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Considering Jack? use Mac instead!

Jack is the number one boys name in New Zealand and

with it being in the top 10 for the last fourteen years there

are certainly are few of them around.

Jack is a lovely strong solid choice, easy to spell and matches with most last names.

But I urge you to consider Mac or use it as a nickname for a longer form below.


Mac– Scottish = meaning son of. Usually ahead of the name of the clan.


Cormac- Irish means son of defilement.

Notable: Cormac McCarthy author of “The road”,3rd century Irish King and Cormac McCaggen Gyffindor student.


Mackenzie- From the Gaelic surname MacCoinnich

Don’t be fooled into thinking this one has gone to the girls (it sits at #67 in the girls 2012 and doesn’t appear in the boys NZ top 100)


Macgregor– Scottish meaning son of Gregor

Notable: Beatrix Potter character a gardener who growls at Peter Rabbit


Macsen– Welsh form of Maximus

Has a similar feel to popular Max and Mason

Notable: 4th century co-ruler of Western Roman empire


Mackinley– Gaelic, son of Fhionnlaoich also a Scottish surname.

Notable: Ron Mackinley Canadian politican


Maclan/Maclin– Celtic son of flann

This one sounds more invented had trouble tracing the meaning.


Macmillan– Scottish meaning son of the bald man

Notable: name of a large publishing company


Do you have a Mac name in your family tree?

What do you think could Mac be the next Jack?

Do you like Mac? would you consider it as a standalone or use a longer full name?

Know any other cool Mac names?




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If you like Lachlan, or brother for Lachlan

Ronan, Hugo, Dominic, Jethro, Rory, Amos, Bryce, Conroy,

Darcy, Drew, Gregor, Angus, Arthur, Glenn, Joseph, Jeremy,

Keanu, Micah, Heath, Mitchell, Mackinley, Mackenzie, Monty,

Owen, Preston, Michael, Matthew, Connor, Lance, Corey, Quinn,

Roscoe, Rafferty, Ruarke, Spencer.

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