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Neve Te Aroha Adern Gayford

This morning we learnt the name of Jacinda Adern and Clarke Gayford’s beautiful daughter.

Neve is an anglicised version of the Irish Gaelic Niamh, meaning bright or radiant, in mythology she is the daughter of the Ocean god and one of the Queens of eternal youth. The anglicised versions are spelt Neave and Nieve. Jacinda said that she and Clarke chose this spelling as they both understood that it was hard having a name that was spelt differently. Neve is also a variant of Neva (Latin) and the meaning is snow, it also has the same meaning in Spanish and Portuguese.

Te Aroha means” The Love” in Te Reo Maori, to love, to feel concern or be compassionate and to empathise.It links Neve to her whakapapa as Jacinda grew up in the small rural Waikato town Te Aroha, it sits at the foot of the 952m mountain with the same name, which is the highest point in the Kaimai range. This was decided on quite early as a reflection of all the love the baby was shown before it arrived and the generosity of the names several iwi had gifted.

Famous Neve’s include Neve Campbell, Canadian Actress who most recently starred in Netflix series “House of Cards,” Neve McIntosh Scottish actress appeared in “Doctor Who” and Neve Glacier in Washington State.

Niamh has only featured in the top 100 once since 1954, it placed at #94 in 2000 with 49 girls bestowed.


Irish names placed in the top 100 in 2017 were

Girls; Riley #49, Quinn #59 and Keira #78.

Boys; Liam #12, Finn #29, Ryan #40, Riley #41, Aiden #52, Connor #54, Flynn #68 and Angus #89.

Other Irish names ripe for picking; Aoife, Breda, Caoimhe, Fenella, Fia, Nola, Orla & Tully.


Other Ev names in the top 100 2017

Evelyn #24

Eva #26

Evie #36

Other Ev names ripe for picking; Evangeline, Everly, Genevieve, Maeve, Neva.

Also similar sounding; Hebe and Sylvie.



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