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Name for 26th January- Jude

English, Biblical:Variant of JUDAS. It is used in many English versions of the New Testament to denote the second apostle named Judas, in order to distinguish him from Judas Iscariot. He was supposedly the author of the Epistle of Jude. In the English-speaking world, Jude has occasionally been used as a given name since the Protestant Reformation (

Hey, Jude Law, take your bow: You’ve erased old connections to Judasand Thomas Hardy‘s tragic Jude the Obscure, and inspired a legion of new baby Judes.Nicknames & Variations: JudsonJudasJud, Judsen, JuddJudah. (

Commentary on the name Jude:This name has a pioneer style and a strong religious heritage that give it impressive gravity. It also has a zippy sound that keeps it unpretentious. The one other choice with that same style combo is Luke, a soaring hit name. Jude is an uncommon alternative with breakout potential. See also: Judah.From The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg

Global Popularityof the Name Jude

  • #116 in Scotland
  • #131 in Canada (British Columbia)
  • #192 in Canada (Alberta)
  • #224 in United States
  • #409 in Canada (Quebec)

Known siblings

Amelia Ayden Callum CharlotteEliza Emma Ethan EzraGabriel Harrison Holden JasperJeanel John Kaitlyn Liam LillyLuke Lyla Macy Noah PaulQuinn Ruby Sophia Fay (

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ivillage Dec 2008 Sugarbabies

Owen, Noah, Aaron, Rylen, Bruce, Holden, Parker, Matthew, Spencer, Dawson, Brandon, Trey, Tucker, Nathan, Kain, Jacob, Alexander, Collin, Benjamin, Nicholas, Austin, Joshua, Evan, Jack, Neco, Cooper, Elijah, Kyle, Oscar, Keegan, Malcolm, Mason, Bregan, Madden, Myles, Caeden, Brenden, Pryor, Maurice, Nicky.

Gabriella, Jillian, Lillian, Audrey, Ruby May, Erin, Bianca, Jade, Rylee, Aili, Trynity, Meghan, Olivia, Elise, Quinn, Ariana, Charlotte, Beatrix, Abigail, Layla, Kenley, Caoimhe, Cailyn, Ava, Carolina, Mia, Ailey, Alena.


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Sibsets off a new forum

Jasmine, Athena & Shane.

Connor, Riley & Daniel.

Joseph, Daniel & Stanley.

Abigail & Jackson

Evangeline & Cana.

Katie & Mary.

Talulla, Aila, Devanie & Kate

Tommy & Emma

Piper & Phoebe

Holden, Gabriel & Imogen

Vincent & Micah

Grace, Gavin & Finnegan.

Luke & Jacinda

Alaina & Alex

Maddison & Camryn (twins)

Jordan, Jax & Kelli

Regan & Tamsyn

Kaylee & Tyler

Frances & Sailor

Rosalie & Penelope

Arion & Sofia

William & Violet

Breanna & Madelyn

Dominic, Xander & Felix

Layla, Paisley (g) & Thatcher

Harriet, Henri & Hazel

Kaelin, Karlee, Kevin & Kaleb

Bastian, Malakai, Magus & Jace

Jack, Megan & Kevin

Genevieve, Brooklyn & Callia

Boston & Ashton

Jordynnn, Preston, Kyson & Gavin.

Noella & Ezra

Jack & Silas

Gage, Escher & Bella

Jaden, Mara & Fenn

Canyon, Rory & Arden

Hayden & Wilder (g)

Veda,girl, girl, boy, Thea.

Levi, Reuben & Silas

Faelynn & Evan

Lili & Camiana

Scarlette & Ruby

Kitiara & Aerith

Audric & Nouvelle

Talan & Taryn

Grace, Lauren & Stella

Sarala & Kaelyn

Aldria & James

Isabella, Declan & Henry.

Delaney, Camden & Paxton

Keira & Piper

Skyler, Airyanna & Oceana

Aurora, Oliver,Simon, Savannah, Harrison, Genevieve & Sebastian

Jordan, Elizabeth &  Savanna

Makaley, Arden,  Anniston, Taegan, Balen, Kellen, Ellery, Innish & Finnian

Brooke & Bree

Boston, Harlem & Memphis

Kevin,Kennyth & Sofiya

Grace, Kate & Claire.

Anthony, Ephram & Avalea

Fallon & Piper

Alyssa, Lauren,Lily & Luke

Samuel& Ian

Faithlynn & Mairyn

Jacob & Paige

Blake & Marina

Ivy & Kael

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