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Neve Te Aroha Adern Gayford

This morning we learnt the name of Jacinda Adern and Clarke Gayford’s beautiful daughter.

Neve is an anglicised version of the Irish Gaelic Niamh, meaning bright or radiant, in mythology she is the daughter of the Ocean god and one of the Queens of eternal youth. The anglicised versions are spelt Neave and Nieve. Jacinda said that she and Clarke chose this spelling as they both understood that it was hard having a name that was spelt differently. Neve is also a variant of Neva (Latin) and the meaning is snow, it also has the same meaning in Spanish and Portuguese.

Te Aroha means” The Love” in Te Reo Maori, to love, to feel concern or be compassionate and to empathise.It links Neve to her whakapapa as Jacinda grew up in the small rural Waikato town Te Aroha, it sits at the foot of the 952m mountain with the same name, which is the highest point in the Kaimai range. This was decided on quite early as a reflection of all the love the baby was shown before it arrived and the generosity of the names several iwi had gifted.

Famous Neve’s include Neve Campbell, Canadian Actress who most recently starred in Netflix series “House of Cards,” Neve McIntosh Scottish actress appeared in “Doctor Who” and Neve Glacier in Washington State.

Niamh has only featured in the top 100 once since 1954, it placed at #94 in 2000 with 49 girls bestowed.


Irish names placed in the top 100 in 2017 were

Girls; Riley #49, Quinn #59 and Keira #78.

Boys; Liam #12, Finn #29, Ryan #40, Riley #41, Aiden #52, Connor #54, Flynn #68 and Angus #89.

Other Irish names ripe for picking; Aoife, Breda, Caoimhe, Fenella, Fia, Nola, Orla & Tully.


Other Ev names in the top 100 2017

Evelyn #24

Eva #26

Evie #36

Other Ev names ripe for picking; Evangeline, Everly, Genevieve, Maeve, Neva.

Also similar sounding; Hebe and Sylvie.




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Jacinda & Clarke’s baby daughters name

Welcome to the world 🙂

So she’s here and the question a lot of us are pondering on is what will she be named?

Will the happy new parents choose a popular moniker, a family name, a kiwi inspired number or perhaps something a little more unusual and less common like their own?


Popular choices #1-10 in the NZ top ten 2017

Charlotte, Harper, Isla, Olivia, Ava,

                                                    Amelia, Mia, Mila, Sophie or Emily.


Less Common #90-100 in the NZ top 100 2017

Maya, Lola, Brooklyn, Sarah, Arabella (niece is Isabella so may be unlikely),

Skylar, Madeline, Faith, Holly or Clara.


Kiwi inspired 














Te Hana



My choices
























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Addison the rising stars of NZ top 100 baby names 2017 (Girls)



Charlotte reclaims her crown after two years. She was Queen in 2013 + 2014 also.

Harper is the runner-up, taking out second place her highest spot to date (#3 in 2015).

Isla, Amelia & Sophie retain #3, #6 and #9 respectively.

Mila enters the top ten, (+7) to #8 she bumps Emily to #10.

Ava is up from #10 to fifth place her highest placing in the top one hundred.


The biggest rising star is Addison re-entering at #57 up (+43). She was last seen in 2015 at #77 before falling off the list last year.

Sadie also re-enters at #64 (+36) appeared in 2014 and 2015.

Luna is NEW taking spot #74 (+26) along with royal Victoria also regaining 26 to #71

Frankie & Phoebe both jump 23 places.

Keira re-enters also #78 a 2015 returnee.

Unisex Charlie rising still up 20

Florence up 18.


Jessica loses the most plumetting 31

Holly falls 29

Amber drops 28 (after being the hottest girls name in 2016 up a mighty 33)

Closely followed by Sarah 26 and Nina 24

And slipping a dozen or more are Aaliyah,  Elizabeth, Harriet, Lilly, Lola, Maia, Quinn, Summer+ Violet.


Hello again old friends

Addison,Annabelle, Keira and Sadie (2015)

 Maya (2012)

Madeline (2009)

We welcome

Arabella, Amaia, Clara, Luna & Skylar. (Note all the strong “uh” endings)



Ariana, Billie*, Brooklyn*, Elsie, Esther*, Hayley*, Isabel*, Lucia*, Madeleine, Maria*& Taylor (seven of who only returned/entered in 2016 *)

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Christchurch, New Zealand, baby names from The Press 2015

Top names boys and girls as follows


Sophie (7)

Charlotte & Isla (5)

Emma & Isabelle (4)


James (7)

Angus, Charlie,

Jack & William (5)


One of a kind


Adele, Annika,


Camilla, Claudia & Clover

Elsie & Evelyn

Flora, Florence & Francesca

Georgie, Goldie & Greta

Harriet, Hebe & Henrietta


Jane, Juliette

Kate & Kezia


Madeline, Margot, Marie & Meadow

Pippa, Polly


Sophia &  Sylvia



Archie, Arlen & Arthur

Barnaby, Benjamin & Boston

Casey, Clark & Connor


Edmund, Emerson, Enzo & Eoin

Felix, Fintan & Freddy



Jed & Joe







Rhodes, Roscoe & Rupert


Theo & Toby


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my favourite B names

Barnaby- I love the sound of this name as it rolls off the tongue, I love the nickname Barney too 🙂 Also a favourite NZ written picture book has a character Barnaby Bennett- I think its divine!

Beatrix- Bea & Trixie both cute nicknames. Could also see myself using it in the middle name slot. Always makes me think of Beatrix Potters magical little creatures :).

What are your favourite B names and why?

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One of a kind- BA’s from Christchurch Weekend Press 2012


Albie, Alfie, Arlo, Arthur & Ash

Barnaby, Blake & Bruno

Callum, Cass, Conrad & Cormac

Dash, Deacon & Dylan

Eli & Ezra

Fergus, Finnian & Fraser



Jasper, Jimmy, Jock & Jonty

Kawariki, Keegan & Kobe

Leon, Logan & Luke

Mac, Mateo, Miles & Morgan

Nate, Ned & Nico

Orlando & Oscar



Rhys, Rory & Ruari

Scott & Sean

Tadhg, Taine, Tiakingahere & Tom


Zac, Zade & Zak





Alexia, Autumn & Avelina

Bellamy, Beth & Bridie

Carys & Claire


Elsie, Esther & Evie

Flora, Francesca & Freida

Genevieve & Gretal

Hollie & Honor

Imogen, India & Isabel


Katherine & Keira

Lila, Louisa & Lulu

Mae, Mathilda & Mila

Nina & Nuria



Saskia, Sofia & Summer

Tessa & Tilly


Zarlee & Zia

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The next hottest NEW ZEALAND girls name could be…

The hot girls names in NZ fall into two patterns.

Three or four letter names ending in a with;

either  double letters ie two a’s or two m’s  (1)

or a “luh” sound (2)

or both (3)

or a spelling variation (ie Maia to Mia)


Previous contesters

Maia (1) was the first hot name to hit NZ by storm that I remember along with her sisters Mia and the less common Maya. Maia’s highest placing was #15 in 2005 but she sure seemed more popular!  Mia still currently sits at #14 the more preferred spelling perhaps?

Emma (1) was number #1 in 2003,  2004 & 2005 and currently sitting #13 the teen’s is where all the hot names sit

 Ava #10,  Isla #12, Emma #13 and Mia #14

Ella (3) her year of Queen was 2007,  she was #3 and #4 in 2004 & 2005 respectively. Ella still sits within the top 10 at number #7 perhaps testament to her appeal as a (3).

Ava (1) First entered the top 100 in 2003 at #93 she made a huge leap of 43 places in just one year! Ava was #50 in 2004.  She hovered for a year before climbing to #26 (2005) and then #18 (2006), still hot Ava stayed within the top 20 for four years before entering the top 10 at #10 in 2012 for the first time!

Isla (2) Suddenly everyone was talking about Isla the sweetest undiscovered name until… She entered in 2004 at #92,  up to #88 the next year and like Ava a huge jump up to #47 in 2006.  Isla suffered a small fall in 2007 before climbing  to #30 in 2008.  Just one year later she broke the top 20 at #18. Isla is hovered outside the top 10 for the last two years at 13 and 12. Will she break into the top 10 for 2013?

Mila (2) This slavic diminutive entered in 2010 at #84. She jumped a huge 53 places to #31 in 2011. Seems like the hottest names are only getting hotter as New Zealand parents look for that special name! In 2012 Mila was #24, I wonder will she break the inside the top 20 for 2013.

Is Ayla the next hottest girls name? Shes a 3 like Ella sharing both double sounds and the “luh” magic 🙂 she also seems trendy with her y! She entered in 2008 at #97, just made it in 2009,  made a 20 point leap to #77 in 2010, up 1 in 2011 and sitting at #74 in 2012, only time will tell!

or could it be Lola hovering in the late 80’s/9o’s who is is also a 3?


Here are some choices that are undiscovered but possess the formula to become a hottest name 🙂

1. Etta, Vada, Aura, Aja, Ara, Alba, Asha, Taja.

2. Nola, Zola, Orla, Eula, Ilja. 

3. Lula, Lila, Nala, Ebba, Zala. 

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