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Classic NZ girls and boys (1999-2009)

This was done using the formula of Pam & Linda from nameberry, NZ name data is limited to 10 years where as the SSA shows 130 years + we only have access to the top 100 names! All these names have been in the top 100 for the past ten years.

Abigail Alexandra Alice Alyssa Amber Amelia Amy Anna Ashley Brooke Caitlin Charlotte Chloe Eden Elizabeth Ella Emily Emma Georgia Grace Hannah Hayley Holly Isabella Jade Jasmine Jessica Kate Katie Kayla Lauren Lily Lucy Maddison Madison Maia Mikayla Molly Olivia Paige Phoebe Rebecca Rose Ruby Samantha Sarah Sophia Sophie Tayla Taylor Zoe






Adam Aidan Alex  Alexander Andrew Angus Benjamin Blake Caleb Callum Christian Christopher Cody Connor Daniel David Dylan Elijah Ethan Finn Flynn George Hamish Harrison Harry Hayden Henry Hunter Isaac Jack Jackson Jacob James Jamie Jayden Jesse Joel John Jordan Joseph Joshua Lachlan Levi Liam Logan Luke Matthew Max Michael Nathan Nicholas Oliver Reuben Ryan Sam  Samuel Thomas Tyler William Xavier Zachary

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Baby news- Timaru Herald


Alice Sarah- Harriet

Isabella Jasmine

Bede Haydn- Malachy & Johnson

Anastasia Rose- Arabella & Imogen

Addison Marie

Caleigh Grace- Briar

Maggie Louise- Lochie & Emily

Quinn Alan

Tamati James

Ashley Bev- Jacob, Riley, Sophie & Lewis


Todd Isaac

Macklin Matthew

Tom Jacob- Meg & Charlie

Neko Charlie- Finn & Eithan

Corban Blake- Cameron, Logan & Jaxson

Annie Rebecca- Angus & Josie

Will Thomas- Rian, Cameron & Emerson

Travis Roscoe Ike- Willow & Trixie

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Featured name from the NZ top 100 (2009)


Sophie has been present in the top 100 since 1999 where she was sitting at number #9. In 2003 she dropped back to #6 then climbed to  #3 in 2006, #2 in 2001 and lucky number #1 in 2008 & 2009. Will 2010 see her hit number one again or after a decade of sitting in the top ten will it slowly start to fall but still  remain a classic NZ favourite like Olivia, Isabella, Emily, Emma and fish n chips….

Sophie is popular around the world too, New Zealand is not the only country you are bound to hear Sophie being called out in public places. It is number one in Ireland & Scotland too for 2009. It makes the top three in the Netherlands #2, England #3 in 2009. Sophie is #65 in the USA, it entered in 2000 #160 and has risen steadily, jumping from #122 in 2006 to #82 in 2007, in contrast Sophia is #4.

Sophie in NZ birth annoucements

Sophie Kate

Sophie Ella

Sophie Alice

Sophie Hazel

Sophie Anne

Sophie May Sara

Sophie Grace

Sophie Ellen

Sophie Joy

Sophie Antoinette

Siblings of Sophie

Arabella, Alyx, Amelia, Addison, Abigail,Archie,  Brooke, Baylea, Ben, Carter,Claudia, Charlotte, Cooper,  Caleb, Daniel, Dustin, Emma, Ella,Elliot  Grace, Jack, James, Joshua, Jed, Jessica, Jennifer-Rose, Lucas, Louise, Liam, Lucy, Max, Madeline, Michael, Matthew, Millie,Olivia,  Paige, Poppy,Peyton,Phoebe,  Ryan, Rebecca, Ruby,Sam, Simon,Thomas, Victoria, William, Xanthe.

Sophie Telegraph Births

Sophie Aliana Cerys

Sophie Georgia Anne

Sophie Alexandra Louise

Sophie Rosalie Joyce

Sophie Herina Mary

Sophie Beatrice Blanche

Sophie Florence Rose

Sophie D’or

Sophie Letitia

Sophie Jemima


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Timaru Herald February 3rd

Benjamin Andrew

Charlie James

Danni Rebecca

Kahlani Rebecca

Sienna Rose- Kyan

Bree Shilah- Tyra, Taine, Ollie & Millie

Nadia Jasmine Marie

Marcus Dominic

Ryan Evan

Maxwell Robert

India Rose- Rhiannon

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NZ top 100 2009 GIRLS


71 babies between Sophie (#1) and Ruby (#2) and 1 baby between Ruby (#2) and Olivia (#3).

Ruby (#2) moves up eleven into top ten.

Amelia (#10) moves up six into top ten.

Jessica (#17) & Grace (#12) move out of the top ten

TOP 20

Zoe (#13) moves up nine into the top 20

Isla (#18) & Paige (#14) move up 12 into the top 20

Maia (#29) moves out dropping 12

Mia (#24) & Holly (#25) move 5 dropping out also.


Alice (+36)

Mackenzie & Peyton (+29)

Rose & Bella (16)

Sofia, Molly, Amber (+14)

Taylor & Isla (+12)


Aria (-30)

Mikayla (-25)

Katie (-24)

Rebecca (-22)

Ashley (-18)

Manaia & Stella (-15)


Addison (#54)

Imogen (#56) (2005,# 100)

Matilda (#63)

Isabel (#64) (2004, #100 & 2007, #93)

Bailey (#77)

Daisy (#80)

Anahera (#86) (2006, #93 & 2007,#92)

Katelyn (#88) (1999, #96, 2000, #90, 2001, #73, 2002, #88)

Piper (#89) (2001, #97 & 2003, #97)

Lola (#90)

Madeline (#91) (2003, #76)

Faith (#92) (2000, #92, 2001, #95, 2002, #80, 2003, #67, 2004, #83, 2006, #94, 2007, #62)

Annabelle (#93)

Violet (#94)

Ariana (#99) (2001, #98, 2002, #85, 2003, #77 & 2004, #97).


Gemma (2008, #60)

Danielle (2008, #63)

Mya (2008, #64)

Anika (2008, #93)

Lucia (2008, #92)

Maya (2008, #76)

Laura (2008, #71)

Harmony (2008, #70)

Angel (2008, #74)

Victoria (2008, #80)

Jorja (2008, #81)

Gabrielle (2008, #95)

Chelsea (2008, #98)

Gabriella (2008, #99


Have Bella & Alice moved because of Twilight?

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Differences 1999 & 2008 NZ

2008- Jake & Jacob, Ben & Benjamin, Sam & Samuel, Alex & Alexander, Leo & Leon.

2008- Sophia/Sofia, Jorja/Georgia, Mia/Maia/Mya/Maya, Lilly/Lily.

Girls            1999                   2008

Jessica       1                                   9

Georgia     2                               24

Emma        3                                 7

Olivia        4                                2

Hannah    5                                 11

Grace       6                                 10

Sarah      7                                  32

Sophie    8                                 1

Samantha  9                             28

Emily          10                          8

Biggest drop: Lauren (53),  Victoria (47), Rebecca (46), Laura (44), Alexandra (44), Danielle (34),

Biggest rise:  Lily (57),  Zara (58), Maia (56),   Sophia (52),  Summer (48), Amelia (45),  Zoe (31), Isabella (24),

Boys          1999                     2008

Joshua     1                                 5

Liam         2                                7

Samuel    3                                 4

Matthew 4                                 21

Jack           5                                1

Benjamin 6                               9

Daniel      7                             10

James    8                                 2

Thomas  9                               11

Jacob     10                               12

Biggest drop – Matthew (75),  Callum (60), Christopher (58),   Hamish (56), Hayden (52),  Nicholas (47), Robert (32), Kyle (29),

Biggest rise-  Hunter (65), Elijah (46),  Oscar (40), Blake (37), Xavier (37),   Oliver (26), Max (26), Levi (26),  Lachlan (24),

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University of Canterbury 2009 Graduation (first & middles)

Master of arts first class honors: Kim Forrester

Master of arts with distinction: Gina Eleanor Mary, Michael Ian, Kate Elizabeth, Brigid Mary, Anna Maria, Brenda Alison, Matthew William, Christian Elias.

Master of arts with merit: Ruth Amelia, Mason John.

Master of international law and politics with second class honors: Madhur (nm)

Bachelor of arts first class honors: Vanessa Maria, Samuel Jai, Lloyd William, Rachel Anne Stuart, Ilka (nm), Emily Violet Matilda, Laura Kate, Amy Rachel, Esma Anne, Kirsty Frances, Vicki Ann, Thomas Antony William, Elissa Anne, Jacqueline Leonie, Hadassa Christine, Brooke Nicholle, Genevieve Helen Clare, Yan Chen, Gabriel (nm), Kirsty Robyn, Cindy Lee.

Bachelor of art second class honors (1): Suzanne Louise, Jane Elizabeth, Rebecca Amie, Frances Ruth, Amanda Elizabeth, Lucy Susanne, Delwyn Marie, Andrew James Foster, Christina Laalaai.

Bachelor of arts second class honors (2): Shannon Narelle

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Bonds Baby Search Baby’s- Girls.


Kaia & Layla, Gaia & Evelyn, Elizabeth & Samantha, Beth & Amy, Edie & Beth.

Names with hyphens (boys in brackets)

Lola-Jean, Arden-Grace, Mia-Moana, Nola-Mae, Chlea-Jade, Janesta-Rose, Matilda-Rose, Abigail-Maree, (Dar-rel), (Cee-Jay), Marlee-Rose, Sophie-Lee, Danny-Jo, Tracey-Lee, Kobyn-Rayne, Indiana-Rose, Marie-Louise, Poppie-May, Bella-Tiarne, Miabella-Rose, Destiny-Pearl, Tiana-Jade, Danika-Leigh, Safahri-Jade, Taitum-Jaymz, Liliana-Jade, (De-yon) Summer’Jayne, Alexis-Grace, Payton’Lea, Shana-Lee, Tiana-Jae, Matildah-Rose, Ka’tia, Torrie-lee.


Belinda, Victoria, Adelaide, Amy, Bethany, Lauren, Eva, Kendall, Bridie, Gisele, Melanie, Erin, Yasmin, Clare, Natalie, Michelle, Faith, Rhianne, Ruby, Carissa, Jacinta, Keeley, Laura, Samara, Elle, Nina, Lola, Louise, Violet, Callista, Anastasia, Zoe, Carmen, Helen, Felicity, Melissa, Elena, Valentina, Freya, Delilah, Amelia, Isla, Julia, Cassandra, Imogen, April, Morgan, Lucia, Poppy, Tess, Winter, Angela, Molly, Jacqueline, Bonnie, Jade, Alice, Ebony, Rebecca, Aurora, Celine, Monique, Lisa, Madeline, Bronwyn, Lucinda, Willow, Carly, Daisy, Camille, Raffaella, Piper, Lara, Nadia, Angela, Lucy, Libby, Nikita, Thea, Chelsea, Cleo, Reese, Arianne, Catherine, Francesca, Toni, Ingrid, Katherine, Paula, Sabrina, Roxy, Bronte, Mariah, Sandy, Sasha, Dakota, Cara, Tiffany, Tyra, Holly, Miranda, Julie.

Shirley, Luella, Annie, Shirley, Marnie, Bessie, Amity, Lucille, Rosa, Lulu, Mimi, Reba, Elsie, Pearl, Iris, Rosetta, Olive, Tilly, Babette, Heidi, Yvette, Tabitha, Eloise, Hermione, Diana, Clementine, June, Beth, Josephine, Mina, Chrysanthe,Hazel,  Daphne, Mabel, Amaryllis, Georgie, Lillian, Dahlia, Teodora, Ivy, Esther, Arabella, Ida, Meg, Olive, Aubrey, Jane, Cynthia, Alison, Juliette, Mary, Allegra, Eleanor, Mariette, Evangeline, Klara/Clara, Kit ,Dina, Lolita, Olympia, Sally, Edith.

Coco, Quincy, Angel, Caprice, Jewel, Majenta, River, Jazz, Avalon, Cherish, Cairo, Rain, Winter, Shiloh, Harmony, Elodie, Saige, Lucky, Vienna, Paisley, Tigerlily, Maple, Indigo, Pyrate, Trinity, Tulip, Nevaeh, Porsha, Serenity, Hope, Kitty, Arden, Anakie, Pixie, Alaska, Demi, Ocean, Chardonnay, Patience, Melody,Nevada, Dusty, Harper, Modesty, Chevy.

Monieka, Nikkisha, Alyvia, Khloie, Sascha, Talieya, Illiana, Havania, Neva, Ashlan, Adahlia, Somma, Lyla, Cloe, Alecia, Eliesha, Addicyn, Cheyanne, Alexxa, Avah, Wynta, Aaleah, Aleksa, Marleya, Tessah, Chaylee, Jayde, Shae, Chelce, Natalee, Armahni, Scarlotte, Summah, Alaliela, Izabella, Serynnia, Shaela,  Nieve, Azaiyah, Ellenore, Shilah, Mychaela, Avaril, Sylvannah, Innika, Ayva, Rosemari,Jimima, Trelyse,

Ellia, Cianna, Jylea, Quaylah, Imara,Temika,Araya,Inara, Allyra, Aleka, Ashadiah, Arkie,  Zahni, Paea, Ecren, Ejren, Kokoda, Risha, Damara, Taniesse, Aashaylee, Daija, Delana, Folosade, Zoni, Oceah, Chimme, Zari, Irem, Ayansa, Janaiah, Alara, Shallyn, Tithi, Sharell, Shylynn, Tekeia, Tiese, Daisharn, Saybra, Sena, Nour, Mataya, Mohala,

Dempsey, Logan, Kirby, Blake, Emlyn, Kameron, Espen, Chandler, Eliette, Isaiah, Harvey, Shelby, Zia, Gabriel, Sidney, Jayden, Tully, Elliot,  Blaire, Darby, Finnlay,

Keali, Kiana, Kiahla, Kiyarah, Kaylia, Kalara, Khyaura, Kaitara, Kiyarah, Kirrali, Kyndra, Kadelle, Kiesha, Kyndral, Kymani, Keiley, Keana, Kiralee, Kasia.

Asta, Amika, Talya, Kaya, Shanti, Tahnee, Sakura, Aroha, Sachi, Priya, Sabra, Lia, Alessia, Aniela, Sora, Ximena, Donatella, Natalya, Halina, Athalia, Maja, Amani, Natassja, Aomi, Amal, Isha, Luciana, Quiana, Myfanwy, Zaira, Leda, Layal, Manaia, Mahina, Soleil, Solange, Jaya, Mahalia, Zavia, Azura, Seren,

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Christchurch press 4 July, births & deaths



Neave Marsha, Alexis Maureen (Rose), Lily Rose, Isla Ann (Matthew), Hayley Jessica (Olivia),

Meila Grace (Samirah), Lily-Rose Lola, Caitlin Grace (Joseph), Luella Merinda,

Ella Elizabeth (Shaun), Molly Claire, Olivia Grace (Hannah), Milan Audri,

Isabella Beth, Lily Alice, Sofia Jean (Meg), Paige Belle (Jacob).


Max Rueben (Ashleigh), Thomas Joseph (Lachlan), Xavier Charlie (Jeremy),

Cooper Paul (Tyson, Nivae, Nikita), Harry George (Sophie), Samuel Richard,

Harry John (Sophie, George), Luke Steven (Josh,Jess,Jack

Rogue Adam (Tessa, Zane, Storm), Liam James, Harry Arthur Edgar (Annabel)

Edward James (Josh,Lily), Miles Thomas, Ryan James (Matthew), Jack Benjamin

George William, William Francis (Andre), Anthony James (Ruby), Liam Robert.


Diane Ellen, Hilda (92),Joyce Emily (89), Mary Elizabeth (68), Margaret Joan (78),

Lucy Emily (97) siblings Henry & Edith, Helen Cecilia (90), Margaret Ann (69),

Elsie Ann, Hilda Jane (101), Dorothy, Lenora Anne (72), Nyra Mary (90),

Florence Rebecca (90), Mary Virginia (83), Ivy.

Eymard Ernest, Beau, George Albert, Clifford William, James Seddon,

Rennel John (58).

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What wonderful sibset

Our 3 girls are named Della Marigold, Ottoline Rebecca Primrose (exclusively “Ottilie”) and Cosima Daisy. We will continue the floral theme for a girl middle name, boy middle name will be William Jack. Some of them have little comments.

Ginevra Willow (I’m afraid that using Ginevra will be floral overkill though. The meaning is “juniper”)
Ina (Irina) either Ina Clover or Irina Violet. We’d use Ina as a nickname for Irina but I’m not sure if I want a full name or not.
Matilda Clover
Clotilda Violet (I’m not sure if Clotilda is usable. I’ve always really liked it, and I don’t think it’s so different from Chloe and Matilda)
Cordia (Cordelia) either Cordia Willow or Cordelia Amaryllis. Again, it would be like Ina
Cecilia Bluebell
Junia Willow
Francesca Juniper (do you think Francesca is usable on a 1/4 Chinese, 3/4 WASP kid? To give you an idea of what our other kids look like, I have put up a picture of Ottilie on my profile. We get “gosselin” comments a lot)
Arianne Poppy
Estella Violet
Augustine/Augusta Augustine Lily or Augusta Ivy

Killian William Jack
Arlo William Jack
Benton William Jack
Prosper William Jack
Augustus William  Jack
Marius William Jack
Ezra William Jack
Atticus William Jack
Cael William Jack
Oren William Jack

As you can see by the signature they are going with Irina Starling.

Angela and Jack

Della Marigold 2/06-10/08, Ottoline Rebecca Primrose “Ottilie” 4/07, Cosima Daisy 8/08, & Irina Starling 9/09

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