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Name for 10th March- Alida


Alida is a girls name, it is Latin, Hungarian, Dutch, German and Greek and it is said  ah-LEE-dah (German)

It means little winged girl in Latin and noble, and it is a Greek city in Asia-Minor.

It is #179 in Norway.

Alida (2006 Population 106) is a village, in southeastern SaskatchewanCanada,

Variants: Aleda,Aleta, Aletta, Alette, Alidia, Alita.

Nicknames: Leda,Lida,Ali.

Thoughts/opinions on Alida:

The name is used in Sweden (although it’s rather uncommon). My great-grandmother was called Alida.

— Caprice 7/30/2005

I am from Argentina. Here, Alida isn’t a common name, but I know about 4 or 5 more. The pronunciaton of this name here is with accent in first A. I love my name, really. It’s beautiful to me!

— alida 10/20/2005

Alida is a family name, and my middle name. I love the way it sounds. I pronounce it uh-LIE-duh.

— tangerina 3/23/2006


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