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Help! sibling for Milena Lileas

Francesca has emailed me asking for help and opinions on her journey to finding a name for a sibling to 2 year old Milena.

The boys name they have picked is Benedict Nolan but she has received some mixed reactions what do you think? I really like it 🙂

The girls name they have picked is Lorelai or Lorelei they are contemplating which spelling to use? they don’t have a middle for Lorelai and would love suggestions.

There needs to be Gaelic component in the middle as her husband is Scottish, She likes names with L sounds, Lorelai needs a short quirky middle but it cant end in y or ie because of baby’s surname.

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Thora combos

I prefer Thea but I still like Thora, those damn “ora” endings get me everytime!

Thora Olympine

Thora Ivy

Thora Apolline

Thora Isolde

Thora Mathilde

Thora Lucy Josephine

Thora Anneliese

Thora Bellamy

Thora Caroline

Thora Evangeline

Thora Iseabail

Thora Lillian

Thora Ruby Elizabeth

Thora Sylvie Rose

Thora Winter Abigail

Thora Amabel

Thora Amandine

Thora Lileas

Thora Leatrice

Thora Rosemary

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