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Old English- Boys place names

Aldous- from the old house

Atwood- the wood

Bradwell – from the broad spring

Brooks – dwelling by the spring

Calder – stream

Chester – dweller in fortified farm

Denley – meadow near the valley

Elmore- moor with elm trees

Farley – meadow of the sheep

Flint – home stream

Ford – river crossing

Greeley – gray meadow

Hawley- hedged meadows

Hollis – near the holly bushes

Holt – woods, forrest

Huxley – Hughs meadown

Landon – Grassy plain

Lawton – hill town

Leverton – from the rush farm

Linton – flax settlement

Maitland – from the meadowland

Marlow – hill near the lake

Morley – meadow on the moor

Oakes – the oak

Onslow- enthusiasts hill

Orric – oak tree

Penley- enclosed meadow

Raleigh – deers meadow

Royden –  hill where rye grows

Ruford – from red ford

Sherwood –  bright forrest

Tilden – fertile valley

Wesley- west meadow

Weston- west farmstead

Winfield- field

Winslow- wins hill

Woodrow – hedgerow by the forrest.


Books consulted; 20,001 Names for Baby by Carol M.D Wallace & What shall we name Baby, Winthrop Ames



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