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Featured name from the NZ top 100


William has slowly climbed up the rankings; he entered at #17 in 1999, #15 in 2000, #12 for 2001-2003, #8 in 2005, #5 for 06 & 07 but the highest he has been is #3 in 2008 before he dropped back to #5 in 2009. Over the last decade there has been 3,316 William’s born New Zealand wide.

William is #3 in Sweden, #4 in Norway and #5 in the USA. He sits at #10 for Australia for 2008 and for England and Whales in 2009. In Scotland William is less popular as in Ireland; #34 and #55 respectively.

Telegraph: William Edward Jocelyn, William Simon Jack, William Benjamin Henry, William Cassidy Phoenix, William James (4), William Morgan, William Toby, William Edward Samson, William Tudor.

Siblings: Eliza/Bella/Alice(3)/Rosie/Nina/Molly(2)/Meredith/Athena/Annabel. Angus & Lucy. Henry & Arabella. George & William (twins). William & Alexander (twins). Lucy & Edward. Olly, Charlie & Emily. Georgina & William (twins). Eliza, Edward & Imogen. Sebastian & Edwin. George, James & Henry. Beatrice & Georgina. Tom, Ewen & Cathan. Anastasia, Octavia & Antonia. Samuel, Isabel & Jack.

Christchurch Press: William James(5). William Rueben George, William Xavier, William Rupert, William Francis, William Douglas, William Hugh.

Siblings: Genevieve & Amelia, Charlotte, Lucy & Harriet, Charlie & Poppy, Poppy, Henry & Tom, Tobin & Dylan, James, Hamish & Sam, Joe & Tom, Georgina & Benjamin, Henry & Maggie, Jack & Ollie.

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Julian Edward Leo

Julian Nathaniel August

Julian Francis Henry

Julian Thomas Bernard

Julian Theodore Miles

Julian Percival Hugh

Julian Edmund Percy

Julian Elliot Benjamin

Julian Barnaby Thomas

Julian Ivor Matthew

Julian Emery Knox

Julian Avery Paul

Julian Caius Blake

Julian Cornelius Bede

Julian Lucas Paul

Julian Phineas Grey

Julian Peregrine

Julian Rafferty

Julian Remiel Edward

Julian Henry Arthur

Julian August Steven

Possible siblings

Arthur, Barnaby, Dashiell, Francis, Felix, Hugo, Isaac, Leo, Marcus, Miles, Orlando, Rory, Raphael, Rufus, Rupert & Toby.

Briony, Cordelia, Eva, Eloise, Esme, Elowen, Flora, Francesca, Harriet, Helen, Ivy, Madeleine, Meredith, Nuala, Olive, Polly, Rose, Scarlet, Stella, Simona, Thea & Tessa.

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Siblings for Isolde

Ada, Aurelia, Arthur.

Bridget, Briony, Barnaby.

Caroline, Cassius.

Eliza, Emeline.



Holly, Helen, Horatio, Henry, Harvey.

Juliet, Jasper, Jemima, Jewel.


Lucretia, Lucian, Laurent.

Morgan, Meredith, Marcellus.

Ophelie, Oberon, Octavia.




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Sisters for Rowan (f)… sibset

Any ideas for boys would be grateful 🙂 and any to add for the girls?

Maple, Hazel, Olive, Phebe, Tui, Meredith, Pascal, Ivy, Theophania (Thea), Willow, Lavender, Gaia & Linnea

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Flora combos

Do you like any? suggest me some combos 🙂

Flora Emmeline

Flora Allison

Flora Bellamy

Flora Delphine

Flora Eibhlin

Flora Evanthe

Flora Evangeli

Flora February

Flora Gwendoline

Flora Gwyneth

Flora Georgette

Flora Iseabail

Flora Jillian

Flora Katherine

Flora Marisol

Flora Meredith

Flora Murielle

Flora Keren

Flora Magdalene

Flora Mathilde

Flora Esylt

Flora Rosemary Ellen

Flora Beatrice

Flora Lucienne

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Tatiana combos

Tatiana Ruby Alice/Katherine

Tatiana Agnes Rose

Tatiana Rose Meredith

Tatiana Beatrice Jane

Tatiana Ruby Juliet/Jane

Tatiana Poppy Rose

Tatiana Frances Jewel

Tatiana Ruby Seraphine/Violet

Tatiana Ruby Amelia

Tatiana Arabelle Rose

Tatiana Bellamy Rose

Tatiana Jillian Alice

Tatiana Roselil Catherine


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Isobel combos

Isobel Myrtle Eve

Isobel Ada Rose

Isobel Aurelia

Isobel Ruby Alice

Isobel Eibhlin

Isobel Lily Katherine

Isobel Felicity

Isobel Greta May

Isobel Lucy Hazel

Isobel Hannah Jane

Isobel Tallulah

Isobel Meredith Jane

Isobel Henriette

Isobel Juliet

Isobel Juno

Isobel July

Isobel Keturah

Isobel Mercy

Isobel Penelope

Isobel Poet

Isobel Violet Tamsin

Isobel Rosamund

Isobel Saffron

Isobel Rowan

Isobel Beatrice Louisa

Isobel Winifred Alice

Isobel Willow Grace

Isobel Grey

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