Rowan on a girl

Thoughts? It was on our boys list but hubby has gone off it. I love it on a girl always have. Hubby likes Rohen but it looks butchered on a boy and he likes Ronan.

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Fine by me.

    Aside from being a modern Anglicisation of the male Ruadhan, Rowan is also a tree and thus fair game for both sexes. Nature names are some of the oldest names on earth and I can’t get stringent about which sex you should use them on but obviously many fly better than others.

    I loved Rowan (and still do) but I’m rather glad I went with Rohan for my boy. The etymology is tad more ‘colourful’ and while I’m not opposed to unisex names (I’d use Ashley as a middle on another son) it’s rather nice he has a name that is far more commonly found on males and won’t be likely to become female dominant like Rowan might. Also, I do switch Rowan/Rohan pronunciations a lot when I call his full name. Usually, when he’s in trouble!

    But yes, I support in on a girl. Out of interest there were 366 boy Rowans born in England last year and 95 girl Rowans. The other way around in Scotland. 25 boys and 36 girls.

    According to one Scot, Rowan seems more commonly pronounced ROW- to rhyme with cow there which I don’t like so much.

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      babynamelover said,

      Rowan and Rohan are said differently aren’t they? Rowan seems more feminine to me cause of the ending although they are the same the h seems to make Rohan more masculine. Thats not many girls in England called Rowan thats interesting that its more girl dominated in Scotland I wonder about the USA I must go have a look 🙂 Like Rour- an? versus Row-in?
      Thanks for your thoughts as always 🙂

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    Bewildertrix said,

    Rohan over the years has become another Ruadhan and Rowan variant and can be said identically to Rowan or pretty much so. The Tolkien and Hindi Rohan is more like ROE hahn.

    The problem with Rohan up front is you are never sure what you are going to get 😉

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