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Mother and baby July 2009

Jamie & Fife

Charlie & Megan

Samuel & Ewan (t)

Will & Vera

Imogen & George

Gemma & Jacob

Amy, Harry, Lily & George

Keeley & Murphy

Kaisley & Mia

Grace & Willem

Lois & Phoebe

Julian & Emmie

Callula, Elodie & Meira

Iggy, Elliot, Broghan,  Taliesin, John,  Fraser, Ted, Alfie.

Deja, Poppy, Robyn, Meadow, Gilly, Marnie, Jena, Madeline, India.

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University of Canterbury 2009 Graduation (first & middles)

Master of arts first class honors: Kim Forrester

Master of arts with distinction: Gina Eleanor Mary, Michael Ian, Kate Elizabeth, Brigid Mary, Anna Maria, Brenda Alison, Matthew William, Christian Elias.

Master of arts with merit: Ruth Amelia, Mason John.

Master of international law and politics with second class honors: Madhur (nm)

Bachelor of arts first class honors: Vanessa Maria, Samuel Jai, Lloyd William, Rachel Anne Stuart, Ilka (nm), Emily Violet Matilda, Laura Kate, Amy Rachel, Esma Anne, Kirsty Frances, Vicki Ann, Thomas Antony William, Elissa Anne, Jacqueline Leonie, Hadassa Christine, Brooke Nicholle, Genevieve Helen Clare, Yan Chen, Gabriel (nm), Kirsty Robyn, Cindy Lee.

Bachelor of art second class honors (1): Suzanne Louise, Jane Elizabeth, Rebecca Amie, Frances Ruth, Amanda Elizabeth, Lucy Susanne, Delwyn Marie, Andrew James Foster, Christina Laalaai.

Bachelor of arts second class honors (2): Shannon Narelle

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