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Name for day-Tennyson


Gender: Masculine

Usage: English (Rare)

Pronounced: TEN-ə-sən  [key]

From an English surname which meant “son of Tenney”, Tenney being a medieval form of DENIS. A notable bearer of the surname was British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892). (Behindthename)

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Cool old fashioned names- boys

Abraham, Atticus, Arthur & Arnold.

Barnabas, Bartholomew, Bramwell, & Benedict.

Cornelius, Cole, Claudius & Cassius.

Emmett,Edward, Emery & Ephraim.

Fergus, Forrester, Ferdinand & Finnegan.

Gabriel, Gulliver, George & Gatsby.

Hugo, Homer, Hawthorn & Humphrey.

Ignatius, Ivor, Isidore & Israel.

Julius, Jasper, Judas & Jago.

Leopold, Lazarus, Linus & Luther.

Moses, Malachi, Marcellus & Maxwell.

Noah, Nehemiah, Nazareth & Noam.

Oswald, Otto, Octavius & Otis.

Percival, Peregrine, Plato & Pablo.

Raphael, Rufus, Rupert & Rutherford.

Samson, Sullivan,Silas & Solomon.

Theodore, Tennyson, Tybalt & Thatcher.

Willoughby, Winston,Washington & Wilbur.

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My twin pairings in my notebook

Poppy & Esme

Demi & Grace

Edward & Millicent

Malachi & Tennyson

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Henry Combos

Henry Arthur Leopold

Henry Francis James

Henry Augustus Cole

Henry Ambrose Steven

Henry Fergus Allan

Henry Julius Walter

Henry Phineas Jude

Henry Percival Thomas (thomas tank engine anyone)

Henry Reuben Franklin

Henry Oliver Tennyson

thought? any more suggestions? 🙂 thanks

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