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The hottest undiscovered boys names start with V

No V boy names grace the halls of the NZ top 100 2012, the same goes for Australia & England,

In the USA none feature in the 2011, top 100- although Vincent misses at #101.

Valentino- An Italian surname with Latin roots meaning strength and health- strong but with the quirky o ending and easy slip off the tongue nickname Tino- this one is waiting to be brushed off. (USA #761)

Van- in NZ a character in the much loved Outrageous fortune, a Dutch forename meaning “of or from” or used as a nickname for Ivan or Vance.  A short stand alone gem that would slip in with  Max, Leo, Eli, Zac and Nate. (USA #787)

Vaughn- Welsh meaning little. A similar feel to Cooper, Austin, Kingston and Lincoln.  (USA #903)

Vega- Arabic, could this name fit your brightest star? ”swooping eagle” is another plus.

Venn- a bit more unique meaning handsome/fair, with a slightly older feel but the double n like Finn, Flynn & Quinn.

Viggo- this name is of Scandinavian descent, it means war and is derived from Old Norse names containing the element Vig.

Vincent- Vince Vaughn anyone :), Widely used by the English, French, Dutch, Danish and Swedish- ultimately from Roman name Vincentius meaning “to conquer”.

Vito- “alive” in Latin last featured in the USA top 100 in 1986 at 1000.


Penguin book of baby names- David Pickering

SSA baby name stats

NZ top 100 stats 2004-2012

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Featured name from the NZ top 100 2009


Ten years ago in 1999 Isabella placed an unremarkable #28, in 2000 she gained two places to #26 but then in 2001 made a massive leap to #15.

By 2005 she had entered the top ten sitting just inside at #10, in 2008 she jumped to #4 and stayed at the same place in 2009 with the exact same number of baby Isabella’s 288.

NZ Isabella (CHCH Press)

Isabella Rose (2)

Isabella Kate (2)

Isabella Mary Romaine

Isabella Anya

Isabella Mary (3)

Isabella Claire

Isabella Sue

Isabella Grace (4)

Isabella Lily (3)

Isabella Lauren

Isabella Louise

Isabella Bronte Inez

Isabella Alyssa Joy

Isabella Eva Jean

Isabella Caroline

Siblings NZ

Alexander. Charlotte. Oliver. Sienna.

Harrison & Jacob.

Scarlett, Hollie & Libby.

Joe & Finn.

Connor, Lachlan & Fraser.

Tayla. Jackson (2). Alexia. Alexandria. Harrison (2)

Hamish & Eilish

Amelie & Felcite.

Joshua & Charlotte.

Benjamin. Albie. Will.Tom.

Will & Jack.

Brigette & Trelise.

UK Isabella (Telegraph)

Isabella Vibeke Dorothy Neophytou

Isabella Valerie Enid

Isabella Lillian Anne

Isabella Rose Jemima

Isabella Frances

Isabelle Rosemary

Isabella Martha Rose

Isabella Rose (17)

Isabella Yasmina Margaret

Isabella Juliet

Isabella Harriet

Isabella Felicia Honoria

Isabella Grace (12)

Isabella Kay

Isabella Phoebe Rose

Isabella Merlyn Grace

Isabella Maria May

Isabella Violet

Isabella Coco Jane

Isabella Bridget Molly

Isabella Leonor Rose

Isabella Kate Matilda Diana

Isabella Margot Rose

Isabella Ione Ophelia

Isabella Beatrice Lucy

Isabella Poppy Alice

UK Siblings


Isabella & Annabelle

William & Isabella

Isabella & Henry

Isabella & Charles

Frederick & Isabella

Edward & Isabella

Jack & Isabella

Max & Isabella


Harry, Alice & Beatrice

Eleanor, Elizabeth & Catherine

Amity, Martha & Florence

Philippa & Ellen

William & Cressida

Alexandra & Tatiana

Alice. Cecily. Kitty. Valentino.

Rafferty & Mungo

Tatiana, Alexandra & Eugenia

Virginia, Angus & Beatrice

Claudia & Emilia

Emily & Amelia

Leopold & Ambrose

Octavia & Horatio

Maximilian & Rupert

Tabitha & Georgia

Olivia & Antonia

Benjamin, Lily & Max

Christabel & India

Florence & Clementine

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Name for today- 6th May


It is said Loo see oh.

It is an Italian form of Lucius.

Lucius means light it comes from the latin word lux.

Lucius is a Roman title.

Variants/Nicknames: Lucian, Lucaster, Luke, Lu, Lux, Luca, Lukash, Lucas, Lucifer,

Other Italian male names (Wikipedia)

Alessandro, Amadeo, Arlo, Bernardo, Cosimo, Dino, Emilio, Fabio, Guido, Ivo, Jacopo, Leonardo, Marcello, Ottavio, Paolo, Renato, Salvatore, Valentino.


Baby Names by checkerbooks

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Madeleine Clara (Edward & Joseph)

Beatrix Margaret St Miriam

Emily Alice Molly (Isabella)

Octavia Kimberley

Hebe Elizabeth Bridget (Eva)

Flora Amarita

Rose Violet Kathleen (Milly)

Freya Alice (Edward)

Soleil Evelyn

Isabella Harriet Stella (Maximilian & Rupert)

Agatha Rose (Scarlett & Tilly)

Coco Heather Kate (Willem & Xen)

India Louise Star (Wolf)

Flora & Olive (twins)

Mimi Christina (Hattie)

Poppy Annabelle Clare

Harriet Eliza Isobel (Thomas & Jonathan)

Isadora Annabel Rose (Eloise & Tabitha)


Tom William (Orla)

Max Thomas Idris ( Amalie)

Kea Dylan Peter

Jonah Michael Atticus Hayden

Theo Henry Paul ( Oscar & Amy)

Orlando John Frederick (Angelica)

Rupert James Walter (Felix)

James Francis Graham (Ella)

Edward Henry Tordiff (Hector)

Edward Valentino Norfolk ( Berenice &  Annuciata)

Francis Hadrien (Hugo)

Wylder James

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Bonds Search Boys

Braithan, Braxton, Nixon, Jensen, Zaeden, Zeppelin, Rayshan, Taran, Nelson, Waylen, Wilson, Landon, Fintan, Hewson, Xion, Tobin, Darian, Padden, Hamliton, Clinton, Saxon, Dalton, Shayden, Jordan, Kayden,Tyson, Preston, Xavion, Cullen, Eden, Talon, Roman, Rowan, Julian, Lucian, Zen, Keinan, Aayan, Obren, Tydhon, Taylan, Arwen, Thurston, Navrin, Trayson, Aniken, Dartanion, Kyenan,Adenn, Kinsgston, Deegan, Winston, Haryson, Ciallan, Donovan, Harrington, Kuiper, Caspian, Madden, Jevington, Justin, Milan, Jaivan, Preston, Benson, Blayden, Rawson, Balin, Rastin,

Jyrah, Jarvis, Jairell, Kayhan, Jucody, Kurtis, Keidis, Jadeci, Jarley, Jordy, Jackiah, Jaivan, Jayke, Jayce, Kaihi,

Zeki, Braigh, Blayze, Blaxx, Ezias, Storm, Rocky, Zedd, Jedd, Hendrik, Sherlock, Veygas, Brae, Wyll, Bohdi, Lux, Kash, Pepper, Bryley, Rhodie, Reef, Tennesse,  Duke, Blaze, Crix, Neo, Ace, Drajon, Kosema, Broly, Macca, Zidane, Toki, Tarry, Nickel, Zaide, Methyus, Cale, Lane, Bronx, Rivah, Braidy, Reef, Denim, Noxx, Zye, Bayle, Brylie, Gerroa, Conna, Linkin, Truce, Rebel, Healow, Diesel, Tex, Bam,

Parker, Baker, Fletcher, Fraser, Denver, Tanner, Jaegar, Miller, Buster, Carter, Hunter, Syler, Archer, Terry,

Murphy, Darcy, Terry, Casey, Sudbury, Jimmy, Presley, Billy, Klay,

Hector, Arlo, River, Leon, Jonas, Josiah, Raphael, Martin, Monty, Judah, Miles, Calvin, Mark, Erik, Peter, Patrick, Bede, Soren, Julian, Andrew, Oakley, James, Oscar, Connor, John, Evren, Zion, Jove, Dexter, Oran, Julius, Neil, Nash, Theodore, Edward, Samuel, Dax, Edmond, Simon, Timothy, Jude, Cyrus, Milo, Alfie, Leonidas, Lochlainn, Kevin, Andros, Glenn, Remy, Arthur, Cassius, Conrad, Darius, Nehemiah, Byron, Tiernan, Theo, Vaughn, Travis, Christian, Simeon, Robert, Owen, Elias, Harvey, Joel, Sebastian, Phineas, Ewan, Romy, Jeremy, Heath, Leo, Rohan, Ruari, Enzo, Isaac, Noah, Eamon, Elliot, Beau, Jasper, Benny, Jay, Baxter, Rorey, Jonah, Dominic, Knox, Hugo, Francis, Giles, Samson, Henry, Amos, Evander, Aurelius, Marshall, Mitchell, Micah, Evan, Orlando, Felix, Sidney, Steven, Wiremu,  Jago,Valentino, Ned, Rex, Reuben, Otis,

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