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Name for 18th-Harriet

English: English form of HENRIETTE, and thus a feminine form of HARRY. It was first used in the 17th century, becoming very common in the English-speaking world by the 18th century. A famous bearer was Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896), the American author who wrote ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’. (

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Top 100 Girls Norway 2008

Gosh these are so interesting!

1. Emma, 2. Linnea, 3. Thea, 4. Ida, 5. Nora, 6.Ingrid, 7.Julie, 8.Sofie, 9.Mia, 10.Anna.

How to say these ones? Vilde, Tuva, Hedda, Oda, Maja, Eline, Silje, Tiril, Mille, Ingeorg, Pernille, Synne, Live, Signe, Solveig, Evle, Mie, Iselin, Oline and Iben? can anyone help please?

Love/like these- Mathilde, Mina, Mathea, Johanne, Astrid, Caroline, Ada, Dina, Madelen, Henriette, Tilde & Helena.

Interesting: Ane is 53 whilst Anne is 82, Karoline is 43 whilst Caroline is 63, Isabella is 62 whilst Isabell is 97, Marie is at 21 (more common to me as a first name), Linnea is at 2 whilst Linea is at 64, Hanna 35/Hannah 36, Maja 31 and Kaja 52, Celine 42 whilst Celina 61, Mathilde 24 whilst Matilde 92 & Tilde 93, Helene at 29 whilst Helena at 99, Sofie 8 whilst Sofia 49.

Surprised by popularity: Julie (7), Frida (22), Oda (25), Martine (26), Aurora (27), Jenny (37), Amanda (44), Astrid (59), Lisa (80), Michelle (81), Stella (98).

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Isobel combos

Isobel Myrtle Eve

Isobel Ada Rose

Isobel Aurelia

Isobel Ruby Alice

Isobel Eibhlin

Isobel Lily Katherine

Isobel Felicity

Isobel Greta May

Isobel Lucy Hazel

Isobel Hannah Jane

Isobel Tallulah

Isobel Meredith Jane

Isobel Henriette

Isobel Juliet

Isobel Juno

Isobel July

Isobel Keturah

Isobel Mercy

Isobel Penelope

Isobel Poet

Isobel Violet Tamsin

Isobel Rosamund

Isobel Saffron

Isobel Rowan

Isobel Beatrice Louisa

Isobel Winifred Alice

Isobel Willow Grace

Isobel Grey

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Ada combos

Ada Beatrice Rose

Ada Ruby Rosabel

Ada Bellatrix,Ada Katherine,Ada Celeste

Ada Dorothy, Ada Caroline, Ada Emmeline,

Ada Florence, Ada Henriette, Ada Juliet,

Ada Frances Daisy

Ada Hazel May

Ada Lucille,Ada Penelope, Ada Primrose

Ada Lilith Belle

Ada Margaret Jane

Ada Ruby Estella

Ada Rosabel, Ada Lillian, Ada Constance,

Ada Lucy Maude

Ada Charlotte Daisy

Ada Sunday Rose

Ada Dolores Pearl

Ada Lily Frances

Ada Mary Katherine

Ada Lucy Ellen/Caroline

Ada Rose Victoria

Ada Mary Beatrice

Ada Beatrice Poppy

Ada Harriet Lily

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Cicely Combo’s

Cicely Aurelia Jane

Cicely Beatrice Hazel

Cicely Bathsheba

Cicely Ernestine

Cicely Elisabeth

Cicely Evangeline Jane

Cicely Josephine

Cicely Olive

Cicely Roselle

Cicely Mary Agnes

Cicely Magdalena

Cicely Minerva

Cicely Annabel

Cicely Florence

Cicely Henriette

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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