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Telegraph! BOYS

Aaron George- Theo

Rhys David Timothy

Stanley Michael Andrew- Patrick & Freddie

Oscar Henry- Bertie

Rufus Axel William- Arnold

Hector Anthony Francis

Alexander- Lilias & Octavia

Ferdinand Jago Patrick

Fergus Charles- Rose

Ludovic Hood Crawford- Isla, Clementine & Thalia

Kit Arthur Cairnes- Max

Rex Robert Davy- Xar Vera

Benjamin Henry- Emily, Thomas & Phoebe

Keir Leo- Dominic & Oscar

Jasper George- Jonah

Rufus Henry- Sylvie

Henry Benjamin- Barnaby

Cosmo Jack Jervis

Albert Richard Timothy- Harry & Honor

Archie William George- Milo

John Edward Charles- Lettice & Rupert

Mungo Campbell- Archie & Fergus

Edmund William Helm & Wilfred George Barry- Martha & Henry

Hugo Julius- Felix

Gabriel Valentine

Rafferty George

Aldus Jack- Nora

Rory James Victor- Theo, Tilly & Rufus

Tarek Wafic- Farrah

Rafferty James & Jemima Rose

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Name for 28 February- Aglaia


This is a girls name, it is from Greek Mythology, it is said “a-glay-a” or “a glie-a.”

It means “splendid,” “brilliant,” and “beauty.”

Aglaia is one of Three Graces the others are Eurynome and Thalia, they were nature goddesses who’s jobs included the rebirth of life in spring an ripening fruits.

Aglaia is a genus of tree’s they grow in tropical and subtropical places.


The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson.

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Mother & Baby September 2009

Harry & Oliver

Emily & Sebastian

Kieran & Caitlin

James & Hugo

Star & Talitha

Henry & Cecily

Reiss & Luke

Scarlet, Jack & Martha

Evie & Aimee

Cameron, Emily & Finlay

Camilla, Poppy, Freya, Sadie, Melanie, Izabella, Aurora, Rose, Claire, Thalia, Daisy, Thea.

Stanley, Jason, Leo.

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What muse name do you like best?

Calliope- Epic poetry

Erato- Love poetry

Euterpe- Flute Playing

Melpomene- Tragedy

Thalia- Comedy

Klio- History

Urania- Astronomy

Polyhymnia- Religious songs and rhyme

Terpsichore- Lyric poetry and dance.

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