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Name for 2nd February- North


Gender: M
Origin: Word name

Word name that’s long been used, albeit very quietly, and so has a certain purity and strength. Good choice if you’re from, say, Wisconsin or Maine, love winter or are an avid skier, or if you just want a name that’s both very familiar and very unusual.

Nicknames & Variations:
Norval, Norwood, Northcote, NortonNorthrop, Northcliffe.

Personal experiences with the name North: |(
We named our son North because we liked the sound of the name, we liked that no one would ever misspell or mispronouce it, and we liked that it was as strong as his brother’s name, Orion.

We also liked the strength in this name- it is unique yet familiar- a great name for our firstborn!

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