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St Georges Maternity, Dec 2

Sophie (parents Catherine & Jon)

Summer (parents Justine & Tim, sister to Lukas)

Elsie (parents Felicity & Craig, sister to Joel)

Noah (parents Maree & Dean, brother to India)

Sophie (parents Phoebe & Andrew)

Halim (parents Scott & Andrea)

Benjamin (parents Tania & Paul)

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Christchurch, St Georges Maternity

Madison to Juliana & Daniel

Irina  (Ella) to Natalia & Marko

Felicity (Harrison) to Clare & Craig

Teiria (M) (Nikora & Keita) to Kelly & Clint

Elliot (Charli) to Kate & Jeff

Davi (F) (Jackson) to Kait & Chris

Alex to Yanli and Yi Zhon

Mae to Tania and Lee

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