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Christchurch Weekend Press 2012, January


Ruby Jean- Benjamin

Nuria Boix

Bella Rosalie- Isla

Bridie Patricia- Georgia

Evie Kate- Lucy & Annabelle

Lulu Rose

Flora Ruby-Eden

Milla Shelley- Konnor & Kaiya

Luella Rose Helene- Archie

Roseanna May

Freida Anne- Libby

Florence Ella



Lucas Walter- Lachlan

Finnian Toc

Ezra Forrester

Gus William- Toby & Kate

Cormac Julian

Mac James- Briar

Ruari Alex

Jock James- Hayley

Frazer Liam

Clay Arlo- Brin

Jimmy Zinzan- Eliza & Rossco

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This weeks featured name from NZ top 100 is Ruby

Ten years ago in 1999 Ruby was sitting at #31.

She jumped from #20 to #12 in 2005.

She made another sizable leap in 2009 going up from #13 to number #2.

In 2009 she fell 81 short of first place but only narrowed topped Olivia to second by one baby.


In 2008 Ruby was #16 in Australia and #2 in England & Wales.

In 2009 she was #108 in the USA (highest ever is #22 in 1911), #24 in Scotland and #17 in Ireland.

NZ Births

Ruby Jayne

Ruby Leonie

Ruby Jocelyn

(Rubina Elizabeth)

Ruby Kate Leah

Ruby Anahera Nooroa Julia

Ruby Joan

Ruby Belle

Ruby Elizabeth Jane

Ruby Frances

Ruby Maddison

Ruby Suzannah

Ruby Margaret

Ruby Rose

Ruby Georgia


Adam,Amy,Amelia, Angus, Anthony, Aston, Bella,Beatrix, Cara,  Cayle, Chloe,Emily, Ethan,Eva,  Harry, Harrison, Holly, Hunter,  Jackson, Jasmine, Jessica, Johnny,Isabel, Liam, Lilla, Lily,Lilli, Leo, Lola, Lucas, Lucy, Maggie, Mae, Matilda,  Max, Melody, Mia, Millie, Murphy,Oliver,  Oscar,Rosa, Stella, Thomas,Tom, Troy, Tyler, William, Zach.

Telegraph Births

Ruby Catherine

Ruby Elizabeth Grace

Ruby Neva Rose

Ruby Anastasia

Ruby Star

Ruby Martha

Ruby Rhapsody Panda

Ruby Constance

Ruby Anne Mara

Ruby Rosalie

Ruby Ellen

Ruby Valentine

Ruby Mae

Ruby Jasmine

Ruby Juliet

Ruby Willow

Rubina Sienna (Ruby)


Arthur, Bertie, Betty, Bo, Cerys, Christabel, Daniel, Ella,Evie,Flora, Florence, Freya, Frederick, Grace, Isaac, Jack, Joe, Kenya, Lily, Louis, Martha, Millie, Mimi,  Molly,  Reva, Roxana, Samuel, Spencer,  Venice, Wilbur, William.

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Featured name from the NZ top 100 (2009)


Sophie has been present in the top 100 since 1999 where she was sitting at number #9. In 2003 she dropped back to #6 then climbed to  #3 in 2006, #2 in 2001 and lucky number #1 in 2008 & 2009. Will 2010 see her hit number one again or after a decade of sitting in the top ten will it slowly start to fall but still  remain a classic NZ favourite like Olivia, Isabella, Emily, Emma and fish n chips….

Sophie is popular around the world too, New Zealand is not the only country you are bound to hear Sophie being called out in public places. It is number one in Ireland & Scotland too for 2009. It makes the top three in the Netherlands #2, England #3 in 2009. Sophie is #65 in the USA, it entered in 2000 #160 and has risen steadily, jumping from #122 in 2006 to #82 in 2007, in contrast Sophia is #4.

Sophie in NZ birth annoucements

Sophie Kate

Sophie Ella

Sophie Alice

Sophie Hazel

Sophie Anne

Sophie May Sara

Sophie Grace

Sophie Ellen

Sophie Joy

Sophie Antoinette

Siblings of Sophie

Arabella, Alyx, Amelia, Addison, Abigail,Archie,  Brooke, Baylea, Ben, Carter,Claudia, Charlotte, Cooper,  Caleb, Daniel, Dustin, Emma, Ella,Elliot  Grace, Jack, James, Joshua, Jed, Jessica, Jennifer-Rose, Lucas, Louise, Liam, Lucy, Max, Madeline, Michael, Matthew, Millie,Olivia,  Paige, Poppy,Peyton,Phoebe,  Ryan, Rebecca, Ruby,Sam, Simon,Thomas, Victoria, William, Xanthe.

Sophie Telegraph Births

Sophie Aliana Cerys

Sophie Georgia Anne

Sophie Alexandra Louise

Sophie Rosalie Joyce

Sophie Herina Mary

Sophie Beatrice Blanche

Sophie Florence Rose

Sophie D’or

Sophie Letitia

Sophie Jemima


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Sibling for Bartholomew

Artemisia, Antonia, Aurelia, Arabella, Clara, Clementine, Cleopatra, Crescentia, Dulcinea, Ernestine, Ebelina, Eloisa, Fenella, Fernanda, Genevieve, Gwendoline, Hazel, Hortencia, Imogen, Idahlia, Ishbel, Lucinda, Louella, Leagora, Linnea, Margaret, Maddalena, Maple, Madelie, Nataline, Ophelie, Octavia, Orlantha/Orlanda, Polly, Romilly, Rosalie, Tallulah, Valentina, Violet.

Abraham, Cato, Ezekiel, Emmett, Evander, Edward, Hugo, Ira, Jay, Lazarus, Lysander, Leander, Ned, Orlando, Perrin, Rupert, Russell, Sullivan, Thomas, Theodore, Willoughby.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Which form of Rose do you like the best?

Rose, Rosemary, Rosa, Rosemund/Rosemond, Rosanna, Rosalie, Rosalind? Rosaline? others?

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Sibsets off a new forum

Jasmine, Athena & Shane.

Connor, Riley & Daniel.

Joseph, Daniel & Stanley.

Abigail & Jackson

Evangeline & Cana.

Katie & Mary.

Talulla, Aila, Devanie & Kate

Tommy & Emma

Piper & Phoebe

Holden, Gabriel & Imogen

Vincent & Micah

Grace, Gavin & Finnegan.

Luke & Jacinda

Alaina & Alex

Maddison & Camryn (twins)

Jordan, Jax & Kelli

Regan & Tamsyn

Kaylee & Tyler

Frances & Sailor

Rosalie & Penelope

Arion & Sofia

William & Violet

Breanna & Madelyn

Dominic, Xander & Felix

Layla, Paisley (g) & Thatcher

Harriet, Henri & Hazel

Kaelin, Karlee, Kevin & Kaleb

Bastian, Malakai, Magus & Jace

Jack, Megan & Kevin

Genevieve, Brooklyn & Callia

Boston & Ashton

Jordynnn, Preston, Kyson & Gavin.

Noella & Ezra

Jack & Silas

Gage, Escher & Bella

Jaden, Mara & Fenn

Canyon, Rory & Arden

Hayden & Wilder (g)

Veda,girl, girl, boy, Thea.

Levi, Reuben & Silas

Faelynn & Evan

Lili & Camiana

Scarlette & Ruby

Kitiara & Aerith

Audric & Nouvelle

Talan & Taryn

Grace, Lauren & Stella

Sarala & Kaelyn

Aldria & James

Isabella, Declan & Henry.

Delaney, Camden & Paxton

Keira & Piper

Skyler, Airyanna & Oceana

Aurora, Oliver,Simon, Savannah, Harrison, Genevieve & Sebastian

Jordan, Elizabeth &  Savanna

Makaley, Arden,  Anniston, Taegan, Balen, Kellen, Ellery, Innish & Finnian

Brooke & Bree

Boston, Harlem & Memphis

Kevin,Kennyth & Sofiya

Grace, Kate & Claire.

Anthony, Ephram & Avalea

Fallon & Piper

Alyssa, Lauren,Lily & Luke

Samuel& Ian

Faithlynn & Mairyn

Jacob & Paige

Blake & Marina

Ivy & Kael

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Instead of NZ top ten girls (6-10)

Lily- Apollina, Polly, Verity, Lucille, Calliope, Delilah, Lillian, Felicity, Mildred, Rosalie, Sally, Caroline, Gigi, Lulu, Willa.

Emma- Sasha, Ayla, Raya, Magda, Zora, Nina, Pippa, Imala, Esme, Flora, Nala, Tula, Taja, Electra, Elsa, Rhea, Wrenna, Clara

Emily- Millicent, Zilla, Violeta, May, Yulia, Cicely, Penelope, Briony, Edeline, Harriet, Queenie, Mimi, Tallis, Bridget, Cassidy, Celia, Demi, Eloise, Minnie.

Jessica- Jemima, Jerusha, Joby, Juniper, Katriel, Zeta, Katherine, Jewel, Kezia, Julep, Astrid.

Grace- Faith, Honora, Frances, Greta, Gaia, Heather, Jane, Peace, Geneva, Opal, Cora, Dove, Enye, Fern, Grainne, Carys.

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Isadora combos

Isadora Margaret Jane

Isadora Frances Ruby

Isadora Winter Pearl

Isadora Ruby Jane

Isadora Lucy Ellen

Isadora Primrose

Isadora Hazel

Isadora Katherine

Isadora Lily Jane

Isadora Josephine

Isadora Alice Maude

Isadora Beatrice

Isadora Elowen

Isadora Gwen

Isadora Ruby Helen

Isadora Jewel

Isadora Ruby Seraphine

Isadora Daisy Jane

Isadora Jillian

Isadora Juno

Isadora Lilith

Isadora Nell

Isadora Rosalie

Isadora Violet

Isadora Wren

Isadora Ruby Rose

Isadora Annabel

Isadora Willow Beatrix

Isadora Ruby Harriet

Isadora Lily Catherine

Isadora Rose Ellen

Isadora Lucy Eibhlin

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Twilight names!!

Just finished Breaking Dawn last night, I loved them so much, I’m going to start Twilight again, the movie was pretty sucky though hope the next one is better, heard the budget was increased!

Anyway we all know the main two characters, Isabella Swan & Edward Cullen all plasuible first names 🙂 Cullen is the last name of an all black Christian Cullen and hubby just told me its a name of a horse too, Swan could make an interesting first name perhaps should be left as gp (guilty pleasure)

In NZ Isabella sits at 4 in 2008, 10 in 2007, 11 in 2006, 10 in 2005 & 10 in 2004, suspect her popularity won’t be affected what about Bella? Bella sits at 43 in 2008, 47 in 2007, 82 in 2006 so Bella is already on the rise, I suspect she may climb higher what do you think?

In NZ Edward sits at 81 in 2008, 2007 not in top 100, 2006 94, 2005 snuck in at 99 and 2004 not in top 100. I predict Edward will climb into the top 50 for 2009.

Alice (91 in 2008 NZ)  & Jasper predict both will rise, Jasper enter top 100

Rosalie (nn Rose) & Emmett love to see Rose/Rosalie enter top 100,

Esme & Carlisle Love to see Esme enter top 100, not sure if Carlisle appeals

Renesmee (dont’ see this one jumping the charts in a hurry)

Also Charlie (Bella Dad), Renee (Mum) & Phil (step-dad) Renee & Phil,

seem dated to me, Charlie (29 in 2008 NZ)

Jacob (12 in 2008 NZ)

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Twins looking for names?

Look no further than Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Rosalie & Jasper

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