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Name for 1st February- Milo Germanic form of MILES, as well as the Latinized form. This form of the name was used in official documents during the Middle Ages, and it has been used independently since the 19th century. -Origin of the name Milo:Of Germanic origin, Milo is of uncertain derivation. It might be derived from the German mild (mild, peaceful, calm), which is from the Old German root milan (to mill, beat, crush, or rub until fine or tender). Alternatively, it might be from the Old Slavonic root milu (merciful). From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Known siblings (

Adrian Ari Asia August BeauEmmett Enzo Esme IsaacJack Jonas Leon Lucy MaxNoah Oliver Olivia Oscar SamSamuel Simone Sophie TessaViolet Zel

Global Popularity (
of the Name Milo
#87 in Sweden
#222 in Scotland
#323 in Canada (British Columbia)
#449 in United States highly recommended author favorite; with its German, Greek and jaunty British input, Milo combines the strength of the ancient Greek Olympic wrestler, with the debonair charm of a WW II RAF pilot. RickiLakeCamryn Manheim and Liv Tyler are three celebrity moms who share our enthusiasm.

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