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Name for 9th February-Samson

From the Hebrew name שִׁמְשׁוֹן (Shimshon) which probably meant “sun”. Samson was an Old Testament hero of exceptional strength. His uncut hair was the source of his power, but his mistress Delilah betrayed him and cut it. Thus he was captured by the Philistines, blinded, and brought to their temple. However, in a final act of strength, he pulled down the pillars of the temple upon himself and his captors. (

As an English name, Samson was common during the Middle Ages, having been introduced by the Normans. This was due to the Welsh bishop SaintSamson, who founded monasteries in Brittany and Normandy in the 6th century. In his case, the name may have been a translation of his true Celtic name. (

Nicknames & Variations:
Sampson, Sansom, Sanson

International Variations:
Samsó (Basque) Samzun (Breton) Sansone (Italian) Sansao(Portuguese) Sansón (Spanish) Simson (Swedish

Global Popularity
of the Name Samson
#353 in Norway
#948 in United States


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