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Christchurch Press Births


Leonardo Austen

Fletcher Alistair- Jessica, Ethan & Reuben

Baxter Travis

Jacob Ryan- William

Toby Bruce- Katie

Jonty Craig

Ted Peter

Frederick George Kipp

Charlie Frank

Nate Jed- Seth

Zachariah Wiremu- Marco

Orvin Mitchell- Conall & Keira

Manu Joe Aaron- Nicolle, Rico & Charlotte

Eva Grace- Lucy

Amber Adele Pauline-Tara

Frankie Lee

Te Aowharepapa Morgan Anahera

Emma Mollie

Iva Lin

Evie Annabel

Alexandria Iris- Charlotte & Frankie

Honor Isabelle- Aria

Alice Lennie- Henry

Susanna Rose

Elandra Kaimana

Indie Cassidy- Kael

Ayla Mary Jane- James

Meg Pate- Cohen & Lewis

Sophie Violet

Holley Grace- Brylea

Juliana Eve- Jack, Max, Arlo & Zinny

Holly Almond

Ana Joy Tuahine- Thomas & Will

Aine Rose

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Name for today- May 2nd


Kipp is a boys name.

Its meaning is pointed hill or peak in Old English.

H.G Wells had a novel called “Kipps: the story of a simple soul,” it was published in 1905.

Variants: Kippie, Kippy, Kip, Kipling.

Lao Kip is the currency of Laos.

Kip is a unit of mass or force.

Kip is a gymnastics move.

Kip is a type of cat.

Sleeping or taking a nap- British/Australian slang word.

Chicken in Dutch.

Kipper is a type of smoked fish.

Source: The Best Baby Name Book by Louise Nicholson &

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