Names outside the top 100- United Kingdom



Felicity, Francesca, Martha, Marnie, Ottilie, Eloise, Lydia, Nina, Cora and Hazel.

Rosa, Beatrix, Esther, Polly, Etta, Astrid, Tabitha, Elise, Lila and Josephine.

Pearl, Tallulah, Flora, Audrey, Daphne, Jemima, Madeleine, Helena, Fern and Theodora.

Adeline, Evangeline, Sylvie, Iona, Octavia, Romy, Henrietta, Juniper, Winifred and Genevieve.


Celeste, Cassandra, Claudia, Frida, Romilly, Una, Cecily, Ingrid, Annalise and Enid.

Artemis, Greta, Sidra, Xanthe, Olympia, Valencia, Luella, Willa, Eilidh and Rosalind.


Birdie, Clover, Cassia, Nuala, Cherry, Isadora, Honor, Simona, Ariadne and Sunny.

Cosima, Zora, Colette, Goldie, Peaches, Maple, Uma, Ramona, Snow and Lavender.

Tamsin, Wilhelmina, Araminta, Thora, Sorcha, Winona, Rosamund, Augusta, Ottoline and Isolde.



Tobias, Rupert, Jonah, Nathaniel, Callum, Joel, Lorenzo, Raphael, Asher and Remy.

Matteo, Sidney, Abel, Otto, Barnaby, Bertie, Rudy, Casper, Rafferty and Micah.

Hector, Walter, Rufus, Percy, Bear, Atlas, Solomon, Bruno, Orson and Atticus.

Edwin, Abraham, Wilbur, Dante, Lucian and Keanu.


Asa, Fox, Amos, Caspian, Nolan, Emmett, Lowen, August, Forrest & Orlando.

Heath, Wesley, Winston, Roscoe, Roan, Fergus, Lorcan, Cosmo, Gideon & Saul.


Marvin, Quentin, Wilder, Ambrose, Arturo, Everett, Azai, Cormac, Cedric and Tiger.

Winter, Leif, Ludo, Beckett, Jethro, Oswald, Taliesin, Tiberius, Jedidiah and Fintan.

Ignatius, Thor, Flint, Albus, Linus, Bartholomew, Rune, Morley, Arrow and Moss.

Rain, Reef, Brook, Huckleberry, Aldous, Ellery, Everest, Finlo, Franz and Griffith.

Hermes, Aloysisus, Amadeus, Sylvan, Bede, Elroy and Othello.

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