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Sharing our names with my Mum

She really likes Juno & Rowan,

also she told me she likes Miles but not Milo.

Gulliver reminded her of Gulliver’s travels,

She seem suprised I like Barnaby and said he would get Barney- I like Barney.

She asked what Thea could be short for I told her Anthea, Theodora, Dorothea but we just liked Thea,

She told me she wished my sister was Erin Isobel not Erin Nicole.

She doesn’t like any names like Star, Moon, Skye, Storm etc not even Luna.

She didn’t like Zora.  That’s all I can remember.

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Horse names Friday September 18th

I quite often look at them my Dad watches the horse races on TAB and it is a childhood memory 🙂

Kelly Evander, Hayleigh Anne, Lavender Lace, Sarah Jane, Jade Bromac,

Ceda Storm, Neville Vaughan, Elizabeth Anne, Biella Star, Selenite Rose,

Libbyelle, Baio Cavallo, Zadkiel, Carolyn Angela, Kalinga Echo, Winlana,

Our Lily Belle, Viyella, Zabene, Kahlua, Satara, Jotilla, Zealandia, Ginella,

Hinemoa, Keyora, Te Akau Rose, Ishiabel, Romany, Zarvista, Melito,

Pendora, Romneya, Revy Jay, Raffaello, Neroli,Zenad.

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Non identical twin girls

Saw today at the library, they were 2 years old,

Storm & Willow.

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Christchurch press 4 July, births & deaths



Neave Marsha, Alexis Maureen (Rose), Lily Rose, Isla Ann (Matthew), Hayley Jessica (Olivia),

Meila Grace (Samirah), Lily-Rose Lola, Caitlin Grace (Joseph), Luella Merinda,

Ella Elizabeth (Shaun), Molly Claire, Olivia Grace (Hannah), Milan Audri,

Isabella Beth, Lily Alice, Sofia Jean (Meg), Paige Belle (Jacob).


Max Rueben (Ashleigh), Thomas Joseph (Lachlan), Xavier Charlie (Jeremy),

Cooper Paul (Tyson, Nivae, Nikita), Harry George (Sophie), Samuel Richard,

Harry John (Sophie, George), Luke Steven (Josh,Jess,Jack

Rogue Adam (Tessa, Zane, Storm), Liam James, Harry Arthur Edgar (Annabel)

Edward James (Josh,Lily), Miles Thomas, Ryan James (Matthew), Jack Benjamin

George William, William Francis (Andre), Anthony James (Ruby), Liam Robert.


Diane Ellen, Hilda (92),Joyce Emily (89), Mary Elizabeth (68), Margaret Joan (78),

Lucy Emily (97) siblings Henry & Edith, Helen Cecilia (90), Margaret Ann (69),

Elsie Ann, Hilda Jane (101), Dorothy, Lenora Anne (72), Nyra Mary (90),

Florence Rebecca (90), Mary Virginia (83), Ivy.

Eymard Ernest, Beau, George Albert, Clifford William, James Seddon,

Rennel John (58).

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