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Top 100 New Zealand baby names 2019 GIRLS- Amelia takes crown and Amber up 35 places

Top Ten

Amelia is crowned number #1 for the first time, congrats Amelia!

Charlotte drops to runner up after a two year reign.

Isla also falls one to take #3.

Returning are; Ruby jumps 18 to #5, Sophie up 11 to #6 and Mila hop skip 5 to #8.

Willow enters the top 10 for the first time at #9.

Olivia #4, Harper #7 and Ava #10.


Biggest risers

Amber +35

Eleanor +28

Riley +22

Sofia +20

Piper +19

Ruby +18

Aaliyah, Elsie and Sienna +17

Jasmine +16


Biggest fallers

Zoey -31

Isabelle -26

Charlie -24

Addison -22

Lilly -19

Alice & Stella -18

Hannah, Peyton & Rose -17



Welcome; Maisie, Harlow, Ada and Marley.

Holly #73 (last seen in 2017 #99, first entered in 1983 #72, highest placing #16 in 1994 & 2003)

Amaia #79 (2017 #87)

Maisie  #83 NEW

Harlow #86 NEW

Lola #88  (last seen 2016 #74, first entered 2007 #92 and highest placing 2016)

Esther #95 (2013 #92 and 2016 #100)

Ada #97 NEW

Marley #98 NEW


Alexis, Ariana, Paige, Brooklyn,

Eliza, Athena, Maya & Kaia.






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Siblings for Ivor

Alice, Daisy, Flora, Hazel, Juliet, Kate, Lilian, Lotte, Lucia, Mattea, Polly & Thea.

August, Beck, Bede, Barnaby, Dashiell, Elliot, Elijah, Fergus, Felix, Frank, Gregor, Gus, Harper, Hugh, Jasper, Lucian, Marley, Quentin, Rufus, Remy & Toby.

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Name for 31st January- Marley a surname which was taken from a place name meaning “pleasant wood” in Old English. A famous bearer of the surname was the Jamaican musician Bob Marley (1945-1981). Macy, Marley a cheerfully tough surname that grows up handsomely. But most unlike Macy, which conjures up shopping and Thanksgiving parades, Marley conjures up the Rasta and reggae world of music legend Bob Marley.

Global Popularity (
of the Name Marley
#113 in Canada (Alberta)
#146 in United States
#159 in Canada (British Columbia)
#275 in Scotland Opposite in image from the similar-sounding Harley, this name has a soft and gentle, almost feminine aura; also, many might associate it with reggae great Bob Marley or the golden Lab in the bestsellingMarley and Me. A new entry on the boys’ popularity chart that’s also rising rapidly for girls.

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Bartholmew middles (combos)

Bartholomew Augustin, Bartholomew Avery James, Bartholomew Dexter,

Bartholomew Elliot Steven, Bartholomew Elias, Bartholomew Eli,

Bartholomew Ezra,Bartholomew Fergus, Bartholomew Frank,

Bartholomew Felix, Bartholomew George,Bartholomew Harvey,

Bartholomew Idris, Bartholomew Isidore, Bartholomew Julian,

Bartholomew Jasper, Bartholomew Jude, Bartholomew Jago,

Bartholomew Marley,Bartholomew Miles, Bartholomew Moses,

Bartholomew Osric, Bartholomew Ofir,Bartholomew Pierce

, Bartholomew Rafael, Bartholomew Russell, Bartholomew Toby,

Bartholomew Thomas.

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Cassius combos

Cassius Barnaby James

Cassius Bradley

Cassius Bendigo

Cassius Branigan

Cassius Edmund Bede

Cassius Fabian

Cassius Edward John

Cassius Franklin

Cassius Gatsby

Cassius Grover

Cassius Finley

Cassius Homer

Cassius Jack

Cassius Jude

Cassius Marley

Cassius Noah/Noam

Cassius Orlando

Cassius Pablo

Cassius Quinn

Cassius Steven

Cassius Allan

Cassius Roan

Cassius Reuben

Cassius Roy

Cassius Rex

Cassius Ryo

Cassius Saul

Cassius Scott

Cassius Toby

Cassius Valentine

Cassius Willoughby

Cassius York

Cassius Zavier

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Thatcher Bede

Thatcher Cole

Thatcher Elliot

Thatcher Guy

Thatcher Joel

Thatcher Isaac

Thatcher Leon

Thatcher Michael

Thatcher Nathaniel

Thatcher Grey

Thatcher Rowan

Thatcher Ambrose

Thatcher Abram

Thatcher Arnold

Thatcher Blake

Thatcher Bart

Thatcher Beckett

Thatcher Bram

Thatcher Caspian

Thatcher Dalziel

Thatcher Ira

Thatcher Jude

Thatcher Marley

Thatcher Miles

Thatcher Maxwell

Thatcher Moss

Thatcher Owen

Thatcher Penn

Thatcher Rory

Thatcher Reuben

Thatcher Gabriel

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Bonds baby search

Images taken from site- funny how seeing children with the name makes you think hmm actually I do like that 🙂 especially with some older names.



Tulip Grace

Tulip Grace

Triplets- Lachlan, Harvey & Oliver.

Boys- Keidis, Jordan, Isaac, Tyson, Marley, Eamon, Elliott, Beau Regan, Macca, Jakoby, Zidane, Cruz-antonio, Jasper, Benny, Jay, Baxter James, Dash, Rorey, Dante, Lewis, Preston, Xavion, Jonah, Cullen, Eden Dominic, Jamerson, Victor, Clay, Dar-Rel, Talon, Roman, Julian, Ronan, Rowan, Kaneel, Theodore, Edward, Noa Diesel, Lucian, Oscar, River, Milo Michael, Angus, Kenny, Heath, Dominic, Benji, Suad, Klay, Albion, Truce, Rebel, Maximus, Stephen, Alfonso.

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Naming Baby- Penguin books. The boys.

I  like these and the ones with a (C) hubby okayed 🙂

Ambrose, Apollo, Arnold, Arthur,

Barnaby (C), Bartholomew, Baxter (C), Bede, Benedict, Bruno,


Dante (C), Denver, Dexter(C),

Edward,Elias (C), Elliot (C), Emerson (C), Emmett(C), Evan (C), Evander, Ezra (C),

Ferdinand, Felix (C), Fergus (C), Finlan, Fletcher,


Harvey, Heath (C), Henry, Homer,


Jasper(C), Jethro, Joel, Jonah, Jude, Julian (C),

Keanu, Keaton,

Leo, Luther,

Marley, Mateo, Meyer, Milo,

Noah(C), Noam,

Oakley, Orlan(C), Orlando(C), Oscar (C), Otto (C),


Roan,Rowan (C), Rufus, Rupert (C),

Samson, Saul, Sean, Solomon,

Tennyson(C), Theodore (C),

Vaughn, Vann,


Xanthus, Xenos,

Zakai, Zebediah (C), Zed, Zenos, Zeus.

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Heath combos

Heath Evander John

Heath Augustus Cole

Heath Atticus Rex

Heath Atlas

Heath Barnabas

Heath Baxter Rowan

Heath Rupert Franklin

Heath Solomon

Heath Bramwell George

Heath Cassius Jack

Heath Cosmo Walter

Heath Emerson Jude

Heath Emmett Darcy

Heath Ivor James

Heath Jacob Ambrose

Heather Jasper Nathaniel

Heath Lucius  August

Heath Lazarus Arthur

Heath Marley Thomas

Heath Malachi Toby

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