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St Georges Maternity 13 January

Finlay- Son of Ivendy & Anthony

Amelia- Sister to Jaemin & Talesha

Katie- Daughter of Amber & Steve

Ashlee- Daughter of Karen & Dave

Ella- Daughter of Ginny & Stu

Julie- Daughter of Samantha & Quenton

Olivia- Daughter of Odette & Michael

Keisha- Daughter of Victoria & Isaac

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University of Canterbury- Graduation 2009 (first + middle)

Doctor of Science: Allen Gerard

Doctor of Philosophy (excellence): Jennifer Mary, Tennille Elisa, Rueben Joseph, Katharina Naomi.

Doctor of Philosophy: Joon Koo, Penelope Catherine, Katie Kirsten, Steve Alan, Kelly Marie, Melissa Alice Sarah, Volkert (nm), Sanna Katariina, Nathan Perry, Judy Lynette, Kathleen Patricia, Silvie (nm), Ermin (nm), Anne Katherine, Marion (nm), Gwenda Miriam, Garth John.

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