This weeks featured name from NZ top 100 is Ruby

Ten years ago in 1999 Ruby was sitting at #31.

She jumped from #20 to #12 in 2005.

She made another sizable leap in 2009 going up from #13 to number #2.

In 2009 she fell 81 short of first place but only narrowed topped Olivia to second by one baby.


In 2008 Ruby was #16 in Australia and #2 in England & Wales.

In 2009 she was #108 in the USA (highest ever is #22 in 1911), #24 in Scotland and #17 in Ireland.

NZ Births

Ruby Jayne

Ruby Leonie

Ruby Jocelyn

(Rubina Elizabeth)

Ruby Kate Leah

Ruby Anahera Nooroa Julia

Ruby Joan

Ruby Belle

Ruby Elizabeth Jane

Ruby Frances

Ruby Maddison

Ruby Suzannah

Ruby Margaret

Ruby Rose

Ruby Georgia


Adam,Amy,Amelia, Angus, Anthony, Aston, Bella,Beatrix, Cara,  Cayle, Chloe,Emily, Ethan,Eva,  Harry, Harrison, Holly, Hunter,  Jackson, Jasmine, Jessica, Johnny,Isabel, Liam, Lilla, Lily,Lilli, Leo, Lola, Lucas, Lucy, Maggie, Mae, Matilda,  Max, Melody, Mia, Millie, Murphy,Oliver,  Oscar,Rosa, Stella, Thomas,Tom, Troy, Tyler, William, Zach.

Telegraph Births

Ruby Catherine

Ruby Elizabeth Grace

Ruby Neva Rose

Ruby Anastasia

Ruby Star

Ruby Martha

Ruby Rhapsody Panda

Ruby Constance

Ruby Anne Mara

Ruby Rosalie

Ruby Ellen

Ruby Valentine

Ruby Mae

Ruby Jasmine

Ruby Juliet

Ruby Willow

Rubina Sienna (Ruby)


Arthur, Bertie, Betty, Bo, Cerys, Christabel, Daniel, Ella,Evie,Flora, Florence, Freya, Frederick, Grace, Isaac, Jack, Joe, Kenya, Lily, Louis, Martha, Millie, Mimi,  Molly,  Reva, Roxana, Samuel, Spencer,  Venice, Wilbur, William.

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  1. 1

    Bewildertrix said,

    Ruby Rhapsody Panda! I remember her. Her sister is Mimi Magenta Poodle. It’s madness. They either wanted Furbies or teacup show dogs I think. Ruby Star is a little out of place for the Telegraph. Feels a bit chavvy almost.

    Back to Ruby. I’ve never been a real fan. It’s sweet I suppose but I don’t like rubies and it always makes me think of a Victorian scullery maid. ApptMtn posted about Judy recently. Dated it may be but I think I prefer that or the similar naturey Ivy. I find both of those much classier and less brash and brassy.

    Because of Ruby’s broad spectrum trendy appeal, I’ve seen it with names like Henry and Eloise just as frequently as Jye and Tiarnah. I prefer the former pair, naturally 😛

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Yes that is her sisters name! 😛 hehe furbies were awesome I remember them! Tea cup show dogs is spot on hehe.

      I do like Ruby but the popularity has put me off I didn’t realise how quickly it had climbed! I like Ivy a lot but Judy seems very dated, maybe its not a generation back enough, its in my parents generation rather than my grandparents.

      When looking at the Christchurch BA’s I didn’t see to many bogan sibling names I was surprised.

      Off topic but a girl I went to school with Opal-Rose has a daughter called Juniper Rose (I think Rose is the middle)

      • 3

        Bewildertrix said,

        Juniper Rose, wow!

        Interestingly, although I’ve seen it quite a few times in the Telegraph BAs over the last few years it doesn’t feature in their most popular baby name list for 2007. Given how phenomenally popular Ruby is (no #1 that year for England/Wales says BTN) I can’t believe it didn’t even rate amongst their readers. I guess it may have taken on a “common” vibe or something stupid like that. Gem/stone type names like Amber and Crystal have that vibe now I guess. Strangely, Lily isn’t their either. It’s such an innocuous floral and a well loved name, I’m surprised. It SHOULD be there.

        There’s one at Isla’s kindy. She started on Monday. Ruby’s brother is Jayden. I have no idea how it’s spelt 😛 Just guessing.

        And there’s a Naveah too! My first misspelled version. Her brother has a traditional Samoan name and she got this :/

      • 4

        babynamelover said,

        Thanks for the link 🙂 very interesting!
        Naveah is terrible!
        I hear first days went okay? and Ottilie is a beautiful chubba bubba!

  2. 5

    Bewildertrix said,

    Oh and I love Anahera.

    • 6

      babynamelover said,

      Me too I tried to get Corie to agree to it in the middle with a family name e.g …. Anahera Margaret Hamilton.

  3. 7

    Sophia said,

    I hate my life. I just made the longest list of Rubys with middle names and siblings’ names, then my internet stuffed up and it got deleted. COOL.

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