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Ada combos

Ada Beatrice Rose

Ada Ruby Rosabel

Ada Bellatrix,Ada Katherine,Ada Celeste

Ada Dorothy, Ada Caroline, Ada Emmeline,

Ada Florence, Ada Henriette, Ada Juliet,

Ada Frances Daisy

Ada Hazel May

Ada Lucille,Ada Penelope, Ada Primrose

Ada Lilith Belle

Ada Margaret Jane

Ada Ruby Estella

Ada Rosabel, Ada Lillian, Ada Constance,

Ada Lucy Maude

Ada Charlotte Daisy

Ada Sunday Rose

Ada Dolores Pearl

Ada Lily Frances

Ada Mary Katherine

Ada Lucy Ellen/Caroline

Ada Rose Victoria

Ada Mary Beatrice

Ada Beatrice Poppy

Ada Harriet Lily

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Octavia combos

Octavia Ruby Katherine

Octavia Beatrice Lily

Octavia Mary Rose

Octavia Ruby Frances

Octavia Audrey Katherine

Octavia Cleo Jane

Octavia Frances Lucille

Octavia Nesta Hazel

Octavia Hazel Ruby

Octavia Pearl Rosamund

Octavia Margaret Alice

Octavia Ruby Alice

Octavia Ruby Charlotte

Octavia Lily Alice

Octavia Lily Beatrice

Octavia Beatrice Poppy

Octavia Pearl Elizabeth

Octavia Margaret Anne

Octavia Ruby Greta

Octavia Zelda Jane

Octavia Beatrice Anne

Octavia Primrose

Octavia Ruby Adella

Octavia Lily Frances

Octavia Frances Ruby

Octavia Ruby Alice

Octavia Frances June

Octavia Hazel June

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What wonderful sibset

Our 3 girls are named Della Marigold, Ottoline Rebecca Primrose (exclusively “Ottilie”) and Cosima Daisy. We will continue the floral theme for a girl middle name, boy middle name will be William Jack. Some of them have little comments.

Ginevra Willow (I’m afraid that using Ginevra will be floral overkill though. The meaning is “juniper”)
Ina (Irina) either Ina Clover or Irina Violet. We’d use Ina as a nickname for Irina but I’m not sure if I want a full name or not.
Matilda Clover
Clotilda Violet (I’m not sure if Clotilda is usable. I’ve always really liked it, and I don’t think it’s so different from Chloe and Matilda)
Cordia (Cordelia) either Cordia Willow or Cordelia Amaryllis. Again, it would be like Ina
Cecilia Bluebell
Junia Willow
Francesca Juniper (do you think Francesca is usable on a 1/4 Chinese, 3/4 WASP kid? To give you an idea of what our other kids look like, I have put up a picture of Ottilie on my profile. We get “gosselin” comments a lot)
Arianne Poppy
Estella Violet
Augustine/Augusta Augustine Lily or Augusta Ivy

Killian William Jack
Arlo William Jack
Benton William Jack
Prosper William Jack
Augustus William  Jack
Marius William Jack
Ezra William Jack
Atticus William Jack
Cael William Jack
Oren William Jack

As you can see by the signature they are going with Irina Starling.

Angela and Jack

Della Marigold 2/06-10/08, Ottoline Rebecca Primrose “Ottilie” 4/07, Cosima Daisy 8/08, & Irina Starling 9/09

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Lucinda Combos

Lucinda Abigail

Lucinda Ruby Alice

Lucinda Bridget Adelle

Lucinda Briar Ellen

Lucinda Cleo Adelle

Lucinda Caroline Maude

Lucinda Clover

Lucinda Cora Frances

Lucinda Dulcie May

Lucinda Daisy Jane

Lucinda Dinah Rose

Lucinda Flora Isobel

Lucinda Holly Peace

Lucinda Heather Anne

Lucinda Iris Fern

Lucinda Juliet Eve

Lucinda Jessamine Ruth

Lucinda Magdalene

Lucinda Margaret Jane

Lucinda Poppy Saffron

Lucinda Primrose

Lucinda Rosamund

Lucinda Summer Jean

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Name for today- Primrose

The meaning of the name Primrose is Flower Name

The origin of the name Primrose is English  (

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Honora combos

Honora Ruby Beatrice

Honora Beatrice Jane

Honora Emmeline Maude

Honora Francella May

Honora Evangeline Susannah

Honora Isobel Fern

Honora July Seraphine

Honora Lucy Margaret

Honora Primrose

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Ruby combos

Had lots of fun with Ruby 😉 need help narrowing the list

Ruby Aster (original)

Ruby Mildred Pearl

Ruby Wilhemina

Ruby Clementine June

Ruby Millicent Anne

Ruby Raven Primrose

Ruby Beatrice Margaret

Ruby Harriet (Lily?)

Ruby Charlotte Rose

Ruby Augusta Jane

Ruby Winter Blythe

Ruby Bathsheba

Ruby Caroline Mary

Ruby Calliope

Ruby Clover

Ruby Dinah Lucille

Ruby Demetria

Ruby Elisabeth Frances

Ruby Evangeline Sarah

Ruby Evanthe Violet

Ruby Esme Katherine

Ruby Jean

Ruby Emmeline Maude

Ruby Eleanor

Ruby Florence

Ruby Frances Jean

Ruby Genevieve

Ruby Greta

Ruby Gwendoline

Ruby Gwyenth

Ruby Hermione

Ruby Isolde

Ruby Juliet

Ruby Jemima

Ruby Jessamine

Ruby Lucinda Jane

Ruby Magdalene

Ruby Margaret Alice

Ruby Madeleine

Ruby Meredith

Ruby Ophelia Jane

Ruby Octavia

Ruby Tempest

Ruby Theodora

Ruby Ursuline

Ruby Valentina

Ruby Winifred Poppy

Ruby Hazel Adelle

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Grace Emmeline Poet

Grace Elinor July

Grace Fenella Joyce

Grace Hermosa Maeve

Grace Lucretia Primrose

Grace Ophelie Pearl

Grace Poppy Riveria

Grace Cora Jasmine

Grace Francesca Alice

Grace Autumn June

Grace Augusta Ruby

Grace Vivienne

Grace Helene

Grace Llewella

Grace Temperance

Grace Wisteria

which ones do you like? which would you change? thanks as always 😉

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