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Girls names ending in e (or e sound)

Lately I have noticed a trend of girls names ending in e, these include the following examples in loose catergories and then some suggestions ;).

Nicknames: Millie, Maggie, Sadie, Bridie, Maisie, Jessie, Lexie, Georgie, Trixie, Connie, Evie, Frankie & Cadie.

Cultural: Amelie, Florence, Mackenzie, Maeve, Neave, Anneke. Magdalene, Eloise & Therese.

Middles: Jade, Hope, Grace, Rose, Anne, Paige, Marie, Jane, Mae, Louise, Hope & Faye.

Greek; Sophie, Phoebe, Zoe, Xanthe & Daphne.

Elle: Arielle, Noelle, Isabelle, Gabrielle, Michelle, Elle & Estelle.

Classics: Alice, Charlotte, Eve, Katherine, Helene, Caroline, Claire & Elise.



Nicknames: Celie, Josie, Hettie, Winne, Bebe, Lettie, Hattie, Nonie, Lottie, Elsie, Nellie & Zadie.

Middles; Brooke, Jasmine, Bree, Jessamine, Rue, Celine, Simone, Emme, Collette & Natalie

Greek: Ariadne, Calliope, Evadne, Ianthe, Persephone, Violanthe, Hebe, Athene, Thisbe & Ione.

Elle- Brielle, Cybele, Reuelle, Brunelle, Joelle & Junelle.

Cultural: Aine, Coralie, Fabienne, Grainne, Saoirse, Seraphine, Simone, Mireille, Florette, Hanne & Elke.

Classics; Adele, Beatrice, Clementine, Esme, Isolde, Josephine, Lucille, Olive, Leonore & Hermione.

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Name for 26th December- Ianthe

Greek Mythology: Means “violet flower”, derived from Greek ιον (ion) “violet” and ανθος (anthos) “flower”. This was the name of an ocean nymph in Greek mythology. (

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Names from nameberry that caught my eye recently

Izara, Ottavia, Paolina, Melantha, Calixta, Ianthe, Lilia, Persis, Alice Zenobia (Tina Fey), Zola Ivy (Eddie Murphy), Idalah, Lystra, Zelah.

Jem, Ozias, Archibald William Emerson (Amy Poehler), Ono.

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Nameberry vowel names for girls

There are some nice ones 🙂

Adeline, Alice, Allegra, Amelia, Arabella,

Araminta, Aria, Edith, Electra, Elle,

Esme, Eulalia, Evangeline, Ianthe,Imogen,

India, Iris, Isadora, Isla, Ivy.

But I love Emerson for  a boy!!

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