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Name for today- Frances

Feminine form of FRANCIS. The distinction between Francis as a masculine name and Frances as a feminine name did not arise until the 17th century. A notable bearer was Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini (1850-1917), a social worker and the first American to be canonized. (Behind the name)

My favourite Frances combo is Frances Harriet but I want to get some new ideas? anyone have any?

Eleanor & Frances, Frances & Juniper on my twin list.

My Grandad’s name is Frank (RIP) so it is honoring in Juno Frances Hamilton.

Baby name wizard namipedia has sibling as: Amy, Anne, Charles, Cristina, David, Dawn, Doug, Edward, Emily,Helen, James, Jean, Joe, John, Linda,Louise, Luke, Margaret, Mary, Patricia, Richard, Roy, Sarah, Susan, Victoria

and places Frances- 796 in the USA,

what would you like to see as siblings boy and girl to Frances?

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Book I’m reading (real life story)

Family tree names

Joe & Lou        =  Herbert, Julia, Beth, Martha, Evie & Ernest

Ellen & William =  Bert, Alf, Maud & Sidney.

Beth & Bert = Reg, Stan, Maisie, Alf, Freda & Queena (twins)

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children between 0-2 real life

Stevie, Tom, Walter, Max, Joe, Cedric, Emilio.

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Names from a Magazine

Cooper & Jayna, Stephen & William, Jack & Kate,

Conor & Aaron, Luis & Lucie, Ellie & Mia,

Ben & Orla, Mikey (g) & Danny, Oliver & Faye,

Lauren-elise, Maddison-jane & Freya-emile.

George, Charley (g) & George, Oliver & William,

Oliver & Gus, Imogen & Piers, Bella & Harry,

Edward, Alice & Sophie, Daniel, Edward & Ben,

Callum & Amy, Emily & Joe,

Noah, Alison, Ella, Emma, Max, Matilda, Cerys,

Ben, Toby, Oliver, Rosie, Benedict, Isabelle,

Bethan, Manon, Josh, Chloe, Adam, Hetty,

Amanda, Megan, Emily, Erica, James, Stanley,

Kaan, Lars, Kai, Louis.

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St George Maternity, ChCh mail July 29, 2009

Shane, Jeyda (Paris, Cameron), Conor (Rory),

Amelia (August, Blair), Susie (Seyn),

Qui (Cheng Bin, Jun Yi), Ruby (Lily),

Emily (Joe, Tilly & Sam)

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