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L names for boys, most popular initial in New Zealand.

Typically in the NZ top 100 the most popular initial for both boys and girls is A. In 1954 when records began there was four L name’s in the top 100- Leslie #52, Lindsay #62, Lawrence #78 and Lance #94. 1964 there was two and in 1974 there was only Lance #85. In 1984 and 1994 there was four, consecutively Luke, Lance, Logan, and Leon and Luke, Logan, Levi and Lewis. In 2004 it had doubled to eight and in 2014 in NZ there were 11 boys names beginning with L in the top 100. Liam was number one in 2010 and 2011. And in 2018 there is 12 starting with L (equal to A).

In 2018 eight L names feature in the top fifty; Leo #4, Lucas #8, Lachlan #13, Liam #15, Luca #34, Lincoln #35,         Levi #41 and Luke #45. Others in the NZ top 100 include; Logan #51, Louis #58 & Louie #86 and Luka #88. Across the ditch in Australia (2017) there were 11 L names in top 100 including 8 in the top fifty only one missing was Luka. A hop skip and a jump to England and Wales there were 10 in the top 100, no Lachlan or again Luka. And in the USA there were 9 featured L names with Liam #1, Lucas #8 and Logan #10, including Landon and Leonardo but excluding Luca & Luka, Louis & Louie and Lachlan.

Alternatives to consider;

(Luc) Lucas, Luca & Luka, Luke- Lucan,/Luken, Lucien/Lucian, Luciano, Luben, Ludde, Lugh, Loukios and Loukianos, 

(Lu) Louis & Louie- Luis, Luiz, Luigi, Lugos, Lewis and Lewin.

(n) Lachlan, Lincoln & Logan- Landon/en/yn, Langston, Larkin, Lawton/Lawson, Lennon, Levon, Levin, Linden, Linton, Llewellyn, London, Lorcan and Lowden.

(Short/Punchy) Leo, Liam, Luca, Levi and Luke- Lake, Laird, Lando, Lavi, Lazlo, Leif, Lev, Lex, Loki, Ludo, Lynx, Lyon and Lyr.

(Also!) Lawyer, Laxmi, Lebron, Ledger, Leifr, Leland, Lemuel, Lennox, Leolin, Leonty,  Linus,  Lorenzo and Lysander.

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Name for 17th of January- Gulliver

Contributed by Tiger-LilyFP on 4/13/2009 (
First used in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift (published 1726) as the surname of protagonist Lemuel Gulliver.

Obscure Gaelic surname known only through its literary Travels until actor Gary Oldman used it for his son, instantly transforming it into a lively option. (

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suggestions for Sarah (Remy & Kelson)


Ambrose, Leander, Lemuel, Washington, Barnaby, Raphael, Linden, Theodore, Tennyson, Leopold, Lazarus, Luther, Elias, Zeus, Rutherford, Linus, Benedict, October, Rowan, Solomon, Julius, Everett, Ira, Ignatius, Rupert, Cassian, Phineas, Rex, Tensing, Cosmo & Jude.


Prunella, Magnolia, Marigold, Magdalene, Beatrix, Aurelia, Jillian, Katherine, Linnea, Francesca, Araminta, Lucretia, Io, Lillian, Cecilia, Rosemary, Hazel, Guinevere, Isolde, Romilly, Philippa, Jemima, Lucinda, Raven, Allegra, Keturah, Clementine, Rosa, Indira, Ziva, Imogen, Aster, Leonora, Isadora, Myrtle, Evanthe, Seraphine & Cecily.

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NZ top 10 boys- instead of

Jack-  Bede, Bruno, Cabe, Cole, Evan, Moss, Nate, Rufus, Rex, Silas, Saul, York, Zeb & Zed.

James- Beckett, Conrad, Ewan, Elroy, Hugo, Roscoe, Harvey, Homer, Humphrey, Jago & Quentin.

William- Abraham, Ezra, Ephraim, Nicander, Willoughby, Oswald, Oxford, Quinlan, Rutherford, Cillian & Winston

Samuel- Arnold, Archibald, Lemuel, Ieke, Lazarus, Morrison, Moses, Mordecai, Samson & Solomon.

Joshua- Joel, Josiah, Jonah, Jedidiah, Roderick & Spencer.

Riley- Adam, Dexter, Dominic, Emmett, Emery, Remy, Fergus, Guy, Miles, Gatsby, Monty & Oakley.

Liam- Emerson, Elias, Grant, Gus, Abe, Bram, Theo, Sully, Ciaran & Ossian.

Benjamin- Ambrose, Arthur, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Hezekiah, Nazareth, Pascoe, Sullivan & Preston.

Daniel- Jehiel, Dalziel, Dashiell, Ezekiel, Washington, Raphael, Thaniel, Zaniel & Zachriel.

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