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Which form of Rose do you like the best?

Rose, Rosemary, Rosa, Rosemund/Rosemond, Rosanna, Rosalie, Rosalind? Rosaline? others?

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Cemetery records

Vivienne Marie, Edith Maude, Norah Elizabeth,

Margaret Frances, Lyra Marie, Lucy Evelyn,

Clara Alice Mabel, Albertha Louise, Ami Irene Amra,

Ida Doreen, Rosamond Violet,  Mabel Margaret,

Eldred Charles,Grenville Argyle, Percy Eric,

Harrie Amelia, Margaret Eveline, Mabel Violet,

Euphemia, Myrtle May, May Ada, Idalia Winifred,

Beatrice Alison, Mary Louisa, Lucretia, Nahina,

Sydney Louis,

Elizabeth Mildred.

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