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Christchurch Press July Births- Girls

Polly Grace- Monique

Briella Alexis Louise

Charlotte Helen

Kendall Georgia- Keegan & Caitlin

Azura Rubi

Mila Pauline Ruby

Luca Alexandra

Eilish Piper- Matilda & Henrietta

Abbi Joan- Holly & Tobi

Cleo Jayne- Evie

Morgan Renee- Joshua

Hazel Veronica- Estelle & Bridie

Eve- Emerson & Louie

Lucia Jane


Helena Dorothy- Eva

Jessica Faith & Samantha Joy

Olivia Rose & Emily Grace

Jasmina Maria- Jacob

Paige Lillian- Alex& Holly

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Ashburton Births & New bubs

Cooper Lauren

Reon James & Travis Jack

Corbin Andrew- Mikayla & Lara

Ashley Yvonne

Gloria- Israel, Aidan, Nathaniel & Hazel

Hannah Leigh-Jacob, Oliver & Kate

Parents centre new bubs

Renee, Alice, Lucy, Bradley, Arlo, Emma, Callum, Mac, Katie & Casey

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Timaru Herald February 20th

Jessica Leah

Cooper Jay- Kade

George Jupiter John


Luca John- Sophie

Archer James

Samuel Herbert- Ben

Baxter Daniel & Murphey Aaron- Alexzandra & Harriett

Neve Kathleen

Kane Louis

Lucy Pippa

Indie Bella

Noah Xavier- Zach & Eva

Renee Anna

Ashton Jerard- Lewis & Jordan

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Timaru Herald- February 27th

Isaac Todd- Jack & Hannah

Sally Victoria- Emily

Brody Kenneth

Zaylee Renee- Jayla

Zoe-Lee- Tony

Ruby Jessie

Tobias Graham- Roselle & Luke

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February- Ashburton Herald- Births

Leo Mervyn Kerr (Ruby)

Oliver Jack (Joshua)

Ella-Rose Anne (Ashleigh)

Holly Jayne (Taylah & Brodie)

Mac Albie (Archie)

Jarvis Henry (Bella)

Riley Mac

Gus Thomas (Harry)

Taylor Verity

Zoey Renee

Lachlan Alexander

Sawyer Michael James (Georgia & Sienna)

Korall Rose (Emilea, Shanelle & Hazelle)

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Ashburton Guardian- Births

Benjamin Jacob

Zoey Renee

Ryan Evan


Kylie Emily (Zac, Jessica, Caleb & Daniel)

Pio Raukete (Georger & Amos)

Stella Jen

Zara Fay (Riley & Brody)


Cooper Jayden

Ryan Neville (Ashleigh)

Lara Jayne

Lola Belle

Charlie Hunter (Henry)

Guy Alexander

Thomas Henry (Lucy)

Lachlan Roy (Julia)

Luke Richard

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More likely to meet a baby called… in 2008 NZ

Ava, Mia, Sienna, Isla, Stella, Eva, Bella, Isabelle, Peyton, Keira, Alexis, Millie, Aaliyah, Nevaeh, Gemma, Mya, Aria, Leah, Brooklyn, Lucia, Mackenzie, Poppy, Harmony, Manaia, Scarlett, Abby, Maya, Lilly, Riley, Hazel, Savannah, Natalie, Ayla.


Paris, Brittany, Megan, Rachel, Nikita, Claudia, Natasha, Brianna, Ashleigh, Monique, Michaela, Shannon, Cheyenne, Stephanie, Melissa, Jamie, Casey, Rebekah, Jessie, Michelle, Morgan, Tegan, Tiana, Renee, Julia, Kelsey, Alicia, Jennifer, Katelyn, Crystal, Tamara, Tara.

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Twilight names!!

Just finished Breaking Dawn last night, I loved them so much, I’m going to start Twilight again, the movie was pretty sucky though hope the next one is better, heard the budget was increased!

Anyway we all know the main two characters, Isabella Swan & Edward Cullen all plasuible first names 🙂 Cullen is the last name of an all black Christian Cullen and hubby just told me its a name of a horse too, Swan could make an interesting first name perhaps should be left as gp (guilty pleasure)

In NZ Isabella sits at 4 in 2008, 10 in 2007, 11 in 2006, 10 in 2005 & 10 in 2004, suspect her popularity won’t be affected what about Bella? Bella sits at 43 in 2008, 47 in 2007, 82 in 2006 so Bella is already on the rise, I suspect she may climb higher what do you think?

In NZ Edward sits at 81 in 2008, 2007 not in top 100, 2006 94, 2005 snuck in at 99 and 2004 not in top 100. I predict Edward will climb into the top 50 for 2009.

Alice (91 in 2008 NZ)  & Jasper predict both will rise, Jasper enter top 100

Rosalie (nn Rose) & Emmett love to see Rose/Rosalie enter top 100,

Esme & Carlisle Love to see Esme enter top 100, not sure if Carlisle appeals

Renesmee (dont’ see this one jumping the charts in a hurry)

Also Charlie (Bella Dad), Renee (Mum) & Phil (step-dad) Renee & Phil,

seem dated to me, Charlie (29 in 2008 NZ)

Jacob (12 in 2008 NZ)

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