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Christchurch- WEEKEND Press- BIRTHS-JULY- Pepper Greer


Parker Reid

Tasman Marcus Hampton- Bruno

Hylton Charles

Owyn Ronan


Adalin Lavinia

Maeve Anne Valda- Toby

Tilly Taylor-Rose

Pepper Greer- Oska, Max & Phoebe


Jesse Clements & Keisha May

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St Georges Maternity 13 January

Finlay- Son of Ivendy & Anthony

Amelia- Sister to Jaemin & Talesha

Katie- Daughter of Amber & Steve

Ashlee- Daughter of Karen & Dave

Ella- Daughter of Ginny & Stu

Julie- Daughter of Samantha & Quenton

Olivia- Daughter of Odette & Michael

Keisha- Daughter of Victoria & Isaac

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Should I add these to my favourites?

Adeline, Eleanor, Amelia, Theodora, Beatrix, Sidony, Madeleine, Clementine, Henrietta, Ione, Lila, Delphia, Adele, Adela, Dora, Vera, Evelyn, Greta, Ingrid, Fern, Opal, Finola, Olive, Lyra, Willa, Angeline, Petra, Mina, Pearl, Mehitabel, Ellen, Keisha, Thora, Lucinda, Ramona, Naomi, June, Sarai, Thea, Evanthia, Thomasina, Tilda, Mirabella, Iole.


What do you think of these? which do you like? dislike and why? which could you see on a child born in the next couple of years?

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