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The Baby Name Wizard- Laura Wattenberg

Rarely Used list of Girls (2005) only 3 have entered the top 100. Are names really slow to enter and creep or do they suddenly appear at like 600?

Aeron, Aine, Allegra, Amity, Arabella, Ariadne, Artemisia, Aviva, Avril, Beatrix, Britt, Calla, Caprice, Cassia, Cecily, Daria, Dimitra, Donatella, Eleni, Ellery, Elodie, Emeline, Emlyn, Esme, Fifi, Finola, Gaia, Gemma, Hadassah,Hermione, Hollis, Honor, Isadora, Jemima, Junia, Kateri, Kiki, Lark, Lavender, Lilias, Linden, Lyra, Maisie, Mattea, Mehitabel, Melia, Mercy, Niamh, Olympia, Orly, Pippa, Romy, Shenandoah, Shoshana, Stefania, Tamsin, Tayla, Thomasina, Tilda, Topaz, Tova, Vashti, Venice, Verity, Zilla.

Arabella 2005- 795, 2006- 649, 2007- 648 2009-657

Gemma 2008- 888

Hadassah 2007- 996, 2008-988

and the SSA website has gone down for me so I can’t find the rankings for Tayla for the last 5 years?

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Isobel combos

Isobel Myrtle Eve

Isobel Ada Rose

Isobel Aurelia

Isobel Ruby Alice

Isobel Eibhlin

Isobel Lily Katherine

Isobel Felicity

Isobel Greta May

Isobel Lucy Hazel

Isobel Hannah Jane

Isobel Tallulah

Isobel Meredith Jane

Isobel Henriette

Isobel Juliet

Isobel Juno

Isobel July

Isobel Keturah

Isobel Mercy

Isobel Penelope

Isobel Poet

Isobel Violet Tamsin

Isobel Rosamund

Isobel Saffron

Isobel Rowan

Isobel Beatrice Louisa

Isobel Winifred Alice

Isobel Willow Grace

Isobel Grey

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