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Name for today- April 6th

By ilaronBy ilaron.


Cedro is a boys name.

It is said said row.

Cedro is a variant of Cedric and is also an Italian variant of Isidore.

It is Spanish and is derived from the Greek word “kedros” which means cedar juniper.

Cedro is a town in Brazil.


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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Name for 26th November- Isidore

English, French, Hebrew: From the Greek name Ισιδωρος (Isidoros) which meant “gift of Isis”, from the name of the Egyptian goddess ISIS combined with Greek δωρον (doron) “gift”. SaintIsidore of Seville was a 6th-century archbishop, historian and theologian. It has never been popular in the English-speaking world among Christians, though it has historically been a common Jewish name. (

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Bartholmew middles (combos)

Bartholomew Augustin, Bartholomew Avery James, Bartholomew Dexter,

Bartholomew Elliot Steven, Bartholomew Elias, Bartholomew Eli,

Bartholomew Ezra,Bartholomew Fergus, Bartholomew Frank,

Bartholomew Felix, Bartholomew George,Bartholomew Harvey,

Bartholomew Idris, Bartholomew Isidore, Bartholomew Julian,

Bartholomew Jasper, Bartholomew Jude, Bartholomew Jago,

Bartholomew Marley,Bartholomew Miles, Bartholomew Moses,

Bartholomew Osric, Bartholomew Ofir,Bartholomew Pierce

, Bartholomew Rafael, Bartholomew Russell, Bartholomew Toby,

Bartholomew Thomas.

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Sibling for Willoughby

Alice, Arabella, Bedelia, Clementine, Clover, Cordelia, Daisy, Esme, Eleanor, Flora, Fern, Hazel, Hannah, Imogen, Ida, Iris, Josephine, Jemima, Juniper, Lucinda, Madeleine, Margaret, Nola, Olive, Poppy, Pippa, Polly, Penelope, Primrose, Rose, Sally, Stella, Shiloh, Matilda, Tallulah, Theodora, Thomasina, Violet, Zipporah, Amelia, Annora, Maude, Clara.

Arthur, Bertram, Bartholomew, Baxter, Bruno, Bramwell, Chester, Cassius, Cato, Dexter, Dominic, Emerson, Emmett, Elliot, Fergus, Felix, Gregor, Gulliver, Isidore, Jasper, Ned, Orlando, Quentin, Rupert, Rafferty, Samson, Toby, Thomas, Theodore.


Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Milo combos

Do you like any? any suggestions?

Milo Constantine

Milo Thomas George

Milo Alexander

Milo August James

Milo Jasper

Milo Balthazar

Milo Emmanuel

Milo Theodore

Milo Bartholomew

Milo Isidore

Milo Kahurangi

Milo Evander

Milo Peregrine

Milo Raphael

Milo Russell

Milo Vincente

Milo Aurelius

Milo Bernard

Milo Steven

Milo Benjamin

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Cool old fashioned names- boys

Abraham, Atticus, Arthur & Arnold.

Barnabas, Bartholomew, Bramwell, & Benedict.

Cornelius, Cole, Claudius & Cassius.

Emmett,Edward, Emery & Ephraim.

Fergus, Forrester, Ferdinand & Finnegan.

Gabriel, Gulliver, George & Gatsby.

Hugo, Homer, Hawthorn & Humphrey.

Ignatius, Ivor, Isidore & Israel.

Julius, Jasper, Judas & Jago.

Leopold, Lazarus, Linus & Luther.

Moses, Malachi, Marcellus & Maxwell.

Noah, Nehemiah, Nazareth & Noam.

Oswald, Otto, Octavius & Otis.

Percival, Peregrine, Plato & Pablo.

Raphael, Rufus, Rupert & Rutherford.

Samson, Sullivan,Silas & Solomon.

Theodore, Tennyson, Tybalt & Thatcher.

Willoughby, Winston,Washington & Wilbur.

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Rupert Combo’s

Rupert Arnold

Rupert Bruno James

Rupert Humphrey George

Rupert Isidore

Rupert Jack

Rupert Orlando

Rupert Oliver John

Rupert Othello

Rupert Percy Steven

Rupert Spencer

Rupert Valentine

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