnacha, Cathal, Eoin,

Dara, Ruairi, Odhran & Odhran (with dodacky over a)


Outside top 100 

100 +

Cormac, Tiernan, Teddy, Arlo, Lorcan, Elliot, Calvin & Blake, Louie, Harvey & Cole,

Keelan, Milo, Caolan, Conall, Jonah & Mateo, Toby, Ned, Colm,

Will, Frank & Dan,  Rocco, Lennon, Emmett, Maximilian, Art & Finley,

Jimmy, Flynn & Hudson, Tristan, Nathaniel, Marcus & Julian,

Beau, Elias, Lachlan & Ezra, Vincent & Tobias, Davison, Odin, Beauden & Maxim,

Bruno, Jasper, Miles, Ralph, Enzo & Rua (meaning 2), Otis, Carson, Spencer, Nico & Zion,

Thady, Benas, Asher, Remy & Bodhi, Milan, Rio, Wyatt, Emmett, Tajus & Jenson

Joel, Roan, Jonas & Avery, Ciaran, Walter, Travis, Heath, Koa & Oakley,

Cullen, Ari, Dorian & Kit.


Maxwell, Dexter, Orin, Franklin & Denver,

Fintan, Malachi, Solomon, Wesley, Jarlath, Taha, Micah, Amos, Dante, Asa, Bowie, Casper, Fletcher, Lucian, Nolan, Rex, Kenzo, Quentin, Sidney, Archer, Sawyer, Ziggy, Knox, Beckett, Forrest & Jem.


Girls top 100

Mainly traditional names (almost half!)

Emily, Grace, Hannah/Hanna, Amelia, Lucy, Emma, Molly, Anna, Kate, Ruby, Sarah, Isabelle, Alice, Leah, Eva, Zara, Charlotte, Lauren, Jessica, Faye, Isabella, Eve, Ada, Abigail, Julia, Clara, Amy, Maria, Emilia, Heidi, Holly/Hollie, Ivy, Rose, Elizabeth, Georgia, Rebecca, Laura, Ellen, Alexandra, Isabel, Mary, Hazel, Rachel, Evelyn, Megan & Daisy.


Freya, Sienna, Chloe, Olivia, Ava, Mia, Isla, Zoe, Sofia, Willow, Maya, Layla, Aria, Alannah, Harper, Amber & Mila


Ellie, Sadie, Evie, Millie, Rosie, Maisie, Annie, Bonnie, Bella & Abbie


Outside top 100


Maeve & Luna, Penny & Pippa, Ayla, Annabelle & Penelope, Naoise, Cora & Matilda,

Elsie, Laoise & Nora, Eleanor, Hallie & Lottie, Siofra & Siun (over the u)

Summer, Tess & Eliza, Aoibhinn, Jasmine, Isobel, Juliette & Savannah,

Stella, Ariana, Florence & Esme, Bridget, Nadia & Aurora, Orla, Rhea, Arabella & Nancy,

Robin, Pearl & Remi, Thea & Iris, Zofia & Nell, Amelie, Helena, Juliet, Beatrice, Cadhla, Fia, Edie & Violet,

Elodie, Frankie & Grainne, Libby, Lillian, Lyla, Harriet & Nova,

Una Eabha, Sorcha, Rosa, Francesca, Lila, Nela & Roisin,

Saibh, Juno & Margot, Martha, Maebh, Ria, Ailsa, Avery, Priya, Miriam, Evelina, Connie, Billie, Pola, Ariella & Myla,

Joanna, Annabel, Cleo, Eloise, Vivienne, Gloria & Eliana, Heather, Claudia, Joy, Aurelia, Iseult, Alba, Harlow, Valentina & Adeline,

Sasha, Keela, Imogen, Angelina, Winnie, Autumn & Marcelina, Fiona, Sandra, Veronica, Madeleine, Louisa, Paula, Bianca, Annalise, Olive, Edith, Bowie & Vada,

Una, Nessa, Esther, Pia, Martina, Anne, Rosemary, Seren, Polly, Delia, Kitty, Melody, June & Philippa,


Patricia, Paulina, Greta, Adele, Irene, Gaia, Lois, Dorothy, Ida & Aubrey,

Sabrina, Melanie, Angela, Teresa, Celine, Saorla, Judith, Neala, Leia, Winifred, Agnes, Noor, Beatrix & Winter,

Katherine, Caroline, India, Susan, Milly, Alva, Dora, Gwen, Maud, Wendy, Arwen, Celeste, Ines, Minnie, Theodora, Delilah, Effie & Essie,

Chelsea, Nadine, Josephine, Simone, Magdalena, Fionnuala, Philomena, Joyce, Carmen, Honor, Audrey, Adelaide, Lyra, Marnie, Athena, Betty, Constance, Flora, Meadow, Mina, Mira, Raya, Remy, Zoya, Noa, Romi, Sloane & Blossom,

Noelle, Genevieve, Noemi, Bernadette, Princess, Tamara, Agata, Brigid, Sylvia, Elsa, Isolde, Olwyn, Tabitha, Astrid, Cecelia, Ekaterina, Eunice, Frances, Cassidy, Manuela, Petra, Pixie, Sylvie, Allegra, Andra, Beatriz, Emmeline, Indiana, Nella, Salome, Viola, Zosia, Della, Naya, Nola, Rafaela, Theadora, Marlowe & Veda.














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Baby Names New Zealand

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