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Name for 17th February- Vann

Origin of the name Van:

Derived from the English surname Van. It is from the Middle English vanne and the Middle French van, words denoting a type of old winnowing machine. Alternatively, the name can be a borrowing of the Dutch Van, an element in family names which means “of, from” and indicates place of origin. Var: Vann.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman. Sibling Names

Audrey Bram Brett CharleeChloe Clementine Dan DawnDonald Elijah Fay Gage GaryGreg Harlan Kelly MarkPreston Robert Stephen SusanViet Vy Zella Zula

The Vann (Punjabi:ون/ਵਣ,Hindi:जाल/पीलू Sindhi language:jar, botanical name:Salvadora oleoides) is a small bushy evergreen tree found in Indiaand Pakistan.

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