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Girls names ending in e (or e sound)

Lately I have noticed a trend of girls names ending in e, these include the following examples in loose catergories and then some suggestions ;).

Nicknames: Millie, Maggie, Sadie, Bridie, Maisie, Jessie, Lexie, Georgie, Trixie, Connie, Evie, Frankie & Cadie.

Cultural: Amelie, Florence, Mackenzie, Maeve, Neave, Anneke. Magdalene, Eloise & Therese.

Middles: Jade, Hope, Grace, Rose, Anne, Paige, Marie, Jane, Mae, Louise, Hope & Faye.

Greek; Sophie, Phoebe, Zoe, Xanthe & Daphne.

Elle: Arielle, Noelle, Isabelle, Gabrielle, Michelle, Elle & Estelle.

Classics: Alice, Charlotte, Eve, Katherine, Helene, Caroline, Claire & Elise.



Nicknames: Celie, Josie, Hettie, Winne, Bebe, Lettie, Hattie, Nonie, Lottie, Elsie, Nellie & Zadie.

Middles; Brooke, Jasmine, Bree, Jessamine, Rue, Celine, Simone, Emme, Collette & Natalie

Greek: Ariadne, Calliope, Evadne, Ianthe, Persephone, Violanthe, Hebe, Athene, Thisbe & Ione.

Elle- Brielle, Cybele, Reuelle, Brunelle, Joelle & Junelle.

Cultural: Aine, Coralie, Fabienne, Grainne, Saoirse, Seraphine, Simone, Mireille, Florette, Hanne & Elke.

Classics; Adele, Beatrice, Clementine, Esme, Isolde, Josephine, Lucille, Olive, Leonore & Hermione.

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Name for 22nd January- Ira

Biblical, English,Hebrew: Means “watchful” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this was the name of King David’s priest. As an English Christian given name, Ira began to be used after the Protestant Reformation. In the 17th century the Puritans brought it to America, where remained moderately common into the 20th century.(

Known siblings (

Abigail Aden Allen AmaliaAmelia Carrie Conner DanaDebra Dorothy Eli EmilyEvan Floyd Gail LauraLucy Mildred Noelle OliviaPamela Roberta RoscoeSara Shelley

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Rowan Middles (Combos) GIRL

Rowan Alice Daisy(Kellie’s combo :))

Rowan Agnes Rose

Rowan Lily Beatrice

Rowan Celine

Rowan Eloise

Rowan Iris Jane

Rowan Isabella Frances

Rowan Isobel

Rowan Joella

Rowan Lula Poppy

Rowan Noelle

Rowan Prunella

Rowan Nuala

Rowan Ysabel

Rowan Amabel

Rowan Arielle

Rowan Cybele

Rowan Ella Jean

Rowan Isobel Primrose

Rowan Honey Coraline

Rowan Adelaide Lucy

Rowan Simone Iris

Rowan Arabella Jane

Rowan Isobel Rosa

Rowan Beatrix Maude

Rowan Alice Lucille

Rowan Amelia

Rowan Beatrice Adela

Rowan Annabella Jane

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Georgina combos (part 1)

Georgina Zelda Jane

Georgina Alice Jane

Georgina Ruby Adele

Georgina Lucille

Georgina Ruby Caroline

Georgina Poppy Eve

Georgina Mary Rose

Georgina Ruby Alice

Georgina Lucy Violet

Georgina Lillian Kate

Georgina Beatrice Lily

Georgina Cecily Rose

Georgina Lucy Eleanor

Georgina Lucy Frances

Georgina Ruby Frances

Georgina Holly Meg

Georgina Hazel Niamh

Georgina Noelle

Georgina Opaline

Georgina Sadie Pearl

Georgina Eleanor Ruby

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