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Name for today-25th April


Ignatius is a boys name.

It is said ig-NAY-shəs.

Ignatius comes from the Greek word ignis meaning fire.

In latin it means the ardent or fiery.

Cate Blanchett third son is named Ignatius Martin. His older brothers are Dashiell John & Roman Robert.

Variants/Nicknames: Iggy, Nash, Nate, Ignacio, Ignatz, Eneco, Iggie, Ignace, Ignaz, Ignazio, Inigo, Inigue, Egnatius.

Comments on Ignatius:

I think Ignatius is more of a girl name and I would name a future daughter this maybe.

— love_names 10/19/2006

It’s a wondeful name. A possible nickname could be Ignace.

— mariej2 7/9/2007

I think that this is a great name! It sounds classy. It is my little brother’s middle name.

— zippity bubble 5/4/2009


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