The Baby Name Wizard- Laura Wattenberg

Rarely Used list of Girls (2005) only 3 have entered the top 100. Are names really slow to enter and creep or do they suddenly appear at like 600?

Aeron, Aine, Allegra, Amity, Arabella, Ariadne, Artemisia, Aviva, Avril, Beatrix, Britt, Calla, Caprice, Cassia, Cecily, Daria, Dimitra, Donatella, Eleni, Ellery, Elodie, Emeline, Emlyn, Esme, Fifi, Finola, Gaia, Gemma, Hadassah,Hermione, Hollis, Honor, Isadora, Jemima, Junia, Kateri, Kiki, Lark, Lavender, Lilias, Linden, Lyra, Maisie, Mattea, Mehitabel, Melia, Mercy, Niamh, Olympia, Orly, Pippa, Romy, Shenandoah, Shoshana, Stefania, Tamsin, Tayla, Thomasina, Tilda, Topaz, Tova, Vashti, Venice, Verity, Zilla.

Arabella 2005- 795, 2006- 649, 2007- 648 2009-657

Gemma 2008- 888

Hadassah 2007- 996, 2008-988

and the SSA website has gone down for me so I can’t find the rankings for Tayla for the last 5 years?

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    Bewildertrix said,

    I knew Avril would be mentioned! I call Isla “Evil Avril” in my head when she’s in a foul mood.

    Jemima won’t be a regularly used in the US (for a while longer anyway) due to a loaded association: Her image has been overhauled but the ‘baggage’ is still there for many people.

    It’s funny seeing Gemma. This is such an 80’s/90’s name to me here. I guess it’s similar in the UK. Dated to that period.

    Tayla is interesting. Such a regular ol’ name here.

    Some creep, some move consistently and efficiently, some skyrocket.

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      babynamelover said,

      Hehe Evil Avril! I think Avril is really pretty. Aww thats a shame about Jemima 😦 I hadn’t seen of that image.
      Gemma seems very dated to me too definitely 80’s. If I can get on the to SSA site I can find the stats for Tayla.
      I wonder whats the name thats made the biggest jump ever? how would you even go about finding that out?

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