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Name for 5th of February- Quinlan an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Caoinlean meaning “descendent of Caoinlean”. The name Caoinlean means “slender” in Gaelic.

Origin: Irish

Meaning: “graceful, fit, shapely, strong”

An Irish last-name-first-name that could make a child feel distinctive, while still having the regular guy nickname of Quinn. Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller spelled their son’s name Quinlin.
Nicknames & Variations:
Quinn, Quindlan, Quindlen, Quinlyn, Quinlin, Quinlen, Quindlyn

Comments and insights on the name Quinlan:

My middle son is named Quinlan and we call him Quin. It is very rare, but we occasionally run into other Quins out there.

Personal experiences with the name Quinlan:

My first Son is named Quinlan. I chose the name for him because I wanted the most unique name with the meaning “Beautifully made and Strong” When he was born he was the most gorgeous baby and he was very strong. He still is.

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