Practical Parenting- January 2006

Jayna & Cooper

Dania & Isabella

Holly & Tilly

Dylan, Lauren & Jessie

Poppy, Rudi & Roxy

Stephanie, Alf & Samaria

Sam & Dexter (t) + Erin.

Rory, Rex, Patrick & Kitty

Bethan & Emma (t)

Anna & Alex

Hannah, Poppy & Jessica

Reuben & Lois

Oscar, Imogen & Freddie

Imogen, Summer, Alyana, Tilly, Naima, Verity, Daisy, Penelope.

Jonah, Ned, Seth, Ruben, Sonny, Toby, Callum, Felix, Harvey.

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  1. 1

    Laura said,

    My fabourite combos would be Reuben and Lois. Their not my favourite names but they sound so exciting together, almost like a couple!

    Names singulary I like Freddie, but I just couldnt use Frederick.
    Toby is cute, we have a friend called Tobias, its such a fun name to say!

    • 2

      babynamelover said,

      Reuben & Lois do sound very couple like! Frederick seems very old fashioned I wonder if it will ever come back in…
      Tobias is lovely!
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. 3

    Sophia said,

    Holly and Tilly are cute, though a bit matchy, Poppy, Rudi and Roxy together have a huge amount of… spunk? I dunno, they just sound adventurous and sparky together. I love Rex and Kitty, but not so much Rory and Patrick. Poppy sounds odd with Hannah and Jessica, I think, just because the latter two are so common and everyday. Oscar, Imogen and Freddie are cute and old-school. Out of that big group, second to last, I like Imogen, Summer, Tilly and Daisy, and in the last group Sonny, Toby, Felix and Harvey are all pretty cute.

  3. 5

    Whitney Gigandet said,

    How funny. My best friend goes by Kitty and her half brother is named Rex!

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