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Ivy Cornelia Jane

Ivy Beatrix Alice

Ivy Frances Amelia

Ivy Helene

Ivy Elisabeth

Ivy Guinevere

Ivy Juliet Anne

Ivy Lucinda

Ivy Katherine

Ivy Margaret Alice

Ivy Frances Jewel

Ivy Cordelia Pearl

Ivy Tallulah Jane

Ivy Winifred

Ivy Helen Maude

Ivy Adeline Jane

Ivy Francesca Alice

Ivy Cerdiwen

Ivy Leonora Jane

Ivy Juniper Pearl

Ivy Anna Margaret

Possible Sibling names

Ambrose, Arthur, Benjamin, Baxter, Banjo, Bede, Chester, Caius, Cedar, Dashiell, Digby, Emmett, Fergus, Felix, Frank, George, Hugo, Julian, Jasper, Jude, James, Leo, Miles, Maxton, Pierce, Rufus, Samson, Steven, Theodore, Tennyson, West.

Alice, Aurelia, Adeline Amabel, Ada, Branwen, Cora, Dora, Isobel, Eleanor, Fern, Grace. Gweneira. Henriette, Hyacinth, Klara, Louisa,Lavender,  Nina, Saffron, Tabitha, Ursula, Willa, Xanthe.

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Name for today- 29th April

By aussiegall


Jacinto is a boys name.

It is said hah-THEEN-to (Spanish), hah-SEEN-to (Latin American Spanish) .

Jacinto is Spanish and Portuguese it is variant of Hyacinthus.

Saint Hyacinth was a Roman Martyr, a doctor of sacred studies and a priest (1185-1257)

Hyacinthus is a genus of bulbous flowering plants.

Variants/Nicknames: Jac, Jack, Giacintho, Giacinto,Jacindo, Jacek, Jacenty, Hyakinthos.

Comments on Jacinto:

My husband and I named our son Jacinto (he-seen-toe) because we loved the name Jack. Not wanting John or Jackson we went with Jacinto as it was the name of my husbands grandfather. We named him Jacinto Ryan and we call him “Jac”. Spelling it without the “K” as it would fit his name. We get so many compilments on it. We are so happy with his name.

What a horrible name.

— Anonymous User  2/16/2008

I don’t think it’s too bad. It would make a nice middle name with the right first name. The thing is, here in the United States he’d have his name mispronounced.

— lcgirl20 2/24/2008


The Best Baby Name Book by Sue Nicholson.

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Name for 20th December- Hyacinth

English: From the name of the flower (or the precious stone which also bears this name), ultimately from Greek ‘υακινθος (hyakinthos). (

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Sibling for Cassius

Indigo, Tennyson, Barnaby, Ashby, Rowan, Arlo, Benson, Beckett, Dashiell, Dante, Emmett, Emilio, Gabriel, Gulliver, Hugo, Harvey, Leo, Oakley, Orlando, Pablo, Preston, Perrin, Quinlan, Raphael, Romeo, Remy, Rupert, River, Rafferty, Rutherford, Samson, Sommer, Steven, Troy, Tristan.

Bellona, Bedelia, Decla, Eloisa, Evangelina, Freya, Ferelith, Genevieve, Greta, Ginella, Hazel, Hyacinth, Honora, Isabella, Isadora, Junia, Luciana, Lucelia, Leora, Maddalena, Noella, Ophelia, Ottilie, Polly, Pearl, Primrose, Rosabel, Romilly, Raphaella, Rosamund, Seraphina, Sofiel, Simone, Tallulah, Valentina, Viola.

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What are your favourite nature names?

Mine are Rowan, Ivy, Iris, Juniper, Moana (ocean), Awa (river), Paloma, Harbor, Violet, Iolanthe, River, Heath, Gaia, Zipporah, Oakley, Hazel, Venus, Marigold, Magnolia, Hyacinth, Luna, Cosmo, Indigo

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