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New Zealand top 100 baby names 2012

There are here!



A new top girl Olivia for the first time!

New to the top 10 are Amelia (+2) & Sophia (+6) and Ava (+2)


1. Olivia

2. Sophie

3. Emily

4. Charlotte

5. Ruby

6. Isabella

7. Ella

8. Amelia

9. Sophia

10. Ava



Jack reigns as King once more!  2005, 06, 07, 08, 09 & now 2012!

New to the top 10 are Mason (+10), Jacob (+4) and Ethan (+7)

Joshua leaves the top ten falling 14 places.


1. Jack

2. Oliver

3. William

4. Liam

5. Mason

6. Samuel

7. Jacob

8. Lucas

9. Ethan

10. Noah






Biggest climber is Harper entering at #33.

The I’s have arrived, Ivy enters at #54 and sister Indie enters at #61.

Aria races a massive 33 spots up to sit behind Alice.

Nina climbs by 28, Layla, 24, Scarlett 22 & Annabelle 20.



Kayla plummets 46 places to squeeze in at #100.

Anna is falling fast 38 and Kate isn’t far behind on 32 (so much for the Royal one!)

People also seem to have lost their Faith (-31)

Mikayla loses 26 and Amber one less.

Sofia & Brooke fall 21.

Lily loses 7 and leaves the top 100 and sister Lilly also falls down 17.



Ella, Chloe, Sienna, Sarah, Taylor, Brooklyn.



Harper #33

Ivy #54

Indie #61

Ashley #72

Piper #77

Matilda #80

Evie #85

Lola #86

Skyla #87

Daisy #89

Riley #91

Maya #98



Ariana, Isobel, Sasha, Angel, Tayla, Victoria, Natalie,

Elise, Rebecca, Savannah,Manaia, Katie & Caitlin.





Braxton( enters as my prediction :)) at #28!

Ryder up 23 spots.

Quinn and Edward a steady rise of 15,

Leo up 13,

 while Carter, Austin & Phoenix are all up 10.



Cameron & Aiden both lose the most places 23 a piece.

Brother Aidan also falls 19. Could this be the slow fall of the American favourite for us kiwis?

Joshua (-14),

Adam & Luca (-13),

Riley, Ashton & Luke (-12),

Lachlan, Alex & Isaac (-10)


Jordan & Kingston.



Braxton #28

Hugo #71

Joel #76

Kayden #77

Beau #82

Jasper #84

Dominic #86

Hayden #88

Aaron #91

Israel #92

Asher #95

Leon #98

Nate #100



Roman, Declan, Chase, Cruz, Nicholas, Jamie,

Maxwell, Seth, Ben, Christian, Andrew, Cody & Jesse.


Hope you have as much fun reading these as I did analysing :).

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Christchurch, NZ, Weekend Press BIRTHS- May- Lottie Grace Esme

Oscar Rongomai

Rory Petrus- Jorja

Atticus Edward

Oliver Livingston- Grace & Adelaide

Jack Vincent Louis

Frank Christian- Lily

Clyde Giles- Flynn

Louie Abbott- Evie & Cleo

Avelina Celeste

Zia Ella Scarlett

Lottie Grace Esme- Hugo & Toby

Isobel Corneli

Francesca Somerville- Lydia



Archie Hamish & Rose Sarah- Will & Gus

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Amelia middle names

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Timaru Herald March/April births


Bradley Kieran

Liam Michael (Scarlett & Louis)

Riley Tom (Taylah & Gemma)

Cormac Andrew Earl (Brylee & Jonty)

Cian Cathal

Tomas Jack (Jamieson)

Rily Matthew James

Reggie Arthur (Annika, Ned & Albie)

Ty William Thomas (Keira)

Chevy Phoenix (Ben)

Lenixx James John

Eddie Alexander



Khloe Lynette (Annabele)

Isla Adriana (Neave & Kees)

Ruby Lyn

Honor Victoria (Georgie)

Grace Mary

Jenica Louise

Adele Margaret (Emily & Siobhan)

Grace Margaret (Simone & Hayden)



Macy Jayne & Couper Gary (Olly)

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The Herald Births March- April


Lance Edward

Montgomery Edward- Jack & Billy

Kiefer Chase

Coby Harper

Roman Henry- Stella

Finn Dean- Cade & Diaz

Teo Robert

Cormac Macdonald- Conor

Cooper Graham- Hunter & Fletcher

Saxon Cole- Quinn

Max Oscar- Conall & Joseph



Samika Joan- Alex & Purnima

Amelia Olive Margaret- Sophie

Keeley Devon- Briar & Ellis

Petra Iva- Dora

Anya Mae- Mila

Nina Joy

Violet Ada Jean

Harriet Eva- Scarlett

Mirella Violante- Rosaria & Carlo

Lucinda Violet-Emmy & Jemima

Lyla Anne- Harley

Demi Sela- Jamie & Taylor

Quinn Danielle- Emma

Peyton Jaqlyn

Shiloh Naava Rangimarie- Kris, Jesse, Ben, Sam, Adam, Isaiah, Judah, Noah & Chloe

Coco Matisse- Sebastian



Charlie Fergal & Alice Caoimhe

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Middle names for Emmeline

Emmeline Lucille

Emmeline Ruby Beatrice

Emmeline Harriet

Emmeline Juliet Bella

Emmeline Briony Frances

Emmeline Rosie Iona

Emmeline Lucy Joan

Emmeline Scarlett Poppy

Emmeline Una Pearl

Emmeline Willa

Emmeline Honey Wren

Emmeline Dolores Pearl

Emmeline Juno

Emmeline Freya

Emmeline Lula Adele

Emmeline Lily Frances

Emmeline Margaret Alice

Emmeline Ivy Helen

Emmeline Thora

Emmeline Louisa


Audrey, Alice, Bridget, Cecily, Cordelia, Flora, Francesca, Fernanda, Georgina, Gwyneth, Hazel, Isadora, Jemima, Polly, Raphaela, Theodora.

August, Aurelius, Arthur, Bertram, Barnaby, Caspar, Dashiell, Frank, Hugo, Ignatius, Jasper, Killian, Orlando, Steven, Tobias, Willoughby.

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NZ Herald births


Dashiell Edward

Alexei Tom- Xavier

Cale Jarrett

Cadell James- Miller & Teyani

Alastair James- Felicity

Florian Alexander

Sebastian Robert- Elouise & Andrew

Jimmy Stephenson

Felix James

Alexander Henry Bede


Philadelphia Sidney

Elsie Isobel- Toby

Bijou Mary- Oscar

Lenni Pearl Eden

Stevie Jean

Payton Taylah

Adrianna Maree

Cinammon Daisy- Scarlett

Kalo Audrey

Greta Rose


Harper Elizabeth & Xavier Rowan

Joel Matthew & Gabrielle Mary- Luka

Taylor May & Jack Philip

* I wish people would give their girls pretty feminine names

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