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Henry August

Harry Bertram

Francis Luke

Frank Lewis

Harvey Patrick

Edmund Vaughn

William Cowan (1896)

Frank Vincent

Thomas Henry

Edward Florian

Thomas Fisher

James Edwin

Thomas Noah

Jabez William

Charles August

Christian Theodore Julius

Daniel Graham

Fabian Cosmos Dominc



Inez Maud

Lillian Esther Louisa

Eleanor Marguerita Florence

Olive Martha

Alice Amy

Eva Eleanor


Evelyn Alice Wilhelmina

Adeline Eliza Ann

Clytie Olive Mildred

Frances Maude Violet

Dorothy Hazel

Lillia Ann (1898)

Noni Margaret

Ruby Beatrice Ruth

Ruby Maud

Eva Pearl

Norah Lilly

Thurza Jane

Harriette Lillian

Urana Lucy

Joan Madeline

Neroli Blythe

Thea Naumai Louise

Amelia Ada

Helen Cornelia

Anne Honey

Emlie Evangeline Mary

Dora Eveline

Ellen Clara

Winifred Lucy

Alice Adelaide

Veda Vivienne

Ida Alice

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Which Violet middles.

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Name for 18th January- Gus

English,Scottish & Greek

Short form of AUGUSTUS or ANGUS

Diminutive of CONSTANTINE, used primarily by Greek expatriates(


Gender: M

Homey grandpa nickname name — which can work as a short form for any of the above or stand on its own — is a cutting-edge replacement for Max and Jake, chosen for her son by one of the Dixie Chicks.

Nicknames & Variations:
Gussie, Gus, Gussy

Known siblings for Gus:

Andrew Cormac EllaEstella Eva Evan FlorenceGillen Henry IsabellaJazlyn Jerry Jesse JohnKylie Leo Lina Luke MaxMorton Roslyn RuthSusanna Sylvie Theodore

Personal experiences with the name Gus:
Our son’s name is actually August, but we call him Gus. Everywhere I go-people stop me and say,”Did you just say Gus? OMG!!!! That is sooooo cute!!!!” We get it all the time. We know several little guys (5 and under) with the name. It must be another of those ‘old’ names that are making a comeback….

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University of Canterbury 2009 Graduation (first & middles)

Master of arts first class honors: Kim Forrester

Master of arts with distinction: Gina Eleanor Mary, Michael Ian, Kate Elizabeth, Brigid Mary, Anna Maria, Brenda Alison, Matthew William, Christian Elias.

Master of arts with merit: Ruth Amelia, Mason John.

Master of international law and politics with second class honors: Madhur (nm)

Bachelor of arts first class honors: Vanessa Maria, Samuel Jai, Lloyd William, Rachel Anne Stuart, Ilka (nm), Emily Violet Matilda, Laura Kate, Amy Rachel, Esma Anne, Kirsty Frances, Vicki Ann, Thomas Antony William, Elissa Anne, Jacqueline Leonie, Hadassa Christine, Brooke Nicholle, Genevieve Helen Clare, Yan Chen, Gabriel (nm), Kirsty Robyn, Cindy Lee.

Bachelor of art second class honors (1): Suzanne Louise, Jane Elizabeth, Rebecca Amie, Frances Ruth, Amanda Elizabeth, Lucy Susanne, Delwyn Marie, Andrew James Foster, Christina Laalaai.

Bachelor of arts second class honors (2): Shannon Narelle

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St Georges Maternity, November 18th, 2009.

Lilyrae (parents Louise and Lindsay)

Sienna (Chloe and Liam) (parents Naomi & Paul)

Makayla (parents Cassie & Sam)

Louis (Henry) (parents Nichola & David)

Edward (Benji & Samuel) (parents Ruth & Nick)

Jade (parents Sita & Henry)

Kelsey (parents Teresa & Lee)

Sapphire (parents Vanessa, Kevin, Shareen & Nathan)

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Bonds Baby Search





Girls: Halle, Alaiela, Amelia Mary Rose, Layal, Isla Grace, Lianna, Charlie Parker, Dahlia, Julia, Havana, Scarlett, Taryn, Gabriel, Cassandra, Poppy Jane, Shaela Dawn Rose, Jahnesta-Rose, Saybra, Azaiyah, Elodie, Amali Hineauta, Mahlia, Izabella, Imogen Grace, Teodora, Dakoda, Lani, Ida Maria, April, Ivy, Chevelle, Imani, Iziah, Serynnia, Morgan Elizabeth, Esther Ruth, Nieve, Sidney Violet, Amira, Winter Serenity, Angela, Arabella, Jacqueline, Imogen Allegra, Meg, Eesha, Ellenore, Manaia, Iva, Lola, Honora, Jakora, Kasharla, Alice, Genevieve, Camille, Lyla, Lilly, Mabel, Marika, Laekin, Malaika, Sadie Nicole, Pearl, Angelie, Anjea Coco, Freya, Janae, Ruby, Stella, Tilliah Rose, Leilani, Teale, Sasha, Ellazae, Ashli.

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Lucinda Combos

Lucinda Abigail

Lucinda Ruby Alice

Lucinda Bridget Adelle

Lucinda Briar Ellen

Lucinda Cleo Adelle

Lucinda Caroline Maude

Lucinda Clover

Lucinda Cora Frances

Lucinda Dulcie May

Lucinda Daisy Jane

Lucinda Dinah Rose

Lucinda Flora Isobel

Lucinda Holly Peace

Lucinda Heather Anne

Lucinda Iris Fern

Lucinda Juliet Eve

Lucinda Jessamine Ruth

Lucinda Magdalene

Lucinda Margaret Jane

Lucinda Poppy Saffron

Lucinda Primrose

Lucinda Rosamund

Lucinda Summer Jean

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Millicent combos

Original- Millicent Roma

Millicent Isobel July

Millicent Lula Adelle

Millicent Hazel Linnea

Millicent Harriet Anne

Millicent Ivy Frances

Millicent Ruby Juliet

Millicent Jemima Ruth

Millicent Celia Rose

Millicent Evangeline Jane

Millicent Edith Poppy

Millicent Elisabeth Loiusa

Millicent Gwenna Alice

Millicent Margaret Jane

Millicent Hesper Lucy

Millicent Lillith Greta

Millicent Ursuline Pearl

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Tabitha Combo’s

Tabitha Winter Pearl

Tabitha Ceridwen Blythe

Tabitha Garnet Ruth

Tabitha Jacinta Lucy

Tabitha Mathilde Anne

Tabitha Prudence Eve

Tabitha Annora Maude

Tabitha Edith Clover

Tabitha Ivy Karis

Tabitha Laurel

Tabitha Snow

Tabitha Agnella Fleur

Tabitha Fenella Alice

Tabitha Ruby Wynne

what do you think? thanks for stopping by 🙂

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