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Julian Edward Leo

Julian Nathaniel August

Julian Francis Henry

Julian Thomas Bernard

Julian Theodore Miles

Julian Percival Hugh

Julian Edmund Percy

Julian Elliot Benjamin

Julian Barnaby Thomas

Julian Ivor Matthew

Julian Emery Knox

Julian Avery Paul

Julian Caius Blake

Julian Cornelius Bede

Julian Lucas Paul

Julian Phineas Grey

Julian Peregrine

Julian Rafferty

Julian Remiel Edward

Julian Henry Arthur

Julian August Steven

Possible siblings

Arthur, Barnaby, Dashiell, Francis, Felix, Hugo, Isaac, Leo, Marcus, Miles, Orlando, Rory, Raphael, Rufus, Rupert & Toby.

Briony, Cordelia, Eva, Eloise, Esme, Elowen, Flora, Francesca, Harriet, Helen, Ivy, Madeleine, Meredith, Nuala, Olive, Polly, Rose, Scarlet, Stella, Simona, Thea & Tessa.

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Name for today- 28th April


Ivor is a boys name.

It is said IE-vawr (English), EE-vawr (English) .

Ivor comes from the Old Norse Ívarr which ismade of the elements of yr “yew, bow” and arr “warrior”

Or from the Latin “ebur, ivory.”

Or from the Welsh name Ifor meaning lord

It was bought to Britain by the Scandinavian settlers and invaders.

Saint Ives of Brittany made his name popular in France he was a monk and jurist.

There is a nursery rhyme “As I was going to St Ives.”

Variants/Nicknames: Ivair, Ivar, Ive, Iver, Ifor, Igor, Ives, Ivar, Ivo, Ivon, Egor, Iomhair, Iomhar.

Comments on Ivor:

I just met someone with this name, it’s great! I would name my son Ivor in a heartbeat!

— Anonymous User  6/22/2006

Ivor Novello was a very famous (and handsome!) Welsh composer, singer, and actor.

— Anyechka 7/21/2009


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

Baby Names by Checkerbooks

A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Name for today- 26th April


Igor is a boys name.

It is said EE-gahr (Russian), EE-gawr (Polish.

It is the Russian form of Ingvarr.

Igor is the hunchbacked assistant in movies to villains such as Count Dracula.

Baby Name Wizard Popularity of Igor: #8 in Ukraine, #9 in Russia (Moscow) #13 in Poland

Variants/Nicknames: Inge, Ingmar.

Comments on Igor:

The name is of Slavic origin not Norse, we have other names such as Jago, Jagomir, Jagos and Jagor which is derived from a flower of the same name + a feminine suffix (jagorcevina, jagorcika). Also Ivor is Slavic deriving from the word ‘javor’ (marple tree). Both names occur in Serbian.

— Anonymous User  1/29/2009

I enjoy the resounding boom this name has. You certainly wouldn’t forget meeting a boy named Igor.

— New_Chloe 2/10/2010


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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Ivor middles

Ivor Percy Steven

Ivor Abram James

Ivor Edmund Bede

Ivor Frederick George

Ivor Matthew Frank

Ivor Thomas Heath

Ivor Henry Miles

Ivor Beckett Joseph

Ivor Rowan Bede

Ivor Sebastian Michael

Ivor Rupert James

Ivor Vincent Jack

Ivor Benjamin Francis

Ivor Robert Dashiell

Ivor Harrison Bede

Ivor Barnaby James

Ivor Guy Steven

Ivor Elliot George

Ivor Emery Quinn

Ivor Stellan Grey

Ivor Ambrose

Ivor Julian Kent

Ivor Killian Paul

Ivor Charles Tybalt

Ivor Thomas Grey

Ivor Barnaby Hugh

Ivor Gabriel Jude

Ivor Steven Harvey

Ivor Benjamin Miles

Ivor Rupert Arnold


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Siblings for Violet

Alice, Aurelia, Beatrix, Clementine, Clover, Celeste, Dorothy, Evangeline, Freya, Gloria, Gwyneth, Hazel, Holly, Hermione, Inez, Isadora, Lila, Maeve, Madeline, Orla, Polly, Simona, Tallulah, Willow.

Abraham, Avery, Ambrose, Atlas, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Baxter, Dashiell, Ezra, Evander, Fletcher, Felix, Frank, Grant, Guy, Hugo, Henry, Harvey, Ivor, Julian, Jasper, Jude, Leon, Orlando, Phineas, Rafferty, Remy, Samson, Sebastian, Sullivan, Solomon, Theodore, Thatcher, Willoughby.

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Siblings for Jessamine

Aurelia, Audrey, Beatrix, Cassia, Cordelia, Dulcia, Eulalia, Freya, Holly,  India, Imogen, Isadora, Imala, Inez, Kezia,  Lucretia, Mabel, Novella, Orla, Olive, Olympia, Poppy, Penelope, Polly, Phoebe, Rhea, Saffron, Saskia, Tatiana, Tuscany, Tallulah, Thora, Thea, Vivienne, Vienna, Vera, Willa, Wren, Willona, Zora, Ziva, Azura, Aviva.

Ambrose, Arthur, Barnaby, Baxter, Cole, Dexter, Emmett, Emilian, Felix, Gulliver, Harvey, Ivor, Jasper, Lucian, Lysander, Malachi, Moss, Oakley, Orlando, Perrin, Rowan, Rain, River, Sommett, Tybalt, Troy, Thor, Thorn, Tychius, Vincent, Wilbur.

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Naming Baby- Penguin books. The boys.

I  like these and the ones with a (C) hubby okayed 🙂

Ambrose, Apollo, Arnold, Arthur,

Barnaby (C), Bartholomew, Baxter (C), Bede, Benedict, Bruno,


Dante (C), Denver, Dexter(C),

Edward,Elias (C), Elliot (C), Emerson (C), Emmett(C), Evan (C), Evander, Ezra (C),

Ferdinand, Felix (C), Fergus (C), Finlan, Fletcher,


Harvey, Heath (C), Henry, Homer,


Jasper(C), Jethro, Joel, Jonah, Jude, Julian (C),

Keanu, Keaton,

Leo, Luther,

Marley, Mateo, Meyer, Milo,

Noah(C), Noam,

Oakley, Orlan(C), Orlando(C), Oscar (C), Otto (C),


Roan,Rowan (C), Rufus, Rupert (C),

Samson, Saul, Sean, Solomon,

Tennyson(C), Theodore (C),

Vaughn, Vann,


Xanthus, Xenos,

Zakai, Zebediah (C), Zed, Zenos, Zeus.

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Harry Potter names- Nameberry

Gosh I didn’t know there was so mnay gorgeous ones!! go J.K Rowling.

Andromeda, Bellatrix, Cassiopeia, Luna, Apolline,

Araminta, Aurora, Beatrix, Emmeline, Ginevra,

Hermione, Isla, Lavnder,Lucretia, Millicent,

Orla, Penelope, Ursula.

Sirius, Bartemius, Dexter, Gideon, Gulliver,

Humphrey, Ignatius, Ivor, Lorcan, Octavius,


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Names from locally

2-5 year olds

Polly, Theo, Jonah, Quinton, Ivor,

Scarlett, Violet, Henry, Ruby, Sasha,

Sorell, Josie, Bridie, Hazel, Elsie,

Jasper, Hariette, Katherine,Evie,

Juliet, Henrietta, Monty & Hester.

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Cool old fashioned names- boys

Abraham, Atticus, Arthur & Arnold.

Barnabas, Bartholomew, Bramwell, & Benedict.

Cornelius, Cole, Claudius & Cassius.

Emmett,Edward, Emery & Ephraim.

Fergus, Forrester, Ferdinand & Finnegan.

Gabriel, Gulliver, George & Gatsby.

Hugo, Homer, Hawthorn & Humphrey.

Ignatius, Ivor, Isidore & Israel.

Julius, Jasper, Judas & Jago.

Leopold, Lazarus, Linus & Luther.

Moses, Malachi, Marcellus & Maxwell.

Noah, Nehemiah, Nazareth & Noam.

Oswald, Otto, Octavius & Otis.

Percival, Peregrine, Plato & Pablo.

Raphael, Rufus, Rupert & Rutherford.

Samson, Sullivan,Silas & Solomon.

Theodore, Tennyson, Tybalt & Thatcher.

Willoughby, Winston,Washington & Wilbur.

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